Circle of Trust

For Al Rasheed, trust was one of the central concepts that kept coming up during Juniper Networks’ presentation at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. Whether discussing the company’s approach to simplify a cloud-everywhere model, to leveraging Mist Systems AI, to multi-cloud management, the concept of trust was a persistent theme throughout. Be sure to check out their full presentation video to get caught up.

“The Network Guy, the Network Guy Wants to Manage Firewalls All Day.”…An Introduction to NRE Labs

A comment about network admins administering firewalls got David Ball about Juniper Networks’ presentation from Cloud Field Day. They spent a good portion of time talking about a new initiative called NRE Labs. This was birthed out of the realization that the organization needs for network engineers is changing, with a need for more automation skill and knowledge. NRE Labs provides a free way to hone automation skills without the need for a home lab environment. Whether admins want to manage firewalls all day or not, NRE Labs can help develop the skills to make it not necessary.

The Cohesity Powered Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud has become a reality for enterprise IT and has brought with it complexity and fragmentation. Cohesity believe’s their platform is something of a Swiss Army knife for data, aimed at simplifying data management by providing a unified experience. The company’s growth and progress towards the vision of a hybrid cloud data management platform is getting closer to a reality as the company and product mature. In this post, Ken Nalbone looks at what the company presented at Cloud Field Day and how it fits into their overall vision.

Datrium Delivers Data Mobility With Automatrix

In this piece, Chris Evans looks at how Datrium is taking the data mobility problem with their Automatrix solution, which they talked about during their recent Cloud Field Day presentation. If Automatrix can deliver the same data movement flexibility for containers that are being achieved for virtual machines, he sees it being an all-encompassing solution for data mobility.

How Datrium Deploys ControlShift Into the Cloud

Datrium returned to Field Day with a presentation at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. Joep Piscaer was one of the delegates at the event, and in this piece looks at the company’s Disaster Recovery runbook automation engine for virtualized workloads called ControlShift. Joep was impressed by how Datrium deploys the solution and reviews how to set up ControlShift in a customer AWS account.

Going Cloud Native With Pure Storage Purity

Ned Bellavance saw a presentation from Pure Storage while a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. Ned always gets a little wary when a traditional storage company starts talking about the cloud, but Pure made solid points by saying their approach was to bring consumption based pricing, elastic capacity, and API driven interactions to their solution. They showed off Cloud Snap and Cloud Block Store as examples of this approach. Overall Ned found the presentation exciting and thinks for existing on-prem Pure customers, their cloud offerings are a no-brainer.

Datrium’s Multi-Cloud Vision Is All About Consistency

As interest in hybrid and mutli-cloud operation models increases in the enterprise, a recurring theme has been emerging. Consistency is key. Datrium wants to provide the consistency that allows enterprise customers to select the public cloud of their choice and maintain the same tools and knowledge. Ken Nalbone saw the company present at Cloud Field Day, and thinks they are likely betting on VMware being the common platform across multiple clouds and that the ability for enterprises to move their applications without refactoring will be the preferred path to the cloud for many enterprise customers.

How Pure Storage Delivers a Unified Cloud Experience

Hybrid cloud is becoming the preferred operating model of choice for enterprise IT. Ken Nalbone looks at why Pure Storage believes they can provide a consistent experience across clouds to their customers, based on what they presented at Cloud Field Day earlier this year.

Keep Things Simple

Al Rasheed continues his look at what Veeam showed at Cloud Field Day in this post. In this update, he focuses on Veeam’s commitment to simplicity with a specific look at Veeam Cloud Tier. This isn’t intended to be an archiving solution, rather a way to move chunks of data from expensive local storage to more affordable cloud offerings. Al looks into some of their specific implementations and features in the post.

Rubrik’s Build Is All About Education

We were fortunate to have Ned Bellavance as a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. He’s been giving a comprehensive look at many of the presenters, in this piece he looks at Rubrik. This included an architectural overview of their Polaris and Polaris Radar. The conversation then shifted to the Build project at Rubrik, an open source project that’s part of a broader effort to educate sysadmins who have never touched an API before. It took Ned a minute to understand why this was at Cloud Field Day, but the more he thought about it, the more important a piece it seemed.

Mist in the Machine

David Ball attended Cloud Field Day earlier this year and got to hear the latest on Juniper Networks, and the interesting assets they recently acquired with Mist Systems. This marks Juniper getting into the wireless market in a big way, with Mist’s focus being on simplifying wireless using artificial intelligence. Their overall goal was to create a simple, agile, scalable, intelligent, resilient, and programmable network, which is what Juniper Networks discussed during their presentation.

VeeamON 2019

Al Rasheed is heading to VeeamON 2019 as part of the Veeam Vanguard Program and is excited to go. He’ll be particularly well prepared, as he got a technical deep dive from the company at Cloud Field Day last month. He’s looking forward to the networking and expertise at the conference. Be sure to get caught up with the company’s latest by watching their full presentation video.

It’s Your Data!

At Cloud Field Day, Al Rasheed got to hear a presentation from Veeam. The covered the dramatic business growth the company has seen over the last few years, which is a result of delivering on their core mission of simplicity, reliability, and flexibility for your data. The presentation focused on data portability in the cloud, always allowing organizations to access and use data that belongs to them. Al has another post coming on their presentation, so be sure to read all his thoughts in this piece.

Cloud Field Day 2019 – It’s a Wrap

Datrium is no stranger to presenting at Field Day events, and it was great to have them at Cloud Field Day last month. By converging data services onto a single platform, they are able to offer simple, secure, consistent experience across their on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Their presentation focused specifically on how it can enable a true multi-cloud experience with sophisticated orchestration. Be sure to watch the full presentation video to get caught up.

Achieving Disaster Recovery SLAs in Minutes With Cohesity

Cohesity presented at Cloud Field Day last month, where the company announced workflows to leverage the Cohesity platform for disaster recovery. In this post, Jon Hildebrand digs into one of the options for the shortest recovery SLA option, Failover/Failback. He gives in overview of how this is handled on the platform, and how it enables a much more simplified DR method.

Sysdig – Monitoring via eBPF

Sysdig recently presented at Cloud Field Day, and we were fortunate to have Ned Bellavance around the table as a delegate. Sysdig was founded by the co-author of Wireshark based on the idea that packet capture on the wire is dead. Sysdig instead aims to capture all traffic information from containers for analysis. They do this with a lightweight container on each host that can access a extended Berkeley Packet Filter running on the kernel. Ned found this a compelling architecture for the monitoring challenges that cloud-native applications introduce.

How Cohesity Expands Data Protection Capabilities in the Cloud

Cohesity returned to Cloud Field Day earlier this year with an excellent presentation, and on the company blog, Jon Hildebrand wrote about what the company presented in this post. They reviewed their approach to offering a single cloud-native solution for backup and recovery workloads to span the public cloud and the data center. Be sure to check out the full edited video of their presentation.

All of the Data, All of the Clouds

Paul Stringfellow really liked what he saw from Veeam during their Cloud Field Day presentation earlier this year. They showed off their cloud strategy, which Paul found still kept Veeam’s signature focus on simplicity and flexibility. This focused on not just backup and recovery, but cloud mobility, which Paul thinks is the key to any enterprise’s data strategy. Be sure to check out all of Paul’s thoughts in this piece.

VMware on AWS VPC Route Table Example

At Cloud Field Day this month, Alex Neihaus got a deep dive into VMware’s AWS integration. When this was first announced in 2016, he saw it as two walled gardens put next to each other. After the event, he’s beginning to see some portholes getting put in to see to the other side. Alex saw the presentation as confirming that VMware fundamentally perceives AWS as a hardware platform for its hypervisor, rather than a virtualization platform. He has a lot of interesting takeaways, so be sure to read the whole piece.

NGINX Post F5 Acquisition

Nathaniel Avery got to hear from NGINX at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. This was made an even more interesting presentation in light of the company’s recent acquisition by F5 Networks. For now, it appears that NGINX is operating business as usual, and isn’t changing the company’s model of building a commercial product on top of their open source web server. Nathaniel was pleased to see that the acquisition has not made the NGINX GitHub page any less lively.