Dave Benham

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Dave Benham, CCIE #45171 (Wireless) is a Mobility Practice Director for a large VAR but started his career in the early 90s building PCs at a small computer company. For the next several years, he installed 10base2 LANtastic networks with Novell Netware Servers and specialized in NDS/eDirectory design. Being a Ham Radio Operator since the age of 8, he was naturally drawn to Wi-Fi when it began gaining popularity around the year 2000. Dave spent many years designing, implementing and supporting mission-critical networks for K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial markets. Currently residing near Detroit, MI, Dave has been consulting for the past 15 years and is an industry-recognized leader in Wi-Fi and Networking technologies.

You can find Dave as @baldwifiguy on Twitter or read his blog at https://www.wifireference.com.