Life on the Edge – a Roundtable Discussion

Some of the biggest discussions happening in IT are around edge computing. Based on a roundtable discussion from the recent Networking Field Day event, this article throws light on what IT insiders think of this new computing paradigm, and the course it will take in the ever-shifting IT landscape. Read the article at Gestalt IT, or watch the Delegate Roundtable Discussion on the website.

Intent Based Networking in the ISP Industry

Check out Charles Uneze’s thoughts on Intent-based networking from the latest Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 presentation from Chris Cummings. You can check out his thoughts on his website, Networking Characteristics, and be sure to check out all the latest presentations from Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 on the Tech Field Day Website!

Configuring a Network to Accomplish Business Outcomes With Intent-Based Networking and Service Orchestration

Earlier this August, Field Day delegate Chris Cummings presented at Networking Field Day Service Provider. In her latest article, Sulagna Saha recaps Chris’ presentation where he focused on intent-based networking and service orchestration and explains how IBN mitigates risks while heightening operational efficiency for ESnet. Take a look here at Sulagna’s thoughts or visit the Gestalt IT website for more!

NFDSP2: The Videos Are Now Posted!

Pete Welcher, a Field Day delegate, wrote a brief blog about the most recent Networking Field Day: Service Provider on his LinkedIn page. In this post he talks about presentations from a fellow delegate, Chris cummings, Kentik, and also includes the delegate Roundtable. Take a look at Pete’s thoughts here or visit his LinkedIn page!

Networking Field Day: Service Provider 2 Is Here!

Networking Field Day: Service Provider has come and gone! Tom Hollingsworth, Field Day event lead writing for Gestalt IT, gives us a brief insight for what to expect to see from Chris Cummings, Kentik, and the live streamed delegate roundtable discussion. Check out his thoughts here or on the Gestalt IT website!

Underlays and Overlays – A Networking Field Day Service Provider Retrospective

Nick Buraglio, Vince Schuele, Kevin Myers, and Chris Cummings discuss the latest technology on service providers that was highlighted at the very first Networking Field Day: Service Provider this past December. Check out the latest podcast from a few of our Field Day delegates and their thoughts!

A Service Provider Network Is Not Your Enterprise Network

Join Gestalt IT’s, Tom Hollingsworth as he brings on Nick Buraglio, Chris Cummings, and Vince Schuele, a panel of service provider networking experts, for the latest On-Premise IT RoundTable. They will be dissecting the differences between the traditional enterprise network and a service provider or transit network. Find out the ultimate goals of your infrastructure and who the customer is for a service provider network.

Anticipating NFD25

Chris Cummings joined us for Networking Field Day earlier this month! In his post, Chris expresses how excited he is to attend and identifies the topics he was hoping to tackle at the event, from IPv6 to Automation and API Support. Head over to Twitter and follow Chris at @CrankyNetMan to see all his tweets from the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Chris Cummings

Making his debut at this month’s Networking Field Day is the fabulous Chris Cummings! Chris took the time to answer some question as well as tell us about how he got into technology and about his passion for automation. Check out the piece on where we get an insight into the world of Chris Cummings, and see him in action at Networking Field Day!

Chris Cummings

Chris Cummings is a Network Engineer with broad experience in the various networking and IT arenas, with expertise in Service Provider Networking, Enterprise Networking, Optical, Wireless, Security, Network Automation, and more.