“High Optane” Fuel for Performance

While attending Storage Field Day as a delegate in early August, David Chapa found himself very impressed with Intel. David writes that the Intel Optane Persistent Memory Solution was a highlight of Storage Field Day for him and that it represents a potential “game-changer in high performance computing.” Be sure to check out David’s post and the videos of Intel’s presentations from our last Storage Field Day!

NetApp Insight: Fabrics, Volumes, Insights & more

David Chapa was onboard as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at NetApp Insight 2018. At the event, he took away the theme that today’s NetApp is all about being “data driven.” To that effect, about the evolution of NetApp’s Data Fabric, the recently announced Cloud Volume developments, and Cloud Insights. Overall, David found what was announced impressive, but thinks the challenge will be to move from the company’s business-focused solutions and build from there.

David Chapa

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Boots & Technology

David Chapa wrote up a review of his experience at Commvault GO 2018. This was his first time at the event, which he also got to experience through the Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation as well. He runs through the major announcements in the post, with his big takeaway being that Commvault is definitely focusing on customer outcomes, rather than just a pure technology solution.