MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

Metageek returned the Field Day experience with Mobility Field Day this summer. Dave Benham has a long history using their tools, and appreciated seeing their latest at the event. They showed off Air Viewer, which brings WiSpy Air data to iOS and Android.

MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

MetaGeek made their triumphant return to Field Day with their presentation at Mobility Field Day over the summer. With a few years in between presentations, there was a lot to get the delegates caught up on. Their desktop based tools are well known in the industry, but Dave Benham looks at their new solutions for iOS and Android that should keep the company relevant in the modern mobility space.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Dave Benham

Aruba published an interview with first time Mobility Field Day delegate Dave Benham. They discuss how he went from a ham radio operator at age eight to being to working in IT, what role 5G will have as a possible Wi-Fi replacement, and where AI fits into the greater IT picture.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Dave Benham

Dave Benham is coming to Mobility Field Day next week! Be sure to check out our interview with him to get a little more detail about his background, where he sees IT going in the near future, and what he does when he’s not working in IT.

Dave Benham

Dave Benham, CCIE #45171 (Wireless) is a Mobility Practice Director for a large VAR but started his career in the early 90s building PCs at a small computer company. For the next several years, he installed 10base2 LANtastic networks with Novell Netware Servers and specialized in NDS/eDirectory design. Being a Ham Radio Operator since the […]