Chamber 🏰 of Tech Secrets #2

Welcome to the Chamber of Tech Secrets! After attending Edge Field Day in February, Brian Chambers gives his thoughts on Disposable Units of Compute (DUC) and talks about how at Chick-fil-A they treat their devices as “cattle instead of pets.” Read his full thoughts on his website.

Unraveling the Key Themes of Edge Computing – a Roundtable Discussion

In this article Sulagna Saha summarizes the thoughts and impressions of delegates on the key themes that dominated the presentations at the recent Edge Field Day event. Check out her article at Gestalt IT, or watch the roundtable discussion here at

Scaling the Edge With Zero Touch Provisioning and Scale Computing

Brian Chambers has this to say in his latest article on Gestalt IT’s website. “Scale Computing’s Zero Touch Provisioning and Sc//HyperCore solution appear to be great building blocks that organizations can place at the foundation of this new chapter.” Check out his full thoughts on

Edge Field Day #1

Brian Chambers reveals his thoughts on edge computing ahead of the first Edge Field Day (which starts today)! He defines edge computing, tells us why Chik-fil-a has been using an edge computing system for the last 20 years, which types of companies do edge well, and the future of edge. Check the article on Medium.

Brian Chambers

Lead Enterprise Architect at Chick-fil-A