Circle of Trust

For Al Rasheed, trust was one of the central concepts that kept coming up during Juniper Networks’ presentation at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. Whether discussing the company’s approach to simplify a cloud-everywhere model, to leveraging Mist Systems AI, to multi-cloud management, the concept of trust was a persistent theme throughout. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get caught up.

The Avi Vantage

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Al Rasheed got to hear an excellent presentation from Avi Networks. They did a deep dive into their universal load balancing solution for on-prem and cloud workloads. Al was impressed to see how Avi Network separated their control plane and data plane, treating them both as software components that can run anywhere. This elasticity combined with advanced automation features made for a very interesting solution.

Keep Things Simple

Al Rasheed continues his look at what Veeam showed at Cloud Field Day in this post. In this update, he focuses on Veeam’s commitment to simplicity with a specific look at Veeam Cloud Tier. This isn’t intended to be an archiving solution, rather a way to move chunks of data from expensive local storage to more affordable cloud offerings. Al looks into some of their specific implementations and features in the post.

VeeamON 2019

Al Rasheed is heading to VeeamON 2019 as part of the Veeam Vanguard Program and is excited to go. He’ll be particularly well prepared, as he got a technical deep dive from the company at Cloud Field Day last month. He’s looking forward to the networking and expertise at the conference. Be sure to get caught up with the company’s latest by watching their full presentation video.

It’s Your Data!

At Cloud Field Day, Al Rasheed got to hear a presentation from Veeam. The covered the dramatic business growth the company has seen over the last few years, which is a result of delivering on their core mission of simplicity, reliability, and flexibility for your data. The presentation focused on data portability in the cloud, always allowing organizations to access and use data that belongs to them. Al has another post coming on their presentation, so be sure to read all his thoughts in this piece.

The Faster the Better

We had an all-star panel of delegates at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, so of course Al Rasheed was there. The event proved to be packed with new announcements from Intel, from Optane memory, to scalable Xeons, new FPGAs and more. This post provides some photos and thoughts on the Intel keynote. For more deep dives, be sure to check out the videos from the Tech Field Day presentations Intel gave to our delegates.

Cloud Field Day 5

Al Rasheed joins us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day this week, and we’re thrilled to have him back at an event. He always brings a thoughtful perspective to the presentations and we can’t wait to hear what he thinks after the event. Be sure to follow along on our live stream and use #CFD5 on Twitter to follow along with Al throughout the event.

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day

Al Rasheed will join the delegates ranks again for a very exciting event, Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day. We’re all excited to hear what Intel will be talking about at the event. We’ve got a live stream and Gestalt IT will be live blogging everything, so be sure to join us for the event.

I Once Caught a Fish This Big!!

Tech Field Day bon vivant Al Rasheed was at Cisco Live Europe this year, so naturally he was invited to be a delegate at the Tech Field Day Extra presentations being held at the same time. There he got to hear from Cisco about developments with IoT networking, and what the company is doing to protect this massively expanded threat surface. For Al, these kind of solutions are vital, but just as importance is to consider if the convenience of an IoT device is worth the security risks in the first place.

A Day in the Life of a Packet

Al Rasheed is back with another excellent write up from a Field Day presentation, this time focusing on what he saw from Forward Networks at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe this year. The intent-based networking company focused on their Forward Enterprise tier on the presentation, showing use cases for Application Team Self-Service and Change Window Assistance. Al was really impressed by how well prepared the presenters are, and agrees with Ivan Pepelnjak that the presentation was “awesome”.

You may say I’m a dreamer…

Al Rasheed has been to a few Field Day events stretching back into last year. For 2019, he’s very excited to see what’s on tap for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. He’ll be joining what he calls the “Dream Team” of delegates for the event (we’ll leave it to Al to tell us which one is Christian Laettner). He continues to be amazed at how participating in Field Day events has opened new doors and opportunities. We’re just glad to have such an insightful and knowledgable delegate around the table.

The Flux Reactor

Al Rasheed wrote up his thoughts on Kentik’s presentation from Networking Field Day late last year. The company offers full resolution of network traffic, with the goal of providing network administrators enriched data that’s easy to understand. They’ve found use cases with network performance, congestion, security, DDOS detection and forensics. Al was particularly impressed by some of the tools Kentik provides for service providers, which enriches data from multiple sources via API and pairs it with routing table data live.

Cisco Champion 2019

We’re happy to see that Al Rasheed was accepted as a Cisco Champion for 2019. In this post, he directly sites the influence of attending Networking Field Day for this accomplishment. We’re just glad Al was able to attend the event, and we’re hoping to see him back in 2019.

Packets Never Lie…

Al Rasheed heard from Riverbed during Networking Field Day late last year. The company had a wide ranging presentation showing what they now offer in their WAN optimization and SD-WAN portfolio. This included an extensive SD-WAN Q&A session, demos from Brandon Carroll, and a look at SteelCentral Aternity and Steelhead SD. It was a lot of information, so be sure to check out the video from the presentation.

The Glue that brings the Intent together!

While Apstra is no stranger to Networking Field Day, Al Rasheed got to hear them for the first time as a delegate at the event earlier this month. He digs into their presentation, and how the company’s AOS isn’t just about using Intent for Day 1 operation, but how the company has innovated around bringing intent to automation and analytics.

Meet Wayne McFarkus

Al Rasheed heard a deep dive from Silver Peak at Networking Field Day earlier this year. They have a unique approach to their SD-WAN solution, positioning it not just as software-defined, but rather self-driving. What stood out in their presentation was how their solution takes a business driven approach to networking, making it work for the needs of the business rather than the other way around. Al runs through everything the company showed at the event. Be sure to read it before watching their complete presentation video.

I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates invited to attend Networking Field Day earlier this month. At the event, he heard a presentation from Illumio. The company was an early pioneer in micro-segmentation, something increasingly important to reduce surface area on the ever increasing incidents of data center exploits. Al was impressed how they can bring increased visibility, particularly for application dependencies. Overall, he found that Illumio “killed it” during their presentation.

DNS Is A Chump!

Al Rasheed was one of the delegates at our Networking Field Day event last week, and got to hear from BlueCat Networks. The company provides enterprise DNS solutions to provide visibility, an automation framework, and agility without compromising on security.

Day 1 – Networking Field Day 19

Networking Field Day is underway this week out in Silicon Valley. We’re thrilled to have Al Rasheed along for the event. He’s already written up some thoughts from his first day traveling to the event. This saw him meet with fellow delegates and looking forward to the coming presentations the rest of the week. Be sure to watch all the Networking Field Day presentations live this week!

Networking Field Day 19

Al Rasheed will be a delegate at Networking Field Day, coming up next week! There is a packed roster of announced presenters, so make sure you’re following #NFD19 on Twitter for Al and the other delegates thoughts. Better yet, watch along on our live stream to catch all the presentations as they happen.