From “Disaggregated Networking” to “Network Cloud”

“Disaggregated Networking” is good, but “Network Cloud” is better. This is Faisal Khan’s analysis of DriveNet’s presentation from December’s Networking Field Day: Service Provider. Check out Faisal’s thoughts on network cloud!

Underlays and Overlays – A Networking Field Day Service Provider Retrospective

Nick Buraglio, Vince Schuele, Kevin Myers, and Chris Cummings discuss the latest technology on service providers that was highlighted at the very first Networking Field Day: Service Provider this past December. Check out the latest podcast from a few of our Field Day delegates and their thoughts!

A Recap of Networking Field Day – Service Providers

DriveNets presented at the very first Networking Field Day: Service Provider this past December. We had great discussion on cloud overviews, serivceagility, and marketplace evolution from Dudy Cohen, Run Almog, and Yuval Moshe. Check out their thoughts here!

Get Ready for Networking Field Day: Service Provider!

We’re right at the end of 2021, but we couldn’t let it go without a special new event! The first ever Networking Field Day: Service Provider has finally arrived. This event has been requested by the community and the presenters for a few years and we wanted to make sure to do it right. Check out the presentations from DriveNets, Cisco and Arista here!

A Major Transition in the Way Networks Are Built With DriveNets

We were excited to welcome DriveNets to Networking Field Day earlier this year where they presented on their unique software that pairs with Whitebox switches to provide easy to manage networks. In addition, the DriveNets offering is unique in that it treats the networks as clouds. The Gestalt IT staff write that DriveNets is making waves with their innovative take on networking “that can move from the hyper-scalers and service providers into enterprise-level companies.” If you want to learn more, be sure to head over to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel and watch the DriveNets videos from Networking Field Day there.

A Recap of Networking Field Day 24

DriveNets presented at Networking Field Day last month, showcasing what’s new and a live demo with multiple routers running on the same infrastructure. In this blog, Run Almog of DriveNets mentions, “Networking Field Day provided a uniquely-focused forum where we could discuss the issues surrounding this evolving space, giving us a unique opportunity to share our vision for building the network of the future.” Run also details DriveNets’ different sessions from the event. For more information, be sure to check out this blog and watch the videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

NFD24 – DriveNets

At Networking Field Day last month, Larry Smith had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and learn about DriveNets for the first time. DriveNets presented two products that stood out to him: DriveNets Network Operating System (DNOS) and DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR). While Larry highlighted just two of its products, in his blog, he mentions that he plans to dig into more of its products. For more of Larry’s thoughts, check out his blog!

Presenters React to the Networking Field Day Experience

Networking Field Day was last month and the presenters are raving about the experience. The interactions with our delegates are what make Field Day events so special. To learn why companies participate in Tech Field Day events and what makes Networking Field Day stand out, check out this video and post on!

Network Field Day 22

Tony Efantis wrote up this piece looking back at Networking Field Day. An in-person event, Tony got to see first hand, not just the excellent presentations from a wide swath of networking companies, but to experience the community aspects that go on behind the scenes. We’re glad that Tony found the experience to be “magical”, and we’re happy that we’re able to keep the magic going with our virtual Field Day events too!

Network Field Day 22 – DriveNets

Tony Efantis attended his first Networking Field Day event, and thought DriveNets really set a high bar with their kickoff presentation. They showed how they’ve created a horizontally scalable routing platform by completely disaggregating the software from the hardware. While that may sound like a like of buzzwords, Tony was happy to see DriveNets offered a truly unique approach to routing that really makes them stand out in an increasingly crowded market. While horizontal scale isn’t something that every organization needs, Tony sees it as a natural fit for service providers and cloud scalers where growth is rapid and seemingly never ending. DriveNets lets its customers add resources as needed in the form of adding nodes. Be sure to dig into his full piece for all his thoughts, then jump into DriveNets’ presentation video.

Leaving Legacy Behind to Build Better Networks With DriveNets

How do you build a network operating system today that has none of the technical baggage from years past? Can we ever really leave behind the technologies of yesteryear? Tom Hollingsworth reviews the DriveNets Network Operating System and how it modernizes a platform that needs to leave the legacy behind. He got a deep dive on it at Networking Field Day, where they did an architectural over, and showed how they built it from the ground up with microservices in mind.

Disaggregated Routing Software With DriveNets

In this piece, Rowell Dionicio considers the state of whitebox networking. While being around for about six years, it’s not something that he’s personally seen really gaining a lot of traction. But after seeing DriveNets present at Networking Field Day, he thinks the age of whitebox networking might be now for Service Providers. DriveNets wants to bring a disaggregated network approach to Service Providers, using their software-based Network Cloud to scale whiteboxes and software. Rowell digs into how this disaggregation can work financially for SPs, and how DriveNets is up to the technical challenge as well.

How We Overcame the Challenges and Developed a Fully Distributed Network Operating System

This post from DriveNets’ Amir Krayden builds upon a previous post, where they looked at the challenges of developing their own fully distributed network operating system from scratch. This touches on a lot of what Amir discussed during the company’s recent presentation at Networking Field Day. By building a networking OS that is built for scale, service growth and orchestration, they’re able to base router architecture the the web scale native to the cloud. This piece digs into how the company solved the not inconsiderable challenges they faced.


For Jeff Fry, one of the appeals of Networking Field Day is that he gets to hear from companies that he might not otherwise come across in his day to day work. DriveNets was a perfect example at a recent event. They largely address the tier 1 ISP market, and work to offer a network cloud approach by disaggregating the traditional router into building blocks consisting of Routing Engine, Fabric, and Packet Forwarders. This provides easier scale for service provides, providing a single box that scales out, rather than large quantities of managed devices at each layer. Combined with a fixed software license model, Jeff thinks they offer a really compelling package to ISPs.

A Recap of DriveNets at Networking Field Day

DriveNet’s Martin Perlin wrote up a great summery of what the company showed the delegates at Networking Field Day. It’s great to hear that the event stands out as unique from their side. We really enjoy combining deep technical sessions with meaningful conversations around the delegate table. It helps foster the larger community and really cross-pollinates ideas. The showed how they are innovating with Communications Service Provider networks to allow them to operate even as the scale incredibly quickly. This is built using their container based DriveNets Network Operating System, helping service provider disaggregate their infrastructure.

Expect Radical Change to Traditionally Conservative Telco Industry Over Next Three Years, Finds Heavy Reading Survey

DriveNets presented for the first time at our recent Networking Field Day event, and was a great additional to the Field Day family of presenters. In this press release, they share the result of a recent survey looking into the future of service provider networking. The survey found that typical vendor lock-in is on the decline, with service providers increasingly pursuing a disaggregated approach to build networks, similar to how hyperscalers operate. Be sure to check out their recent Networking Field Day presentation videos to learn about their offerings in this increasingly important space.

Cloud and Network Automation at Networking Field Day 22

Rowell Dionicio has been a delegate at a number of Field Day events, previously coming to Mobility Field Day and our newest event, Security Field Day. But this time around will be his first time at Networking Field Day, and we’re excited to hear what he thinks of the experience. Rowell has really enjoyed not just the technical content offered by Field Day, but the ability to directly connect with the presenters and fellow delegates. These are the kind of connections that help make Field Day a unique industry experience. Check out the post for his preview of the presenters at the event.