Dell EMC PowerStore X and the Edge

Ray Lucchesi attended the Dell exclusive Tech Field Day event this past summer and couldn’t figure out why it struck a nerve in him until now! He was very interested in the presentation’s Dell gave on PowerStore X appliances and AppsON technologies. Want to read more from Ray, check out his thoughts here!

Dell PowerMax: Storage for Mission-Critical-Operations

When lives and finances are on the line, operations and workloads need maximum performance and efficiency. Writing for GestaltIT, Zach DeMeyer expands on how Dell created their PowerMax storage solution to be extensible, consistent, and performant. Zach note’s during their exclusive Tech Field Day presentations, the folks from Dell showcased how their PowerMax storage solution addresses the needs of mission-critical operations. Continue reading Zach’s take!

Data-Driven Storage: Dell EMC Powerstore

There’s a massive amount of data at play in today’s enterprises. As such, IT practitioners need to be able to store it intelligently and effectively. Writing for, Zach DeMeyer writes about Dell EMC’s presentation at their exclusive Tech Field Day event where they showcased their PowerStore storage solution for tackling massive scale data operations. Be sure to check out Zach’s take for more!

Dell Technologies PowerStore: The Storage Solution With VMware at Its Heart (Literally)

This is the first of Pietro Piutti’s posts covering his experiences as a delegate for Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. The post hones in on Dell’s PowerStore solution. Read the piece and watch the presentation to learn all about it.

Dell Technologies PowerStore: The Storage Solution With VMware at Its Heart (Literally)

Pietro Putti of the vGeek blog covers his experience as a delegate during Dell’s exclusive Tech Field Day event. In this post, he dives into Dell’s PowerStore, their now-entry-level storage platform. Read on for all of Putti’s takes on the tech, and watch the event to learn more.

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies HCI & Storage: Cutting Edge Infrastructure to Drive Your Business

Join Dell for their exclusive Tech Field Day event! Showcasing their VxRail HCI and storage technologies, the event took place in early August. You can watch all of the presentations here.

What Is the Future for Storage Admins?

Storage has changed rapidly over the past decade, and the role of the storage admin has changed along with it. Gina Rosenthal considers what the future of the storage admin looks like in this piece, based on what she saw at Storage Field Day. It says a lot about the state of storage that many companies traditionally thought of as storage providers are now presenting at the event. She looks at NetApp’s approach with the Cloud Volumes Service, on-premises scale-out systems from Dell Technologies’ PowerScale solution, Igneous’ data management platform built on a scale-out file system, and Qumulo’s file data platform. Even as storage changes and goes to the cloud, Gina thinks the skills that storage admins have built up are more needed than ever.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager – A Missed Opportunity

Chris Evans got to hear a lot about Dell PowerProtect Data Manager at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio. This included a demo of the data protection solution, and an architectural deep dive. For Ethan, this product represents that careful line that Dell EMC has to tread, trying to both serve the thousands of customers it acquired with the EMC merger, while addressing modern data protection needs of new customers. PPDM is designed to cater more to the former in Ethan’s eyes. Going forward, he’s looking forward to getting a better understanding of Dell EMC’s overall data protection roadmap and learning how they protect cloud and SaaS-based apps as well.

Can Dell Technologies PowerUp?

At our recent Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio event, Dell showed off the latest with their refreshed Power portfolio, which now offers a unified product suite and vision for storage and data protection. Gina Rosenthal was a delegate at the event, and breaks down all the announcements and implications from the event in this post. Having worked at both Dell and EMC in the past, Gina definitely was familiar with some of the solutions on display. For her, the event showed that Dell had tackled the giant product problem of making sure they provide continuity to current customers while at the same time building the bridge that is going to help those customers from legacy products to what is needed in this new era.

HPE vs Dell Cloud Stories – Who’s Winning?

Keith Townsend knows everyone love a hot take. So in this video, looking at HPE vs Dell Cloud Stories. Keith got to hear from Dell recently at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio and found the breadth of the portfolio was definitely impressive. Keith sees them having a lot of interesting possibilities in the cloud as they continue to refine their messaging and roadmap.

Dell Power and the Challenge of Modernisation

In this post, Chris Evans looks at Dell EMC’s new storage portfolio, something they detailed during their Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio presentations. For Chris, it’s interesting to see the company moving on from it’s existing offerings, many of which have been around for decades, and come from the acquisition of EMC in 2016. The company has done a good job updating these solutions, but Chris sees consolidation and a clear roadmap as the key to their storage future. Both of these were on display at the event.

Dell EMC PowerStore: TFDx Quick Take

Keith Townsend is reflecting back on what he saw at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio in this video. This quick take on the Dell EMC PowerStore considers the hybrid device that converges a Mid-range (SMB) storage array with a VMware Cluster. For Keith, this might be a new category for storage, and a really important move for Dell EMC. Be sure to check out the full videos from the event for all the details.

Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio – Day Two

Dealing with the ever increasing amounts of unstructured data is a challenge for every organization. That’s why Barry Coombs was excited to hear about Dell’s PowerScale solution at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio. He was a delegate at the event, and not only go to hear all the deep dives on PowerScale, but created his unique visualized notes to compliment the presentation. In the notes, he looks at how using Dell’s OneFS provides its solutions with the scale modern organizations need, while also allowing for easily moving workloads to the cloud.

Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio – Day One

Tech doodler extraordinaire Barry Coombs joined us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio. If you want a truly unique way to see the information Dell presented about things like Dell EMC PowerStore and Dell EMC PowerFlex, be sure to check out Barry’s notes. He cleverly captures images and notates them throughout the event, providing a highlight of the presentations in a visually compelling way. Check them out then be sure to watch all of Dell’s presentations.

Tech Field Day – Dell Technologies #PoweredUp Promo

Gina Rosenthal was excited to be a delegate at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio. This was kind of return to the very start of her career,and touches on a number of important updates to Dell’s Power portfolio. They went into detail about a lot of exciting new solutions, so be sure to check out the full video of the event to stay up to date.

DellEMC and TechFieldDay Will Get Us #PoweredUp

Arjan Timmerman was one of the delegates that got to hear about the details of Dell’s Power portfolio at Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio. This included a look at the new PowerStore line, a unified storage offering with support for block, file and vVol capabilities. Dell was also scheduled to discuss PowerScale, which is designed to help organizations deal with the every increasing presence of unstructured data, designed to operate in the data center or on the edge. Arjan was really looking forward to learning more about this important piece for Dell at the event. He made a number of videos for TECHunplugged during the event, so be sure to check those out for his in-depth thoughts.

Dell Technologies Simplifies Storage Automation With PowerTools

As a cloud-like, self-service experience for infrastructure consumers like software developers becomes expected, enterprise storage is under increased pressure to evolve. Slow, error-prone, manual storage tasks do not keep pace with the demands of these consumers or come close to meeting ease-of-use expectations that have been set by public cloud providers. In response to these realities, Dell has been wise to not only embrace automation across their storage portfolio but choose to integrate with the toolsets their customers actually use as presented by Dell EMC at Storage Field Day.

Dell EMC Isilon Is an Emmy Winner!

It’s not uncommon for presenters at Field Day events to win awards within the industry. We’re proud that our events feature the most influential and innovative companies in IT, so it’s not surprising to see that recognized. But it’s not often that we see one win an Emmy! That’s what Dell EMC’s Isilon did, winning a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for early development of hierarchical storage management systems. Chin-Fah Heoh has been familiar with Isilon’s OneFS for a long time. He has respect for the platform for offering a real true clustered, scale-out file system that has proved it’s value over its life. He details the history of the platform, and how the company showed at Storage Field Day how they’re supporting running OneFS in the cloud.