Storage Short Take #69

In J Metz’s latest “Storage Short Take,” he covers a wide variety of topics in the storage industry, from Ceramic Nano Memory to the Storage Developer Conference and new developments in storage media. The blog touches on important industry updates like NodeWeaver’s bare-metal operating system, No-Code configuration tool, and the evolving approach of Nyriad. Additionally, it highlights SNIA’s new technical white paper on Storage Security, Encryption, and Key Management, and preparatory updates for SuperComputing 23.

155: GreyBeards SDC23 Wrap Up Podcast With Dr. J Metz, Technical Dir. Of Systems Design AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD

Dr. J Metz, Technical Director of Systems Design at AMD and Chair of SNIA BoD, recently made a guest appearance on the GreyBeards on Storage podcast, detailing highlights from the Storage Developers Conference 2023 and Storage Field Day and charting the ongoing research directions of SNIA. The discussion touched on topics from DNA data storage and Smart Data Transfer Interfaces (SDXI) to challenges and future opportunities in storage and memory sectors. With a track record of deconstructing complex systems and technologies, Dr. Metz’s expertise in storage networking constitutes essential listening for professionals and enthusiasts in the IT industry.

Storage Short Take #35

The Doctor is in, as J Metz takes a swing at what’s net and noteworthy in the world of storage. This piece covers all of his takeaways from recent events, including Storage Field Day. Read the post for more info.

Faster and Bigger SSDs Enable Us to Talk About Something Else Than IOps

For Jon Klaus, one of the major themes at Storage Field Day this week was the state of NVMe in the enterprise. Some companies like VAST Data were bullish enough to declare the death of the spinning disk, while other presenters like Western Digital were more optimistic about the long term viability of older media alongside NVMe. For Jon, what was significant was moving beyond just a speed and feed conversation around NVMe. Instead presenters focused on why geography of data and latency matters more across the entire IT stack.

Achieving a New Level for Data Storage and Cloud Fluidity

Matt Leib has seen Pure Storage at a few Field Day events. In this post, he builds off the previous discussions the company had around NVMe to illustrate how the companies forward thinking approach to an all-NVMe portfolio enables greater density at the scale required for the largest enterprises.

NVMe and NVMe-oF 101 with SNIA: queues everywhere!

Jon Klaus gives the rundown on NVMe and NVME-oF as presented by Dr. J Metz of SNIA at Storage Field Day in June. He details the differences between NVMe and NVMe-oF and also explains why you should even care about NVMe at all. Jon also compliments SNIA’s unbiased and informative presentation.

From Viewer to Speaker: My Storage Field Day Experience

Dr. J Metz remembers his Storage Field Day 16 presentation for SNIA, relaying how he prepared and how he thought the presentation went. He also discusses what he sees as the benefit of the Tech Field Day model and gives advice to any future presenters.

SNIA and Dr. J. Metz talk NVMeOF at #SFD16

Matt Leib reflects on SNIA’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation, highlighting J Metz’s presentation and explanation of NVMeOF. He focuses in on how NVMeOF is made to optimize the stack and remove some of the barriers inherent to the SCSI protocol.

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10 on Tech Episode 013: J Metz on NVMe and NVMe-oF

10 on Tech Episode 013: J Metz on NVMe and NVMe-oF