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Kristina Devochko is a principal cloud engineer, tech content creator, speaker and tech community contributor based in Norway. She focuses on all things cloud native, Kubernetes, cloud security and green tech. Kristina is an owner of tech blog, a CNCF Ambassador, Microsoft Azure MVP, CNCF TAG Environmental Sustainability member and Green Reviews Working Group co-chair, Kubernetes Unpacked podcast host, co-organizer of multiple meetup groups and mentor. Kristina has also been on the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2023 program committee. In her free time Kristina enjoys doing CTF challenges, reading and cuddling with her two cats.

Kristina’s great passion is to share her knowledge with others and provide guidance on how to build systems with sustainability, security and cloud native principles at its core. Kristina strongly believes that contributing to making the world a better place by volunteering is important, therefore being a volunteer is a big part of her life. Both when it comes to contributing back to the tech community and non-profit organizations.

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