Whose Cloud Is It Anyway? Recap From Cloud Field Day 10

Adam Fisher recounts his experiences as a Cloud Field Day delegate in this wrap-up post from his blog, Virtual Bonzo. In it, he details his takeaways from the presentations of this spring’s Cloud Field Day. Read on to see what all Fisher has to say, and be sure to watch all of the Cloud Field Day presentations for more info.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management With Scality at Cloud Field Day

This piece by Gestalt IT’s staff writer dives into Scality’s presentation from the Cloud Field Day event in March. There, Scality presented the various ways their products can help organizations to better manage their data in the cloud. Read on for a full breakdown of the presentations, or watch the presentations themselves for more info.

Evaluating Cost and Availability in the Cloud With VMware at Cloud Field Day

When VMware appeared at March’s Cloud Field Day event, they detailed the capabilities of their new cloud integration with AWS. This piece describes what was discussed in their Field Day presentation, including the features and use cases that drive the integration. Read on to learn more, or simply watch the presentation yourself to see how it works.

Leverage VMware Through Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This piece covers Oracle’s Cloud Field Day presentation from April, where they announced they would be partnering with VMware to combine Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with VMware’s software and architecture to deliver an entirely new solution. In essence, the partnership means that you can completely virtualize your VMware VMs in Oracle’s cloud, making them more scalable and cloud-forward. Learn more in this article, or by watching Oracle’s presentation from their Cloud Field Day appearance.

How Veeam Supports Multi-Cloud Backup and Recovery Efforts

The modular data management architecture that Veeam detailed during April’s Tech Field Day event promises to centralize backup and snapshot management while also saving time and money. This piece covers Veeam’s presentation by their Cloud-native Global Technologist, David Hill, who describes the ways customers have and can use Veeam to accomplish their data management needs with ease. Learn more by checking out the piece and its associated Tech Field Day video.

The Continued Cloud Collaboration of Dell and VMware

In spite of Dell’s recent announcement to spin off VMware, the two giants of tech still plan on working in tandem to deliver high quality cloud products as detailed in Dell’s March Cloud Field Day appearance. With VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation, both Dell and VMware combine the capabilities of their high-performance servers and virtualization software, respectively, to streamline and secure operations. Check out the article and watch Dell’s Cloud Field Day presentation to learn more about the two products from the two companies.

Protecting Data In-Use Through Confidential Computing With Intel SGX

This piece details Intel’s appearance at March’s Cloud Field Day, where they showcased their Software Guard Extensions (SGX) for protecting data in-use. As a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, Intel has a vested interest in protecting customer data, and their SGX solution provides a way to create data alcoves which prevent chunks of critical data from being tampered with while in use in an application. Read on to learn more about how it works, and check out the rest of Intel’s Cloud Field Day presentation for more technical info, as well as a deep dive into their Telemetry solution.

Continuous Cloud Optimization Through Spot by NetApp

Many of today’s organizations have adopted cloud-based resources and infrastructure as key parts of their operations. The next step is to optimize them, which is what NetApp aims to do through Spot Ocean, part of Spot by NetApp. At March’s Cloud Field Day, NetApp detailed how IT practitioners can evaluate their containers and microservices in Kubernetes to maximize output while minimizing costs. For more information, check out NetApp’s presentation at Cloud Field Day on our website!

StorageOS: Enabling Anything-As-A-Service Through Cloud Native Storage

When StorageOS appeared at March’s Cloud Field Day, they made a statement to the industry that their storage solution can serve as the backbone for delivering nearly anything as a service from the cloud. This post dives into their presentation, detailing how StorageOS positions their product as an extensible, agile way to store objects for cloud applications. Learn more by reading the post or watching StorageOS’s original Cloud Field Day presentations.

Making the Most of Unstructured Data With Komprise

At March’s Cloud Field Day, Komprise showed off how their data management solution is capable of tackling the problem of mass amounts of unstructured data in an organization. This piece covers the major takeaways from their presentation, as well as some of the reasoning behind Komprise’s approach to data management. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch all of the Komprise Cloud Field Day appearance for technical deep dives and demos.

Why Data Sovereignty Matters to Scality

The classic duo of Tech Field Day delegates, Joep Piscaer and Ather Beg, dive into their experiences watching March’s Cloud Field Day presentations. This video in particular highlights the appearance by Scality, who detailed the importance of data sovereignty with their Ring scalable storage product. Watch the video to hear what Piscaer and Beg took away from the presentation, and be sure to view Scality’s Cloud Field Day presentation itself to understand the basis of the conversation.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Is Great (If You Need Just Need IaaS and Like Low Cost)

In this video, Joep Piscaer and Ather Beg discuss their time as delegates during March’s Cloud Field Day presentations. Specifically, the pair hone in on the appearance by Oracle, lauding the potential use cases for their public cloud infrastructure. Watch the video to hear exactly what delighted them about OCI, and check out Oracle’s presentation to shape your own opinions.

Day Two Cloud 093: Don’t Get Your Whittling Badge

Following their appearance at Cloud Field Day in March, Kit Colbert and Dormain Drewitz from VMware sat down with Ned Bellavance of “Ned in the Cloud” to talk about their presentation. In his blog on the matter, Bellavance talks about their discussion on modernizing applications to meet the real-time demands of today’s customers. Read the blog to see what they discussed, and be sure to tune into VMware’s Tech Field Day presentation to hear more about their recent announcements.

Oracle Cloud ❤️’s Terraform

Ned Bellavance has been a little skeptical of Oracle building a public cloud, and seeing them while he was a delegate at Cloud Field Day gave him a great opportunity to ask some hard questions and learn more about their offering. In one of his “Terraform Tuesdays” videos from his Ned in the Cloud YouTube channel, Ned digs into the intriguing proposition that the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses Terraform as its IaC. Head over to his YouTube channel to see him talk through how this works with video from inside the platform itself!

The Case for Continuous Documentation

In the latest post on his Virtual Lifestyle blog, Joep Piscaer makes the case for Continuous Documentation. He writes that Continuous Documentation is a concept that is inexplicably missing from our methodologies and that if we could correctly apply it we could reduce team workloads. While a delegate at Cloud Field Day, Joep got to see the VMware team present on how they’re working to improve the documentation experience for developers using their software. Joep writes that “VMware’s DX tools are a massive improvement on the Continuous Documentation front.” Be sure to check out Joep’s blog post as well as VMware’s presentations from Cloud Field Day!

Data://express 0001 – Cloud, Milan, Taiwan Und Irgendwas Mit Cyber

Wolfgang Stief tuned in for Cloud Field Day last month where he heard from companies such as Veeam Software, NetApp, and Intel. In this podcast, Wolfgang discusses the presentations and the central theme of Kubernetes. Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts, Wolfgang!

Is VMware Cloud on AWS More Than a Landing Zone?

In this video, Joep Piscaer is joined by Raff Poltronieri and Ather Beg as they discuss their thoughts toward the Cloud Field Day event they attended as delegates in early April. Specifically, the trio hones in on VMware’s presentation regarding the VMware Cloud on AWS, voicing their concerns about limitations in use cases while also digging into the exciting integrations that can be leveraged. Be sure to check out the video to hear their thoughts, and also tune in to VMware’s Cloud Field Day presentation to help guide your own opinions towards the release.

Is Veeam’s Strategy Unsexy but Customer-Focused?

Delegates Joep Piscaer and Raff Poltronieri joined us for Cloud Field Day in March. Veeam Software presented at this event and discussed their cloud strategy, including insight on how they enable customers to manage their data across multiple platforms. In this video, Joep and Raff tackle the question, “Is [Veeam Software’s] strategy to support data protection across on-prem, cloud, SaaS and containers unsexy but customer-centric, or are they missing the point of cloud-native?”

Intelligent Data Management at Cloud Field Day

Komprise joined us last month for Cloud Field Day! Their presentation focused on three sections: Intelligent Data Management in the cloud, Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for hybrid cloud, and Komprise architecture overview/demonstration for multi-cloud. Check out the event page on TechFieldDay.com for all videos from the Komprise presentation!

VMware Cloud: The Fastest Path to Application Modernisation

During Cloud Field Day in March, Ather Beg had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see VMware’s presentation at the event. In this blog, Ather notes that “According to surveys, most CIOs feel that digital transformation is not an easy journey.” He also mentions that the challenges associated with digital transformation are what VMware has been working towards solving. VMware is working on providing its customers with choices to allow customers to focus on what matters most. For more of Ather’s thoughts on VMware Cloud, check out this blog!