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Experienced data center and cloud automation architect turned marketer that applies previous experiences in IT to inform and enable leaders and practitioners in the techniques and strategies needed for today’s quickly evolving IT landscape. My past experience allow me to communicate with empathy and effectively educate and enable success for IT professionals and developers as both an individual contributor and a leader.

Exceptional communicator and storyteller producing highly popular technical and strategic content across numerous mediums including public presentations, panels, books, white papers, podcasts, blogs, articles, video and social. Published author having contributed to several titles around VMware technologies and DevOps frameworks. I am regularly a guest on a variety of technology focused podcasts.

Recognized thought leader on a variety of topics, most specifically regarding virtualization technologies and DevOps. I participate regularly as a panelist or featured speaker at relevant events.

Extremely creative both in solving problems and identifying new and unique ways to draw awareness or communicate ideas whether it be through effective giveaways, stickers, or engaging themes for talks. I combine this with a strong competency for communicating difficult or complex concepts in easily consumed ways through visuals, analogy, and succinct explanation.

I am also a connoisseur of bourbon and LEGO. Running and strength training helps me keep up with the family.

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