Veeam Backup and Replication’s Cloud Tier: Becoming the “Object” of Your Data Protection

Cloud can be a great place for backups, but challenges like cost control remain when storing large quantities of data. At Cloud Field Day 5, Veeam showed us that they are working hard to combat those challenges. In their presentation, Veeam showed off Cloud Tier: a new feature that allows customers the ability to offload or tier backup files to cheaper on-premises or cloud-based object storage.

Why Did VMware Buy Datrium? | Gestalt IT Rundown: July 8, 2020

In this episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Tom Hollingsworth and Rich Stroffolino discussed the recent acquisition of Datrium by VMware. This was positioned as a DRaaS play for VMware’s cloud offerings, helping to refine their overall DR strategy. Rich found it interesting that Datrium had been billing themselves as a HCI vendor, to have them acquired for DR assets.

Cloud Field Day 7: Delivering Cloud Migration, Modernization and Business Continuity With VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware is a familiar presenter at Field Day events, and we’re thrilled to have them return to Cloud Field Day this year. This year, their presentation will focus on how VMware helps customers migrate, extend, protect and modernize their applications and how to help them continue their business operations without any disruptions. Much of this will be presented through the lens of VMware Cloud on AWS with technical deep-dive content how organizations can accelerate their migration and modernization journey. We can’t wait to see the session, so be sure to mark your calendar.

2019 Year in Review – Al Rasheed

Al Rasheed takes a look back at a busy 2019 in this post. It was truly a year of accomplishments, with new certifications and getting involved with more tech community groups. We were lucky enough to have Al as a delegate at several Field Day events throughout the year. We can’t wait to see him at more in 2020.

Cohesity at Tech Field Day in 2019

Alastair Cooke is getting ready for Storage Field Day, and is particularly excited to hear from Cohesity. He’s familiar with the company, but has never seen them live at a Field Day event yet. If you need to do your homework to get up to speed on their solutions, be sure to check out this post from Alastair, which organizes all of our video coverage of their past presentations.

Celebrating 10 Years of Pure Storage and Tech Field Day

Pure Storage has grown from a scrappy upstart to an established player in enterprise storage, and Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day were there the whole time. From their first Field Day appearance in 2011 to today’s Tech Talks and Exclusive Field Day events, we have grown together over 10 years.

NGINX: Deliver All the Things…

Adam Fisher is working on a blog series focused on modern application delivery, with NGINX offering a lot of solutions in that area. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day, he got to hear from the company directly, providing vital background for the series. Be sure to check out their video coverage to get up to speed for the rest of Adam’s blog posts on it.

Sysdig Converges Monitoring and Security

Joep Piscaer heard from Sysdig at Cloud Field Day this past spring. In this post, he uses that presentation to consider how we evaluate application health, and how Sysdig helps companies solve the cloud-native visibility gap.

NGINX Reminds Me of Bo Jackson

In Enterprise IT, we often see technology vendors begin life with a singular purpose. They see a problem, create a solution, and do one thing really well. As the product matures and the company is focused on growth, additional products and features are added. Some of them are good and some of them…not so good. Rarely do we see a technology company iterate off their initial product and continue to excel with new products and features. Ken Nalbone explains how NGINX broke this pattern, based on their presentation at Cloud Field Day.

Shared Responsibilities

Al Rasheed got to hear from Cohesity at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. The company is no stranger to the Field Day experience, so it’s always interesting to see what they present. In this post, Al looks at how Cohesity allows organizations to easily add protection for diverse sources, from on-prem to SaaS apps like Office365, to their platform. They showed how to get started, set policy, and actually implement backup. It’s a remarkable capability to have from the secondary storage stalwart.

VMware Shows the Value of Preparation at Cloud Field Day

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. How you react determines how successful you will be. VMware’s presentation at Cloud Field Day 5 is a textbook example of this. Much of the day’s presentations were planned to be given by a single person. Jeremiah Megie, Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware was planning on presenting at his first ever Tech Field Day event but was stricken by the flu just the day before.

Cloud Native Application Visibility and the Sysdig Way

When the underlying infrastructure is no longer the province of operations teams, cloud-native application visibility becomes an issue. Sysdig is off to a solid start with Linux container monitoring and have Windows containers as well as monitoring of serverless application monitoring on their roadmap. In this piece, Ken Nalbone looks at the specifics of what Sysdig presented at Cloud Field Day.

Veeam and the Art of the Portable

For Paul Stringfellow, Veeam has always been a company that has a way of making things “just work”. This has continued as their products have embraced the cloud. At Cloud Field Day earlier this year, the company discussed how they are bringing portability and mobility to cloud workloads. This doesn’t just include technical considerations, but goes down to changing how they license it as well.

Sysdig Solves the Instrumentation Problem Using eBPF

Sysdig presented for the first time at Cloud Field Day this past spring. Joep Piscaer was one of the delegates at the event and got to hear about the company’s solutions at length. In this piece, he looks at how Sysdig solves the problem of getting packet-level telemetry from containersnwithout accessing the underlying network stack. They do this using kernel-native instrumentation via eBPF to capture system calls and other OS events from containers, without having to create additional containers in the process. For Joep, that’s a key consideration.

How Datrium ControlShift Uses VMware Cloud on AWS for Cloud-Native Disaster Recovery

In this post, Joep Piscaer digs into Datrium’s ControlShift cloud-native disaster recovery solution. He previously heard from Datrium on this in detail at Cloud Field Day this spring. What makes ControlShift stand out for DR is the ability to cold start a recovery from the cloud. He runs through various recovery destinations and scenarios in the piece. Overall, he found it a very well thought out product.

Thinking About Veeam Cloud Tier

At Cloud Field Day last month, David Ball got to hear from Veeam. The company is no stranger to Field Day events, and it was great to have them back presenting to the delegates. Their presentation on Veeam Cloud tier answered a key question that David had been asking himself, how can smaller organizations buy what they need for backups, but still allow for on-demand flexibility. It’s a great piece looking at their solutions.

If You Build It….

At Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Al Rasheed got to hear from Rubrik. The company is no stranger to Field Day events, and this time they used their presentation to discuss Rubrik Build. This is a site dedicated to user education as well as for hosting events to build and bring a community together. With section dedicated to Software Development Kits, Tooling Integrations, and Use Cases, Al found it a really valuable resource. He appreciated that this wasn’t something tied to sales, but instead meant to make their customers more productive.

News From Cloud Side #2

Lino Telera put together a look at some of the big cloud news, and we were thrilled to see our most recent Cloud Field Day on the list! Be sure to get caught up on the event if you missed it live, we post all videos of the presentations on our YouTube channel. He’s also excited for the next Cloud Field Day, and so are we!

Intelligence in the Mist

How can cloud and artificial intelligence combine to make your wireless network more resilient to faults? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at how Mist Systems, now a Juniper Networks, is using brand new ideas to solve age-old reliability issues. They presented at Cloud Field Day recently, so Tom got a deep dive at the event. We’re looking forward to seeing them at Mobility Field Day later this year as well!

Make No Mistake, Rubrik Is a Software Company

For Ken Nalbone, Rubrik’s latest Cloud Field Day appearance was all about the software. Whether it’s a deep dive into their Polaris platform or Build, their new open source community, Rubrik is committed to creating a great software product and enabling customers to enable a software focused mindset as well.