Arrcus and the Vision for Application Acceleration

You may have heard recently on the Gestalt IT Rundown that Tech Field Day presenter Arrcus has a new CEO. Shekar Ayyar came over from VMware to lead the networking company into the next phase of their development. Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth explains the impressive growth of Arrcus! Read Tom’s post for more!

How Arrcus Level Sets the Network Across 5G and Edge Use Cases

As 5G and edge use cases continue to expand in the enterprise IT space, IT practitioners need a way to control their network across all aspects of the network — regardless of where. This piece dives directly into that issue, and specifically how the Arccus ArcOS product displayed at May’s Networking Field Day event is purpose built to address those needs. Read on to learn what ArcOS does, and be sure to watch Arccus’ presentation to get a full understanding of the product.

Networking Field Day 25, Part 1

Bryton Herdes was invited be a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day event, and after attending was not disappointed. In his blog on the topic, he covers his first impressions of the event and the presentations by Kemp, VMware, Arrcus, Intel, and PathSolutions. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch the presentations Bryton attended to get the full picture.

Data://express 0006 – YANG Ohne YIN, Lambda Vor Kappa Und Wenig IPv6 Auf Dem Network Field Day 25 – Pt. I

This episode of the German podcast, data://disrupted, contains the story of editor-in-chief and show host, Kerstin Stief, and her time as a delegate at May’s Networking Field Day. The show dives into what all she learned, including the two main themes that the presenting companies seemed to hone in on. Listen to the full show to hear what all was covered, and be sure to watch the presentations from the Networking Field Day event to hear for yourself!

Rethinking Networking Architecture With Arrcus

Is your network stuck in an old way of thinking about architecture? Is it starting to affect your applications? Maybe you need to take a fresh look with something new. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look back at Arrcus at Networking Field Day and how their fresh perspective is changing the way we build networks.

Arrcus: An Application of Modern OEM Principles for Whitebox Switches

Arrcus definitely made an impression on Amy Arnold after Networking Field Day. If nothing else, it spurred some pirate puns. But perhaps more importantly, she was impressed by their approach to whitebox switching. They showed off the latest with ArcOS, which now leverages advanced capabilities of the Jericho-2 chipset. Be sure to check out the rest of the post for all the details.