Heading to Cloud Field Day 5

Veeam is no stranger to the Field Day audience, but this was Anthony Spiteri first presentation at Cloud Field Day for the company. It’s always interesting to get the perspective of the presenters at these event. They have to communicate with our panel of IT delegates, being comfortable with their material while also prepared for the delegates incisive questions. Be sure to watch the full video of Veeam’s presentation to see the entire technical deep dive.

Cloud Field Day 5

Al Rasheed joins us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day this week, and we’re thrilled to have him back at an event. He always brings a thoughtful perspective to the presentations and we can’t wait to hear what he thinks after the event. Be sure to follow along on our live stream and use #CFD5 on Twitter to follow along with Al throughout the event.

Cloud Field Day – VMware

Ned Bellavance is joining us as a delegate again at Cloud Field Day this week. He’s published a series of posts looking at each of the presenters, and in this one he casts his gaze toward VMware. Their presentation will focus on VMware on AWS, something Ned has been skeptical about since it launched. He still thinks its a viable, and in some cases appropriate, solution for some organizations. We’ll see if their presentation can change his mind.

Join Us for Cloud Field Day (#CFD5): VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged

VMware is presenting this week at Cloud Field Day, and Sonali Desai has a post on their blog previewing what they’ll be discussing with the delegates. The presentation should provide a deep dive into VMware Cloud on AWS, with dedicated parts looking at compute, networking and storage. Tune in to get a deep dive along with some demos.

It Is Time for Cloud Field Day 5

Cloud Field Day is coming up next week. It’ll be a packed event full of interesting presentations from leading cloud companies. Brandon Graves will be one of the delegates around the table, so be sure to follow him and #CFD5 on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest. We’ll be live streaming the presentations as well, so there’s no reason not to follow along with Brandon.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Adam Post

We consciously work to make sure that we invite new delegate voices to all our events, and Cloud Field Day is no exception. Adam Post will be joining us for the first time at the event. Before you hear him around the table, be sure to read Gestalt IT’s profile of him to find out how he got into IT, where he sees IT going in the near term, and what the biggest challenges facing the industry are.

Cloud Field Day – Sysdig

Ned Bellavance will be joining us at Cloud Field Day next week, but before he arrives, he’s doing his homework on the presenters. In this post, he’s taking a look at Sysdig. Ned was impressed by how succinctly the company states it’s mission: Monitor and secure containers across the entire software lifecycle. Of course the devil is in the details, and Ned is looking forward to a deep dive into how they are doing it at the event. Be sure to watch their presentation on our live stream to see for yourself.

Join Us for Cloud Field Day (#CFD5): VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged

VMware’s Sonali Desai gives a preview of what to expect from the company at Cloud Field Day next week. They’ll be giving a deep dive into VMware Cloud on AWS and how it can help accelerate hybrid cloud migration. We’ll be live streaming all the presentations from the event, so be sure to mark your calendar to watch them all!

Cloud Field Day – Kemp

Hard to believe, but Cloud Field Day is coming up next week. Among the delegates, we’re thrilled to have Ned Bellavance returning to the event. One of the companies he’ll get to hear from is Kemp Technologies. Ned first came across this company a while ago on a client site, and has kept up with the company as they’ve transition into cloud-focused solutions. He looking forward to finding out how the company plans to support cloud native applications, Kubernetes and container integrations, and how the company is capturing metrics in the cloud. Sounds like it should make for an excellent dialogue during the presentation.

Cloud Field Day – Datrium

Ned Bellavance is nothing if not diligent, doing research on the presenting companies before heading out to Silicon Valley. In this post, he’s giving Datrium a closer look. He looks at the companies major products including On-Prem DVX, Cloud DVX, and CloudShift. The latter really piqued his interest with it’s DR as a Service approach. He’s got questions about cloud exclusivity, recovery outside of VMC, and container workloads that he’s looking foward to asking at the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Alex Neihaus

There are a number of new delegates coming to Cloud Field Day next week, and we’re excited that Alex Neihaus is one of them. Before the event, be sure to get a little more detail about Alex’s background in this Meet the Delegates post from Gestalt IT. You can find out how Alex got started in IT, where he sees it going, even his first computer. It’s a great way to learn a little more about the faces around the delegate table at the event.

Meet Field Day Delegate – David Ball

David Ball is heading to Cloud Field Day next week. It’s always great to bring new faces and perspectives to Field Day, and we can’t wait to hear what David thinks of the event. Before you see him around the delegate table, be sure to check out Mel Zura’s interview with him for Gestalt IT’s Meet the Delegates series. Find out how he got into IT, his first computer and more.

Cloud Field Day – Cohesity

Ned Bellavance is doing his research ahead of Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he’s giving Cohesity a closer look. While many cloud folks might think of Cohesity as a backup or data management company, Ned makes the case why they are becoming a major data aggregator. This starts with something like backup, or perhaps managing secondary storage. But for Ned, now that the company has that data, why not index and do more with it, which is exactly the capability Cohesity is building out. He’s excited to see what the company will present at Cloud Field Day.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Arceneaux

We’re getting to know our new Field Day delegates! Mel Zura of Gestalt IT asked Chris Arceneaux about how he got into IT, what the future holds, and more. You’ll see Chris at Cloud Field Day 5 in April.

Cloud Field Day – NGINX

Ned Bellavance will grace Cloud Field Day with a return appearance this year. Ahead of the event, Ned is previewing what to expect from some of the companies, focusing on NGINX in this post. Aside from technical questions about their product portfolio, Ned is definitely interested to hear how the company will work as it is acquired by F5 Networks. Tune into the live stream to catch it all for yourself!

Mid-March – Where Did That Come From?

Ahh tempus fugit, the old passage of time. No matter how many times we hear about it, it somehow still sneaks up on all of us. Jason Benedicic certainly relates in this post, when after a hectic 2018, he finds himself almost through March in 2019. Luckily he’ll have a few days of technical deep dives at Cloud Field Day in April to slow things down a bit. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks about all the presentation at the event.