Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Morpheus Data and HashiCorp

Ned Bellavance will be joining us at Cloud Field Day later this month. To get ready, he’s looking at all of the announced presenters. In this post, he’s digging into Morpheus Data and HashiCorp. He looks at his own history with the two companies, what solutions they currently offer, and what he hopes to see from them at the event.

Preparing for CloudFieldDay6: Morpheus, LucidLink, HashiCorp

Lino Telera is getting ready to be a delegate at Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he takes a look at what to expect from Morpheus, LucidLink, and HashiCorp. Be sure to catch the live stream, September 25-27, to get the technical deep dive from all of them!

Morpheus Data 4.0 Extends Capabilities to Simplify Enterprise Cloud

Morpheus Data is one of the most complete CMPs available. With their 4.0 release including new features such as Kubernetes management and enhanced Ansible integration, Morpheus Data seeks to gain a lead on the competition. Ken Nalbone digs into more details about the release in this piece, and is looking forward to a deep dive by the company at Cloud Field Day.

News Form Cloud Side #3

Lino Telera is joining us as a delegate for Cloud Field Day later this summer and we can’t wait to have him back at an event! In this post, he’s running down all the cloudy things that he’s been up to, and even previews some of the presenters at Cloud Field Day. Be sure to stay tuned to Lino’s blog to keep track of his thoughts after the event.

News From Cloud Side #2

Lino Telera put together a look at some of the big cloud news, and we were thrilled to see our most recent Cloud Field Day on the list! Be sure to get caught up on the event if you missed it live, we post all videos of the presentations on our YouTube channel. He’s also excited for the next Cloud Field Day, and so are we!