Creating a Zerto Virtual Protection Group

Al Rasheed gives a step-by-step breakdown of the process of creating a virtual protection group in the Zerto product. Complete with screenshots, the piece covers the entire process, making it fairly straightforward. Read on for the whole process.

How to Install Zerto’s Virtual Replication Package (V8.5U3P1) for VMware

This blog by Al Rasheed details the process of installing the Zerto virtual replication package on VMware. Zerto, who recently appeared at Cloud Field Day before becoming acquired by HPE, offers the replication package for free with a Zerto account. Read this piece to learn how to install it effectively.

Security Field Day 5

Security Field Day is next week and Al Rasheed will be joining us as a delegate. While it’s not his first time as a Field Day delegate, it will be his first time being a delegate for Security Field Day! Al’s looking forward to the event and so are we! Be sure to tune in on March 23-25, 2021 to see Al and his fellow delegates in action as they interact with the presenting companies and learn along with them. You can also join in on the conversation and share your thoughts using #XFD5 on Twitter. For more details, visit the Tech Field Day website!

Creating a Backup Repository in Veeam Backup & Replication V11

Last December, Veeam highlighted Veeam Availability Suite v11 at Tech Field Day. Al Rasheed, a Veeam Vanguard, decided to create a Backup Repository in Veeam Backup & Replication (v11) using his Synology DS920+. On his blog, Al walks through the steps he took to create this. To see his detailed dive into the process, be sure to check out his blog!

Creating a New Physical Protection Infrastructure Group in VBR V11

Veeam presented at Tech Field Day in December and showcased its Veeam Availability Suite v11. For his blog, Al Rasheed walks through installing Veeam Backup & Replication on a Windows Domain Controller (DC) to “test the concept of creating a new Physical Protection Infrastructure group in the v11 console.” To see his detailed dive into this, check out his blog!

Veeam ONE at Tech Field Day 22

Al Rasheed saw Veeam at Tech Field Day in December and shared his thoughts on its Veeam ONE demo. Al was impressed with the demo, as he mentions that Veeam ONE will cover Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnostics with documentation included. He also notes that Veeam ONE allows customers to dig deeper into their Veeam environment to address and diagnose potential issues before they occur. For more on Al’s analysis of the Veeam ONE demo, visit his blog!

Looking Ahead: Veeam at Tech Field Day 22

Although he wasn’t able to attend the session live, delegate Al Rasheed found himself impressed with Veeam’s Tech Field Day presentation earlier this month. He writes that Veeam is “known as the most trusted provider of backup solutions that delivers cloud data management” and that they are continuing to innovate within their place in the market. To read more about the themes that Al picked up from the Veeam presentation including “Trusted. Data. and Cloud Data Management.” check out the post on his blog!

Veeam Backup for Office 365 at Cloud Field Day 8

In the final part of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about the Veeam demo of their backup for Microsoft Office 365. As a customer of Office 365, he was excited to see the presentation and in the end was impressed with their demo. Check out all three parts of Al Rasheed’s series on Veeam on his blog, and check out Veeam’s Cloud Field day presentations on our website!

Cloud Native With Veeam Backup at Cloud Field Day 8

In part two of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about their cloud-native backup for AWS and Microsoft Azure. He writes that Veeam is focused on savings for the user, including a cost-effective product and a backup cost calculator to help ensure users have the knowledge to plan more efficiently and help avoid unwanted expenses. Check out all three of Al Rasheed’s series on Veeam on his blog, and check out their Cloud Field Day presentations on our website!

Veeam’s Vision at Cloud Field Day 8

In part one of his three part blog on Veeam’s Cloud Field Day presentations, delegate Al Rasheed writes about their continuous growth and their presentation highlighting their company vision. He writes that Veeam is successfully realizing their vision of being “Simple, Flexible, and Reliable” by providing straightforward solutions for their customers. Check out all three of Al Rasheed’s posts on his blog, and check out Veeam’s Cloud Field day presentations on our website!

Cloud Field Day 8.

Cloud Field Day brings together influential companies working at the latest forefront of enterprise tech with the keen and insightful minds of our delegates to create meaningful conversations around their solutions and technology. Al Rasheed recently attended the event, and as always brought his thoughtful perspective to bear. The event was packed with important presentations, and we can’t wait to hear more about what he thought about each one. Be sure to dig into our full video archive of the presentations to stay up to date on the latest in cloud.

Cisco Champion 2020

Field Day delegate Al Rasheed is excited to be named Cisco Champion for 2020 and wrote this post to thank all those who helped him achieve this, including us here at Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day. He attributes Cisco’s notice to his participation in Networking Field Day 19 in 2018 and Cisco Live Europe last year. We couldn’t be happier to watch as people like Al achieve their dreams!

2019 Year in Review – Al Rasheed

Al Rasheed takes a look back at a busy 2019 in this post. It was truly a year of accomplishments, with new certifications and getting involved with more tech community groups. We were lucky enough to have Al as a delegate at several Field Day events throughout the year. We can’t wait to see him at more in 2020.

Congratulations Tech Field Day

There’s no official poet laureate of Tech Field Day, but if we were to choose one, it would probably be Al Rasheed. Though a relatively recent delegate, Al understands and appreciates the unique community and atmosphere Tech Field Day events, and relates it quite elegantly in this post.

Shared Responsibilities

Al Rasheed got to hear from Cohesity at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. The company is no stranger to the Field Day experience, so it’s always interesting to see what they present. In this post, Al looks at how Cohesity allows organizations to easily add protection for diverse sources, from on-prem to SaaS apps like Office365, to their platform. They showed how to get started, set policy, and actually implement backup. It’s a remarkable capability to have from the secondary storage stalwart.

We’re Not Here to Talk About Storage!

At NetApp’s Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019 presentation, Andy Banta wanted to…not talk about storage. Al Rasheed was a delegate at the presentation, and he heard Andy discuss Enhanced Data Center Workloads. This started with a look at the history of the data center, then got into modern considerations of allocating compute, memory, and storage resources.

Mission: Project Pacific

At VMworld US 2019, VMware showed off Project Pacific, their integration of Kubernetes into vSphere. Al Rasheed was at the event, and attending VMware’s Tech Field Day Extra presentation there, where they got into a technical deep dive on Project Pacific. Be sure to check out his thoughts on this exciting move by the virtualization giant.

A Software First Approach

Tech Field Day delegate stalwart Al Rasheed heard an update from Apstra at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019. He was familiar with the company based on their prior presentation at Networking Field Day. They presented on how companies often take a hardware-first approach to infrastructure transformation. This locks them into specific solutions and reduces their agility long term. Apstra demonstrated why they advocate a software-first approach to infrastructure, one that gives organizations the most option to meet their business needs over time.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019

Al Rasheed has become a familiar face at Tech Field Day events this year, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring him to VMworld as well. He’ll hear from Apstra, NetApp, Virtual Instruments, and VMware as part of our Extra event on Wednesday of the event. Follow Al’s blog and watch for his coverage from the event!

If You Build It….

At Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Al Rasheed got to hear from Rubrik. The company is no stranger to Field Day events, and this time they used their presentation to discuss Rubrik Build. This is a site dedicated to user education as well as for hosting events to build and bring a community together. With section dedicated to Software Development Kits, Tooling Integrations, and Use Cases, Al found it a really valuable resource. He appreciated that this wasn’t something tied to sales, but instead meant to make their customers more productive.