Matt Haedo

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My name is Matt Haedo, and I’m a network engineer and blogger at I have roughly a decade of industry experience and have worked in consulting for the past five years. As a VAR solutions engineer, I design and implement a broad range of network and data center infrastructure solutions. These include campus LAN and WAN networks, data center infrastructure, wireless networks, and security solutions.

To me, technology is more than a career; it is a lifelong passion. I pride myself on a consultative approach to solution design and implementation, and I enjoy working with clients to build solutions to solve their problems.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with technologies across multiple technology domains including networking, virtualization, storage, servers, and applications. I started as an IT generalist and worked to become a networking specialist. However, things in IT often come full circle, and I’m now in a position where I’m able to leverage my generalist background to build more tightly integrated solutions as we see concepts like SDN, NVF, IoT, orchestration, and automation move from the whiteboard to production infrastructure.