SD-WAN Reimagined – 128 Technology

For Jonathan Davis, SD-WAN had always felt a little kludgy. Kind of held together by duct tape, it worked but it wasn’t pretty. After attending Tech Field Day Exclusive with 128 Technology, he’s changed his mind. They fundamentally handle routing differently than typical SD-WAN, in one of the many ways that sets them apart from the pack.

128 Technology – The Best Voice Routing Platform You’ve Never Heard Of

Sometimes the best solution to a problem comes from an area where you didn’t think you’d find it. Tom Hollingsworth looks at 128 Technology and how their voice pedigree helped them built a quality WAN routing platform. Tom got a good look at 128T’s latest at their Tech Field Day Exclusive event over the summer.

Connecting Networks Without the IPSec Overlay

128 Technology has an interesting pitch in the crowded world of networking, particularly in the emerging SD-WAN market. They use secure vector routing rather than typical IPSec overlays. In this post Kevin Blackburn looks at how the company does this, based on what the company showed at their Tech Field Day Exclusive event earlier this year.

Simplifying Data Center Interconnect With 128 Technology

During Networking Field Day Exclusive with 128 Technology, the delegates heard how the company solves the data center interconnection problem by leveraging secure vector routing and a management overlay called the 128T Conductor. In this post, Phil Gervasi looks at how this differs from traditional SD-WAN approaches, and what makes 128 Technology’s approach to routing unique.

The Campus and Cloud-First

We were fortunate to have Keith Townsend as one of the delegates for Network Field Day Exclusive at 128-Technologies last month. In this post, he breaks down how what he saw at the event got him thinking about how does a cloud-first strategy impact your campus network design and operations. For Keith, a lot of the decision comes down to assessing your campus end-user compute needs.

128 Technology Takes a Unique Approach to Routing. Should You Care?

128 Technology has a a clever software router that takes a unique approach to getting your traffic from source to destination. In this piece, Drew Conry-Murray points out that what they offer sounds a lot like a SD-WAN solution. But 128T wants that to be part of their overall router, not a product in and of itself. He thinks the company has good ideas of approaching routing differently. The challenge is how to communicate the benefit of that to customers that are more familiar with traditional solutions.

Packet Walking Through a 128 Technology Network

Ethan Banks got to see what happens when you combine making security and traffic engineering features first class citizens along with routing protocols and packet forwarding with 128 Technology. In this post, Ethan digs into 128T’s worldview and how it enables unique features without relying on traditional SD-WAN architectures.

[Sponsored] No Tunnels – No Overlays – All the Secure Routing – 128 Technology

What if you get all the features of SD-WAN, without all the tunnels and overlays. This keeps overhead low while still offering traffic encapsulated and secure. In this video from Jordan Martin, he looks at how 128 Technology makes that possible.

BiB 081: 128 Technology Rethinks the WAN Router

There’s no shortage of x86 software-based routers on the market. What makes 128 Technology stand out is their implementation. In this piece, Drew Conry-Murray looks at the specifics of how they offer a stateful, session-based router with a zero trust security posture, but don’t rely on traditional tunneling or encapsulation.

Tackling Troublesome Tunnels With 128 Technology

Can you build a modern SD-WAN network without using tunnels? 128 Technology thinks that you can and they have the services to prove it. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at their presentation from Networking Field Day 20 and how they’re building tunnel-free networks.