CTS 116: Aruba Atmosphere 2018

The Clear to Send podcast posted an episode looking at what they saw at Aruba Atmosphere this year. They highlight the sessions attended, the Tech Field Day panel discussions, and the Cape Networks acquisition news.

To Vegas And Back with Keith R Parsons

Keith Parson and the WiFi of Everything crew were recently in Vegas for Aruba Atmosphere. In this panel, they discuss what they saw at the show, and the experience of Mobility Field Day Extra.

My thoughts on Aruba’s Atmosphere 2018

Robert Boardman shares his thoughts from Aruba Atmosphere 2018 in this post. He enjoyed seeing more of NetInsight, the analytics platform that came out of Aruba’s acquisition of Rasa Networks. He also enjoyed the roundtable discussions coming out of Mobility Field Day Extra held at the event.

Wireless Thoughts From Aruba Atmosphere

Tom Hollingsworth recently got back from Tech Field Day Extra at Aruba Atmosphere. In this post, he shares some initial thoughts from the event, including how the Rasa Networks assets showing up in Aruba NetInsights, interesting security applications, and awesome demos.