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I definitely got lucky and developed a passion for network infrastructure in college. Coming out of high school, I wanted to get into something IT related, but had absolutely no idea on where to start. I decided to major in Computer Science because it made the most sense to me at the time to go that route (honestly I didn’t know any better). I was immediately hit with the stresses of the math and programming requirements and got very nervous. I then sat in a Cisco Networking Academy class through school and decided that is where I wanted to focus my efforts. The high level concepts of networking just made sense and that gave me the drive to dig deeper.

I wanted to get into a network infrastructure position right out of college, but did not have the real world experience yet. I was, however, fortunate enough during college to spend about three and a half years working part time for the school as a Helpdesk/Desktop Support Technician. That experience helped me get my first position out of college in the end user computing discipline. I didn’t give up on networking, worked through the CCNA program and was given an opportunity to join the network team.

I guess you could say I’m a networking generalist, as in my current role, I need to be proficient in multiple facets of enterprise networking. I am currently pursuing the CCNP Enterprise certification.

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