NetApp Files Extend Enterprise File Services to the Cloud

Last fall at Cloud Field Day, NetApp showcased its Azure NetApp Files and how it can enable core enterprise applications in the cloud. This technology is a native Azure solution developed by NetApp designed to provide enterprise-grade performance and on-premises storage features to the cloud. To learn more, be sure to check out the videos of NetApp at Cloud Field Day on our website!

Pure Storage and Portworx Accelerate Cloud Native Apps on Any Infrastructure

At Cloud Field Day last fall, Pure Storage discussed its acquisition of Portworx and how it solves persistent storage in Kubernetes. Pure Storage and Portworx are working to accelerate traditional and cloud-native applications, providing storage to any application on any infrastructure. To learn more about Pure Storage and Portworx, check out the videos from Cloud Field Day on our website!

Managed OpenShift in the Cloud: Red Hat at Cloud Field Day

At Cloud Field Day last November, Red Hat highlighted its managed service options and competitive advantages in the cloud. Red Hat addresses the challenges of maintaining day-to-day operations through its OpenShift Managed Services. There are three major Managed OpenShift offerings: OpenShift Dedicated, Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). For more information on Red Hat’s OpenShift, watch its presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

StorPool : New Capabilities, New OPEX Model, and Stronger Support for Cloud Customers

Max Mortillaro writes about a recent debrief he and the team at TECHunplugged had with Cloud Field Day presenter StorPool. Max saw StorPool present at Cloud Field Day on what they call “SDS 2.0”; high-performance scale-out architectural designs. Max writes about StorPool’s focus on the Cloud and containers and thinks they are “in the perfect lane to become very soon a top-tier players in software-defined block storage.” Check out all of Max’s thoughts on StorPool on the TECHunplugged website!

CTOA Briefing – Storpool

The software-defined storage company, StorPool, presented at Cloud Field Day in November. Keith Townsend had the opportunity to speak with StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov in this CTOA Briefing to discover what makes this special company profitable. For the full conversation, watch the video on!

Managing the Control Plane: AWS

AWS drives the evolution of cloud computing. Widely seen as the industry leader in the field, they don’t put on the brakes when it comes to growing services and adding new features. The Gestalt IT staff writes that AWS’s development of Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) “greatly simplify deploying, managing, and maintaining a container orchestrator system.” Check out the Gestalt IT take on the latest from AWS and check out the AWS presentations on our website!

Addressing the Cloud Deployment Headache: VMware

The Cloud can potentially provide an almost limitless horizon for companies trying to scale up and improve efficiency, but many are finding that the actual management of that cloud can prove very difficult. VMware is working to simplify the complexity around cloud management with their vRealize management suite. At Cloud Field Day last year, VMware presented on their vRealize solution that is designed to help with the burden of running on the Cloud. Check out the Gestalt IT perspective on the vRealize product as well the VMware presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

CFD9: Cloud-Native State of Mind With PortWorx

Becky Elliott was a delegate at Cloud Field Day in November and follows the event with an analysis of Portworx by Pure Storage. Becky mentions that Portworx takes a cloud-native approach, where “Portworx’s software-defined storage control plane abstracts away a lot of the inherent complexity of managing storage in containers and also working with heterogeneous storage.” For more of Becky’s thoughts, visit her blog!

Purpose Built SDS With Low Latency: StorPool

StorPool presented its latest version of SDS 2.0 at last November’s Cloud Field Day. Writing for, Georgina Ford explains that StorPool’s SDS 2.0 is purpose-built, fast, and efficient block storage software that features “advanced block-level software-defined storage, fully distributed, scale-out, online changes of everything, and it runs on several standard servers (both converged or stand-alone).” Ford adds that it appears to be highly scalable and efficient architecture. To learn more about StorPool’s SDS 2.0, head to for their presentation at Cloud Field Day in November!

Pure Storage Presents Portworx at Cloud Field Day 9

Calvin Hendryx-Parker, writing for Six Feet Up, details the Pure Storage presentation of Portworx at Cloud Field Day in November. Portworx is a cloud-based software defined storage solution, and Calvin notes that it “runs on any Kubernetes distribution, on any cloud provider, and on-prem.” To try it out yourself or review their interactive tutorials, visit the Portworx website!

Red Hat Shows Off OpenShift at Cloud Field Day 9

Writing for Six Feet Up, delegate Calvin Hendryx-Parker writes about Red Hat’s Cloud Field Day presentation which introducted a Managed Cloud Services solution that will funnel certain monitoring services to be included in a regular OpenShift subscription. Red Hat also showed off their AWS Rosa solution and Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes as well! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Calvin’s analyses of these on the Six Feet Up website, and take a look at the Red Hat videos on the Tech Field Day website!

Scality Debuts Zenko at Cloud Field Day 9

Delegate Calvin Hendryx-Parker heard from Scality at Cloud Field Day in November. During this presentation, Scality debuted Zenko, which Calvin explains is a “new comprehensive multi-cloud management system for hybrid cloud environments.” Zenko incorporates Ring and MetalK8s, which were also showcased at this event. For more on Calvin’s thoughts on Cloud Field Day, visit his blog at!

AWS Containerizations in the Spotlight at Cloud Field Day 9

Writing for Six Feet Up, Calvin Hendryx-Parker focuses on Cloud Field Day presenter Amazon Web Services. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day, Calvin was able to see AWS present on how they are working to simplify the cloud experience for their users. Calvin notes that the difference between some of the AWS offerings is like choosing between simplicity and flexibility. Check out Calvin’s full analysis of the AWS presentations at Cloud Field Day on the Six Feet up website, and if you haven’t yet be sure to watch the AWS presentation videos on our website!

Why the PX-Backup Container-Native Approach Is Crucial for Data Protection

On his blog, Virtual Lifestyle, Joep Piscaer writes about his sit-down with the folks from Pure Storage and PortWorx to discuss their PX-Backup product. As a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, Joep had the chance to see presentations from Pure Storage about the PX-Backup product as well as some of their other offerings. Be sure to check out Joep’s deep dive into what Pure Storage and Portworx are up to including their Cloud Field Day presentations!

Who Is NetApp?

Enrico Signoretti, a delegate at Cloud Field Day earlier this year, had the chance to see NetApp present on some of their cloud solutions. Enrico notes that NetApp has undergone a change in focus so that they’re no longer a traditional storage vendor as they shift towards the cloud. On the heels of this change, he writes that NetApp “is one of the most hybrid-savvy vendors in the market landscape.” If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Enrico’s analysis in GigaOm!

Pure Storage PortWorx – Kubernetes Storage Platform

Pure Storage’s acquisition of PortWorx and the resulting partnership, was presented at Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles looks deeper at the companies’ solutions

Scality and Cloud Field Day: A Bond That Spans Years

Scality has forged a strong bond with Cloud Field Day. It looks back at what it presented at Cloud Field day, and how the event helped it shape its products and conversations

StorPool Presents at Cloud Field Day 9

Boyan Krosnov, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at StorPool, revealed the company’s data storage platform, shwoing how it is designed to allow cloud builders to outperform Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, for example

Check Out Our Videos From Cloud Field Day

We were delighted to host Red Hat as a presenter at Cloud Field Day earlier this month where they demonstrated the capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift. In a post on the OpenShift website, Red Hat shares recaps of their three presentations including a focus on OpenShift hosted and managed services, managing the open hybrid cloud, and finally Stu Miniman’s journey toward joining Red Hat. We look forward to seeing Red Hat at the next field day event!

What vRealize Cloud Management Can Do for VMware Cloud on AWS

It was great to have VMware at Cloud Field Day earlier this month! In a blog post on their website, the VMware team walks through their three part presentation on what VMware Cloud Management can do for VMware Cloud on AWS. Check out their videos that walk through Planning and Migrating Applications, Managing Applications, and the Self-Service Hybrid Cloud. A big thank you to VMware for presenting such great content, we look forward to seeing them again soon!