Hybrid Cloud for Everyone

Is the promise of a Kubernetes-based hybrid cloud world still out of reach for many enterprises and businesses? Cloud Field Day 9 delegate, Founder and CEO, Holden Information Services, LLC; IT Professional; Writer; Analyst, Michael Stump says yes. The times of lift and shift and refactor are over, and VMware has recognized that its clients come from all spectrums of the cloud journey. Its suite of vRealize applications, particularly the vRealize Operations Manager tool, showcased during Cloud Field Day 9, assists in the planning stages of a cloud project at any stage of the cloud journey.

CFD9: VMware’s vRealize Cloud Journey Story

Nothing in enterprise IT is ideal, says Becky Elliot, Cloud Field Day delegate and enterprise IT expert. That includes lifting and shifting applications instead of modernizing them to make the most of cloud-native agility like containers and object storage. VMware presented at Cloud Field Day 9 and its vRealize Suite and its SaaS and Hybrid are designed to help organizations get to the cloud and shift from on-premises vSphere to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), perhaps at least partially solving the lift and shift problem.

Azure NetApp Files and NetApp Virtual Desktop Service

NetApp presented its Microsoft Azure NetApp Files services and its Virtual Desktop Services offering during Cloud Field Day 9. Barry Coombs, Author behind Tech Doodles, Chief Technologist at Computerworld Group, and Tech Field Day Delegate said he was pleasantly surprised by the fresh storage content NetApp is developing.

TECHunplugged Videocast: Cloud Filed Day 9 Part 1

Veteran Field Day delegate Arjan Timmerman virtually attended Cloud Field Day earlier this month and had the chance to see a fantastic lineup of presenters. As we headed into event week, Arjan was looking forward to the presentations and previewed each of the presenting companies on his TECHunplugged videocast! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Arjan’s preview on YouTube as well as all the presentations from Cloud Field Day on our website!

StorPool Software Defined, High Performance, Scale Out, Block-Storage

StorPool, the developer of high performance, scale-out block storage software for primary demanding workloads showed delegates its software defined, high performance, block-storage
during Cloud Field Day 9. Cloud Field Day Delegate Barry Coombs, Author behind Tech Doodle and Chief Technologist at Computerworld Group took a brief look at the solution and its high points.

Scality Scale-Out File and Object Storage

Scality revealed its hybrid and multi-cloud storage system, Zenko at Cloud Field day 9, and they gained at least one fan. Barry Coombs of Tech Doodles noted that the Zenko solution stood out because it allows the freedom to use object and file storage solutions both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution also has ‘unified management, single namespace, metadata search, flexible replication between clouds, all whilst still storing data in the native cloud formats’ – a plus in Barry’s books.

To the Clouds and Beyond

We recently wrapped up Cloud Field Day, where we were lucky enough to have Arjan Timmerman as part of our delegate panel. In his latest post on Tech Unplugged, Arjan previewed Cloud Field Day and each of the seven presenting companies. Check out his post and video cast previewing his Cloud Field Day experience. We look forward to hearing more from Arjan soon!

VMware vRealize Operations, Automation and VMware Network Insight

VMware kicked off Cloud Field Day last month by discussing their vRealize portfolio! Delegate Barry Coombs took a closer look at this in his Tech Doodles series. Barry notes that he was particularly impressed with how far VMware has come with delivering aaS options for the portfolio that have feature parity with the on-premises versions. Check out VMware’s full presentation on our website!