Aligning IT and Security to Drive Long-Term Organizational Success, With Brian Knudtson

At a recent Field Day event, Brian Knudtson took the stage for a talk highlighting the need to align IT and security teams to foster long-term organizational success amidst the evolving cybersecurity landscape. He addressed the cultural divide where IT is seen as the opener of paths and security as the so-called “Department of No,” emphasizing that a united approach is necessary to enable business continuity and stave off threats. Knudtson proposed practical steps for collaboration, such as using backup infrastructure data for security purposes and sharing threat intelligence swiftly between teams to reduce the impact of cyber incidents.

Exciting Innovation Is Happening at the Edge

Brian Knudtson emphasizes the growing innovation within the Edge sector of the IT industry, illustrated by the advancements showcased at Edge Field Day 2. Companies like Solidigm, StorMagic and NodeWeaver are developing impressive solutions for storage and deployment at the Edge, each with their unique approaches and functionalities. The author anticipates the lessons learned from the technological innovations for extreme use cases at the Edge will eventually influence the core data center and cloud sectors.

Micron Authenta: A Safety Seal for the Digital Age

Brian Knudtson reviewed Micron’s Authenta, which provides automatic, silicon-level integrity for a zero trust architecture. This article on Gestalt IT, sponsored by Micron, provides a review of Authenta following their presentation at Security Field Day in November 2022. Learn more about Micron Authenta by reading Brian’s article and watch their presentation videos on the Tech Field Day website!

Episode 5 – The One Where Jim Gets Touchy Feely at Conferences

Looking for more information on the hybrid Field Day setup versus being all remote? Jim Jones, and Brian Knudtson, Field Day delegates, discuss their experience from this past Cloud Field Day and Field day as a whole with special guests Joe Houghes and Matt Crape. Take a look at their podcast discussion here! . Take a look at their podcast discussion here!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Brian Knudtson

We’d like to welcome our newest delegate to the Tech Field Day community: Brian Knudtson! Brian brings a mix of experience to the IT industry ranging from system administration to marketing and sales. He will be attending Cloud Field Day 13 as a delegate and took a few minutes to tell us a little about himself.

Brian Knudtson

Using a wide-range of professional experiences to contribute to businesses and community