BackBox- Network Vulnerability Manager

Girard Kavelines delves into the technical advantages of BackBox’s Network Vulnerability Manager, a system designed to proactively combat cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The Network Vulnerability Manager can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities as they appear, automating patches and upgrades across network devices for efficient remediation. The tool also enables multi-step upgrades in a seamless process, cutting down on intervention and enhancing the overall security of networks.

TFDx Cisco Live 2023: BackBox

This LinkedIn article by Eric Stewart gives an overview of BackBox’s presentation at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live 2023. Stewart describes BackBox’s network task automation offerings, which offer automated testing of functional changes before they are committed and checks for storage space capacity and version compatibility before upgrades. He notes the novelty of being able to scale the push to a subset of equipment, and praises BackBox’s user-friendly interface that enables customization of tasks and checks, as well as its newly announced Network Vulnerability Manager tool.

Tech Field Day Extra- Automating & Securing With BackBox!

According to Girard Kavelines, BackBox is the ultimate automation solution that every organization needs to streamline their infrastructure and improve security. With over 2,000 pre-configured automations and scalability for any need, BackBox simplifies networking tasks and ensures timely updates. By leveraging BackBox, organizations can have the equivalent of a dedicated DevOps team to automate workflows and achieve guaranteed results. Check out their presentations at Networking Field Day and Cisco Live to learn more about their powerful features and capabilities.

Infusing Automation in EveryDay Networking Tasks With BackBox

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live included a presentation from BackBox, which demonstrated its differentiated automation platform that simplifies day-to-day networking use cases involving upgrades, network configurations, and more. Additional features include 2300 pre-built scripts, hundreds of pre-configured automation blocks, hyperintelligent automation, and a rollback option in case of a failed update. This article from Gestalt IT goes into more detail on the BackBox solution.

Excitement in the Air With Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2023

Tech Field Day Extra returns to Cisco Live US 2023, featuring presentations from Cisco as well as Opengear and BackBox, streaming live on June 6 and 7. Tuesday begins with Opengear, followed by Cisco Enterprise, ThousandEyes, and Security. Wednesday features a presentation from BackBox and more presentations Cisco focused on IoT, Cloud and Compute, and Secure Policy. Check out the live stream on LinkedIn and the Tech Field Day website!

Cisco Live 2023- Tech Field Day Extra- Event Preview

Girard Kavelines is getting excited for an in-person Cisco Live event, not to mention that Tech Field Day will be there. The event will include two-action-packed days, with presentations and demos from a host of well-known vendors. These will include Opengear and BackBox, both of whom will present their latest products and services to delegates. And of course there will be hours of deep dives into the latest from Cisco!

NFD31 – BackBox

BackBox presented their automation tool at Networking Field Day, focusing primarily on task automation rather than network automation as a whole. By allowing specific tasks, such as backups, software updates, configuration drift remediation, and compliance checks, to be automated, BackBox eliminates the need for extensive manual labor and thus lessens the potential for errors. With API integrations and external tools for reporting, alerting and inventory, BackBox forms the groundwork that can be coordinated with other automation tools to build a comprehensive network automation strategy. Read the entire article by Gian Paolo Boarina to learn more about BackBox!

Automating Device Upgrades With BackBox Automation Platform

In this article on Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses how the BackBox Automation Platform automates and centralizes updates for firewalls and network devices. The platform features dozens of customizable, device and context-aware scripts, which can be modified and reused to run upgrades on a full fleet of devices. With its intelligent notification system and professional service team, the BackBox platform offers a robust solution for streamlining network device maintenance and ensuring devices are updated consistently.

Networking Field Day Returns This April!

Tom Hollingsworth, writing for Gestalt IT, announces the return of Networking Field Day this month with a lineup of stellar presenters, including BackBox, Itential, HashiCorp, and Kentik. Tom notes that with the rise of remote work, this Networking Field Day event will focus on technologies that can support distributed teams. From software-defined networking to open-source networking, attendees will get a chance to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry.