Unlocking Developer Efficiency With Self-Service Dev Portals and RackN

In this article for Gestalt IT, Adam Fisher concludes his series focused on RackN, IT Ops, and infrastructure provisioning and management. With RackN’s Digital Rebar platform, IT Ops can bring infrastructure operations back under their control, freeing developers from infrastructure concerns and enabling them to focus on applications. Integrating Digital Rebar with self-service developer portals allows for consistent and compliant infrastructure provisioning, enhancing developer efficiency and loyalty, while ensuring security, cost control, and alignment with organizational standards. The collaboration between IT Ops and developers facilitated by RackN ultimately drives innovation and improves business competitiveness.

Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

At Cloud Field Day in June, Joey D’Antoni had the opportunity to meet with Couchbase and learn about their NoSQL database solution, Couchbase Capella. Capella offers a variety of data models, including JSON document, key-value, wide column, and graph databases, giving developers flexibility in building their data stores. What sets Couchbase apart is its ability to run on mobile and edge devices with Couchbase Lite, offering a modern alternative to traditional SQLlite. With affordable costs and high availability, Couchbase Capella provides a compelling option for developers seeking flexibility and seamless integration across different platforms. Learn more in this post by Joey!

Infrastructure Pipelines Become Reality With RackN Digital Rebar

In this Cloud Field Day Tech Note for RackN, Adam Fisher explores how Digital Rebar empowers IT Ops with consistency, efficiency, and flexibility in managing modern data centers. Infrastructure pipelines, enabled by RackN’s Digital Rebar, streamline infrastructure provisioning and management, allowing for faster time to value and improved collaboration between teams. With multi-site management and IaC catalogs, IT Ops can achieve operational control and standardization across their organization’s infrastructure deployments. Learn more about RackN’s solutions and watch their presentations from Cloud Field Day!

RackN Brings Bare Metal Into the Cloud Age

Adam Fisher, in this Day Tech Note presented by RackN, discusses how RackN’s Digital Rebar has changed the infrastructure mindset by bringing modern cloud automation to traditional infrastructure. As cloud adoption increases, IT practitioners need to adapt their skillsets beyond traditional silos and embrace the agility and scalability of the public cloud in enterprise infrastructure. Digital Rebar enables centralized, end-to-end infrastructure-as-code workflows for bare metal provisioning, allowing infrastructure teams to manage, update, and scale bare metal systems with ease. Read more at Gestalt IT!

RackN Bridges the Gap Between People and Platforms

Adam Fisher discusses the power of Digital Rebar from RackN in this Tech Note, the first of a series sponsored by RackN. With technology evolving rapidly, the need for automation in deploying applications at scale has become crucial. RackN’s Digital Rebar serves as a reliable automation platform that empowers IT Ops to effectively manage infrastructure in the modern era, bridging the gap between people and platforms.

Seeing Through Hybrid Multi-Cloud With Forward Networks

In this Tech Note article at Gestalt IT, Justin Warren discusses the challenges of securing cloud environments in the world of hybrid multi-cloud. He emphasizes that full visibility and understanding of network configurations are crucial for effective security. Forward Networks, known for network observability, offers a solution that simplifies the complex topology of cloud environments, provides consistent visibility across networks, and enables operators to ask the right security questions. Warren highlights the importance of combining existing techniques with new methods to navigate the diversity of environments and avoid overwhelming complexity. Read more in this article, which was sponsored by Forward Networks.

JetStream Software Presents the Economic Advantages of Cloud DR for VM Environments at Cloud Field Day

In a recent article, David Marshall takes a look at JetStream Software’s recent presentation at Cloud Field Day. The session explored the economic advantages of using cloud disaster recovery (DR) for virtual machine (VM) environments. JetStream Software showcased how their solution can help organizations leverage the cloud to improve their disaster recovery strategies, reduce costs, and enhance overall resilience. Read more at VMblog!

Tapping Into Software Extensibility With Morpheus Data

Hybrid multi-cloud mastery no longer entails hiring certified skills, but having the right solution that can make the road less rocky. In this article, Sulagna Saha delves into the Morpheus platform’s extensibility feature, which enables users to customize the platform to suit their needs, eliminating the need to use multiple solutions. The Morpheus platform provides hybrid cloud automation enabling multi-cloud implementation in record time. Read about the platform’s extensibility feature at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the website.

Making Infrastructure Lifecycle Management Painless With RackN Digital Rebar

RackN Digital Rebar extends the automation capabilities of Infrastructure as Code to any infrastructure making lifecycle management easy, effortless and self-driving. In this article, Sulagna Saha discusses how RackN’s Digital Rebar architecture provides a straightforward way for organizations to deploy and manage their infrastructure reliably, transparently, and repetitively, simplifying the provisioning and management of infrastructure by leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation. Watch the demo on the website or read the review at Gestalt IT.

Preventing Attack Escalation With Real-Time Encryption Detection in the New Zerto 10

Ransomware has eluded real-time detection a long time. That is about to change. Zerto is introducing real-time encryption anomaly detection in Zerto 10. The new Zerto 10 solution reinforces its capabilities with real-time encryption detection, a cyber resilience vault, secure appliance, and protection for Azure at scale. Zerto 10’s real-time detection continuously scans and searches for signs of encryption, empowering organizations to swiftly discover and take action against ransomware threats. Read how Zerto’s new real-time capabilities enhance ransomware resilience and help contain blast radius, at Gestalt IT. Also catch the solution demo on the website.

Building Better Applications at Reduced Cost With Couchbase

At the heart of digital transformation are applications. Couchbase provides applications a multimodel database platform that is high-performing, flexible and scalable, and provides breakthrough economics. Couchbase’s multimodel database, Capella, streamlines application development by providing developers with data technology that is flexible, fast, and efficient. Capella integrates JSON databases and a multimodel system and has differentiated capabilities like query tools, analytics on active data, multi-record transactions, and geographic replication. With Capella’s granular resource scaling, developers can handle each service with the appropriate environmental resource and achieve peak performance, and by choosing Couchbase, organizations can eliminate the cost of using an assortment of databases, reduce redundancy, simplify architecture, and reduce complexity. Read about it at Gestalt IT or watch the demo on the website.

Integrating Native Data Protection to Any Infrastructure Codelessly With HYCU R-Cloud

Companies are facing multi-cloud and SaaS infrastructures at ever-increasing rates. While data protection is already difficult, multi-cloud compounds the complexities even further, requiring data protection services to adopt new solutions, such as HYCU Protégé and R-Cloud, that offer native and automated data protection, extensive visibility, and compliance features in all infrastructures with no additional coding. HYCU’s data protection innovation and modernization efforts aim to address companies’ struggles in safeguarding their data across multi-cloud and SaaS platforms. This article from Gestalt IT discusses the latest updates to HYCU R-Cloud, which was shown as part of Cloud Field Day 17.

CloudFieldDay 17: Protecting SaaS Data With HYCU

Read Lino Telera’s impression of HYCU, a cloud backup solution intended to address the challenges of data protection for Software, Database, and Platform as a Service. The company provides visibility to handle data sprawl from the SaaS explosion across several providers such as Atlassian, Google Services, and Office365. HYCU’s solutions offer low-code syntax to customize workflow to match client needs, including customizable security policies, SIEM features, and ransomware protection measures.

DR as a Service With JetStream Software

Organizations seeking an economical and easy way for data protection and efficient disaster recovery (DR) could turn to disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). JetStream aims to provide organizations with extended data protection for both the private and public cloud to enable them to migrate to DRaaS solutions from legacy DR solutions and avoid costs that come with on-prem DR infrastructure. Thanks to its Continuous Data Protection (CDP) service, JetStream can offer minimal downtime, low recovery point objectives (RPO), and recovery time objectives (RTO). JetStream achieves this by leveraging cloud object storage that is economically viable and has both on-demand and reserved instances where compute/storage can be paid for as needed, instead of having to predict capacity. Read about the solution at Gestalt IT or catch the demo on the website.

Day Two Cloud 198: Modern Cloud Design Themes From CFD 17

Day Two Cloud’s Ned Bellavance, Ethan Banks, and Michael Levan highlight some key design themes at Cloud Field Day 17, hosted by Tech Field Day. These themes include platform engineering, data protection, disaster recovery, and the co-existence of old and new technologies in modern IT. Kubernetes’ growing status as the default platform choice was mentioned. Backup and disaster recovery solutions by HYCU, Zerto, and others bridge the gap between on-prem and cloud environments. Listen to this episode to learn more!

The Algorithm Made Me Do It: Cloud Field Day 17 Wrap-Up – Chaos Lever [EP61]

Ned Bellavance attended Cloud Field Day 17 in Boston and discussed the event with Chris Hayner on the Chaos Lever podcast. HYCU focuses on cloud backup and recovery and built a cloud-native backend and provide native backup solutions for AWS, Azure, and GCP with a marketplace and a development kit for SAS vendors to create backup solutions. RackN showcased their software platform, Digital Rebar, which simplifies working with on-premises hardware and bare metal servers and automates provisioning and configuration tasks for private clouds. Couchbase, a database-as-a-service company, utilizes native cloud constructs and offers secure private and public connection endpoints for database tenants. The event also emphasized the significance of VMware, the reality of multi-cloud environments, and the emerging trends of platform engineering and internal developer portals.

Cloud Field Day 17 Recap

Michael Levan gives an overview of Cloud Field Day 17, which included several innovative platforms useful for cloud computing and modernization. Platforms like HYCU, Morpheus Data, and RackN offer self-service and integration to aid in orchestration and provide better support. Zerto is a comprehensive VMware-based platform with backups based on detection and real-time alerting; Couchbase offers a vendor-agnostic NoSQL solution for cost optimization, and JetStream Software is an essential Disaster Recovery tool.

JetStream Software at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the JetStream Software presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. JetStream Software showcased its disaster recovery (DR) solution for VMware, delivering a DBaaS platform that ensures extremely low recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). The architecture of the platform depends on JetStream Management Server appliance, IO filters, DR Replication Virtual Appliance, and object storage. Continuous failover facilitates near-zero RTO, whereas runbooks initiate recovery sequences scheduled on a manual, automated, or timely basis while allowing control to switch recovery site protection to an alternate site to minimize operational costs.

Couchbase at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the Couchbase presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. Couchbase Capella is a promising database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform for developers majorly focused on NoSQL. The platform targets performance and scalability needs while providing a flexible, unified and multi-tenant environment for all data services. Couchbase Capella is a cloud database platform for modern applications and showcases exceptional performance and functionality in a simple, fast, and affordable manner.

Zerto at Cloud Field Day 17

In this article, Eric Wright reacts to the Zerto presentation from Cloud Field Day 17. Zerto has launched version 10 of their platform which introduces several new features following their focus on ransomware resilience solutions. The product offers real-time discovery capabilities, a visualization tool named Zerto Analytics, a REST API documented with Swagger for interoperability, and a Vault to protect and store the company’s objects from ransomware threats, among many other functions. Zerto 10 is ideal for enterprises with significant VMware estates, as it tackles orchestration and automation to deliver self-service and manage hybrid clouds and modernize applications.