A VAST-ly Different Storage Story

VAST Data made their first big public splash since coming out of stealth at Storage Field Day last month. At they event, they showed off their “disaggregated share everything architecture” meant to offer hyperscaler agility and scalability without the cost and data gravity of the public cloud. For Becky Elliott, their message of reducing complexity while allowing for scale really resonated.

California Dreamin’ My Way to Storage Field Day 18

Becky Elliott is returning to the delegate roundtable, coming to Storage Field Day out in Silicon Valley next week. At her third event, she’s looking forward to reconnecting with some fellow delegates, and getting deep dives from the presenting roster of companies. She’s even compiled all the past presentations by company if you want to do a little homework before next week. We can’t wait to hear what she thinks of this event!

Lose Some Complexity with Zerto at #SFD16

Becky Elliot got to see Zerto present at Storage Field Day last week. They offered something that would be immediately relevant to a project she’s working on, offering a combination of replication, DR, and backup in a single platform. While her project is too far along at this point to use Zerto, what she learned at Storage Field Day will definitely be top of mind for future endeavors.

TFDx and SFD14 Delegate Thoughts: Pre-Attendance

Becky Elliot has an exciting week ahead of her. She’ll be attending Commvault GO for the first time, including a Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation, as well as her first Storage Field Day. Becky is pretty familiar with NetApp’s position in the storage market, so she’s interested to drink from the Dell EMC firehose to see how they compare. Make sure to follow along on the Storage Field Day live stream and watch alongside all of the delegates.

Highlights from My First VMworld

Make sure to checkout Becky Elliott’s post detailing her highlights from her first VMworld. The event can be an overwhelming experience even for seasoned vets, but Becky came through the experience excited to do homework based on the sessions attended and, most importantly, a Tech Field Day delegate!

Becky Elliott

Proven problem solver with a passion for automating and streamlining processes. 15 years of experience in Information Technology in a variety of positions from System Administration – Web Development. Primary tech interests include: NetApp, VMware, and Powershell. Member of NetApp A-Team.