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Chris Cummings has been fascinated by, and heavily involved in, computer networking from a very young age—Chris has experience in Service Provider Networking, Enterprise Networking, Optical, Wireless, Security, Network Automation, and more. Currently, he works as a network engineer for a large US-based international research network, but started out in IT doing basic computer repair and malware removal as a hobby. During this time performing PC repair, he discovered a passion for networking and was exposed to a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) for the first time, which really kicked off a passion for service provider technologies.

From there, Chris eventually moved on to work for a WISP in Juneau, AK as a network engineer, handling projects like microwave backhaul upgrades, routing and external connectivity upgrades, solar and power redesigns at remote towers, as well as general operational tasks. This was also where he began to explore network automation, and first saw the benefits that it can provide as a force multiplier.

After this, Chris moved into a job working at an international precious metals company, handling network engineering for one of the local sites and then moving to the corporate headquarters as a network engineer handling all WAN connectivity, firewall design and implementation, and provided direction and design assistance to the remote sites. Now Chris works for a large research network on the Software Engineering team, working daily at the interface of service provider network technologies and network automation.

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