Is AI Science or Engineering?

Following Qlik Connect, Frederic Van Haren considers the classification of Artificial Intelligence, pondering whether it should be viewed as a science or a branch of engineering. His article explores the methodologies, applications, and theoretical underpinnings of AI to scrutinize its dual nature. Van Haren invites readers to consider the intricate balance between the experimental, research-driven aspects of AI, and its practical, solution-oriented applications in the engineering field. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article inspired by Qlik’s presentations.

Credible Content From the Community is More Important than Ever

There is a hazardous amount of AI-generated and SEO-oriented content being generated, and the solution is real stories from real communities. In the first episode of Tech Field Podcast, recorded on-site at AI Field Day, Stephen Foskett chats with Frederic Van Haren, Gina Rosenthal and Colleen Coll about confronting inauthentic content.

The Bedrock of AI Is Data With Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman of Qlik

The latest Utilizing Tech podcast episode dives into the critical role of enterprise data integration for the success of generative AI, featuring insights from Qlik’s Nick Magnuson and Clive Bearman prior to their presentation at AI Field Day 4. They discuss the challenges enterprises face, such as preparing quality data for AI models and using machine learning to enhance data organization and tagging. The conversation also explores the potential of large language models to democratize data querying, underscoring the importance of curated data in the AI-driven future.

Podcast – Season 6 – Season Opener

The Utilizing Tech podcast returns for another season focused on AI. Frederic Van Haren is co-hosting this season with Stephen Foskett, and discussions will delve into how enterprises integrate AI across various sectors, focusing on their infrastructural stack and data pipeline management. As AI cements its omnipresence in technology, this season promises to unpack its applications and influence in current and future markets.

Measuring the Current Day Blast Radius of Outages

Writing for Gestalt IT, Sulagna Saha discusses the most recent delegate roundtable discussion from Storage Field Day. Delegates, Enrico Signoretti, Frederic Van Haren, Glenn Dekhayser, Gina Rosenthal, Richard Kenyan, and moderator, Stephen Foskett, stood out in the discussion of Managing the Blast Radius as System Components get Bigger! Check out Sulagna’s thoughts on the dissection of this premise and the brainstorming that occurred on ways to limit the scope of impact.

The Enterprise Is Not Ready for AI

This episode of the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast, released just before May’s AI Field Day events, features host Stephen Foskett who is joined by Chris Grundemann, Ayodele Odubela, and Frederic Van Haren. Their discussion surrounds the feasibility of using AI on an enterprise scale, including the infrastructure and skill set required to roll it out at scale, as well as the potential ethical dilemmas that it could spark. Listen to the full episode to hear why the enterprise simply isn’t ready for AI.

What Makes the Latest Intel Xeon Platform an AI Workhorse?

As a delegate at the Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day last month, Frederic Van Haren got an up close and personal look at Intel’s new Xeon Scalable processors. Writing for Gestalt IT, Frederic Van Haren takes a look at the Xeon processor from an AI perspective. He thinks that the combination of consistent hardware innovations andd the investment of time and money into software optimization helps make Xeon a “true AI workhorse.” Check out Frederic’s post on to learn more about Intel’s latest announcement!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Frederic Van Haren

Frederic Van Haren, CTO of his own tech company, HighFens Inc has joined as a Tech Field Day delegate. He shares his ideas on the future of tech, and a little more about him

Frederic Van Haren

Frederic is the CTO at HighFens Inc (active in the HPC & AI market). He spent more than a decade building large HPC & AI environments from the ground up and is frequently invited to speak at events to provide his vision on AI, Big Data and HPC.