Viavi Enterprise Provides Unexpected Network Insights

John Herbert takes a look at Viavi’s Observer products, which he heard about in depth at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. This includes Gigastor which can capture packets at line rate and retain the raw packet data, GigaFlow which ingests flow data from sources for analysis, and Apex that unifies the other solutions into a single digestible interface. For John, the combinations offers huge value to network and security operations.

How Cisco Live! Changed My Career…

With Cisco Live US happening this week, Justin Cohen is thinking back to how the event changed his career. He’s been attending since 2012, and got to know the community after meeting Tom Hollingsworth there. Things changed after 2016, when he got invited to Networking Field Day. Today, Justin is working as an Innovation Architect at Cisco, his dream job. It’s been a long journey centered around the event.

TechField Day Delegate at Cisco Live TFDx

Nico Stein is out at Cisco Live US this week, and attending Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event. For him, it’s a perfect combination of community and technology to create real conversations. He’s looking forward to getting to know the delegates and seeing what interesting presentations are on tap.

Opengear Extends NetOps Functionality for Advanced Out-Of-Band Solutions Ahead of Cisco Live 2019

Opengear returns as a presenter this year at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019. Ahead of the event, they recently announced new features for their Lighthouse central management system aimed at providing the network edge the same kind of resilence available to the network core. We can’t wait to hear more about it during their presentation.

NetBeez Releases Integration With Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series at Cisco Live US 2019

NetBeez announced a new integration with Cisco Catalyst 9000 at Cisco Live US this week. NetBeez has long offered an interesting client-side networking monitoring solution, and this integration will simplify and accelerate sensor deployment. We’re looking forward to hearing NetBeez present at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019 to hear more about it.

Meet Field Day Delegate: Nico Stein

While regular Field Day events are always special, it’s also great to get to do presentations at larger industry events. They don’t get much bigger than Cisco Live. In this post, we’re getting to know one of the new delegates coming to Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019, Nico Stein. Be sure to read it to find out how he went from editing autoexec.bat files to working in IT. We can’t wait to have him around the delegate table and to see what he thinks about the presentations.

Cisco Live! US 2019 and My TFD Biathlon

Jody Lemoine is in for a busy summer. He’s looking forward to attending Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US sessions, but he’ll also be joining us as a Security Field Day delegate soon after that event. The Field Day experience is all about creating dialogues that break down the traditional IT silos. Security Field Day might be a new experience for Jody, but we know he’ll bring a wealth of networking knowledge and insight to the event.