Edge Field Day #1

Brian Chambers reveals his thoughts on edge computing ahead of the first Edge Field Day (which starts today)! He defines edge computing, tells us why Chik-fil-a has been using an edge computing system for the last 20 years, which types of companies do edge well, and the future of edge. Check the article on Medium.

What Is Edge Computing, Thoughts Before the First Edge Field Day

Ben Young is looking forward to being a delegate at the first Edge Field Day this week! He gives a great definition of edge computing, how IaC plays a role, and which industries can benefit from this technology in this article. Read his thoughts on his website.

What Are the Limits of Edge Computing?

In this short article, Stephen Foskett considers the limitations of edge computing. The cost of deployment and maintenance, limited processing power and storage capacity, concerns about security, and the question of scalability all come into play. These are the topics we will be considering as we dive into edge computing at Edge Field Day in February!

What Is Your Edge?

Alastair Cooke and Charles Uneze got to talking about Edge Compute in lieu of our upcoming Edge Field Day! In Alastair’s post, he covers his thought on near-edge, far-edge, IoT, and Edge Population. Be sure to check out his thoughts before tuning into February’s Edge Field Day!