Introducing Cisco’s Next-Generation CW9800 Wireless Controllers

Cisco unveiled its next-generation CW9800 wireless controllers at Mobility Field Day 11, as highlighted in this article by Dave Benham. These controllers are engineered to support the latest Wi-Fi standards and offer scalability for enterprise networks, ensuring high performance and robust security. The introduction of the CW9800 series represents Cisco’s commitment to continuous innovation in wireless network management, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Self-Locating APs – More Than Just Placing APs on Maps

Aruba presented on their Aruba’s Self-Locating AP Technology at this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere. In this post, Dave Benham talks about how excited he is to see what this technology will bring for the future. Check out Dave’s thoughts here!

Aruba’s Self-Locating AP Technology Is Truly Remarkable

Dave Benham attended this past Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere in Las Vegas! In this post he talks about Aruba’s new Self-Locating AP technology that can locate APs themselves and can be automatically positioned on a floor, check out his thoughts here!

The Cisco Catalyst 9136 Access Point

Cisco presented their first Access Point with Wi-Fi 6E capability at 2020’s Mobility Field Day! Dave Benham, a Field Day delegate, was allowed to test this Cisco Catalyst 9136 AP through the Cisco Champion program. Check out why Dave is super excited to be able to test this new AP!

NetAlly EtherScope nXG Review

At Mobility Field Day 4, delegate Dave Benham was able to see NetAlly introduce their EtherScope nXG network analyzer. He’s been itching to get his hands on one and was able to do so recently! Writing on his blog, Dave gives us the full rundown on the EtherScope nXG including reviews on its connectivity, auto tests, and his general impressions. Head over to his blog for the full review!

De-Mist-Ifying Contact Tracing

As a delegate at Mobility Field Day, Dave Benham saw presentations by Mist Systems and was intrigued by their Proximity Tracing system and its potential impact on Contact Tracing and limiting the spread of COVID-19. Dave writes that the applications of their new systems are significant for contract tracers because the it gives organizations the potential ability track where infected individuals have been in a specific facility and identify what areas might need a deep cleaning. This tracking has the possibility to provide users with increased information and help increase the safety of people utilizing a given space. Check out all of Mist System’s presentations at Cloud Field Day on our website.

Introducing the Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Point

Dave Benham was a delegate at last month’s Mobility Field Day where Cisco debuted the new Catalyst 9105 Access Point. Dave writes that the Catalyst 9105 is very compact, has an impressively low PoE power draw, and has a low price tag which makes it a great value access point. Be sure to check out Dave’s blog post and the video of Cisco introducing the access point at Mobility Field Day!

MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

Metageek returned the Field Day experience with Mobility Field Day this summer. Dave Benham has a long history using their tools, and appreciated seeing their latest at the event. They showed off Air Viewer, which brings WiSpy Air data to iOS and Android.

MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

MetaGeek made their triumphant return to Field Day with their presentation at Mobility Field Day over the summer. With a few years in between presentations, there was a lot to get the delegates caught up on. Their desktop based tools are well known in the industry, but Dave Benham looks at their new solutions for iOS and Android that should keep the company relevant in the modern mobility space.

Meet the #MFD4 Delegates: Dave Benham

Aruba published an interview with first time Mobility Field Day delegate Dave Benham. They discuss how he went from a ham radio operator at age eight to being to working in IT, what role 5G will have as a possible Wi-Fi replacement, and where AI fits into the greater IT picture.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Dave Benham

Dave Benham is coming to Mobility Field Day next week! Be sure to check out our interview with him to get a little more detail about his background, where he sees IT going in the near future, and what he does when he’s not working in IT.

Dave Benham

Dave is a Mobility Practice Director for a large VAR with over 20 years of experience in the networking industry.