Tech Upfront: Data Gravity and Cloud Storage

Check out Enrico Signoretti’s latest podcast where he talks about cloud computing and the presentations from Hammerspace and Nasuni from this past Storage Field Day!

Global Data Management Across Disjointed Storage With Hammerspace

At this past Storage Field Day, Hammerspace presented a solution that makes data management and orchestration effortlessly easy across miscellaneous storage devices. Writing for Gestalt It, Sulagna Saha discusses this new Hammerspace Global Data Environment, check out her thoughts here!

Storage Field Day 23 – Tag 1: Fungible, RackTop, Hammerspace

In his latest post, Wolfgang Steif discusses the presentations from Fungible, RackTop Systems, and Hammerspace at February’s Storage Field Day. Check out his thoughts here!

Hammerspace Unlocks Scale and Performance With Hybrid Cloud Storageless Data

Is “Storageless Data” a thing? At Storage Field Day in January, Hammerspace made their pitch on how they could utilize it to “simplify and unify the management of disparate storage systems, whether on-premises or in a public cloud.” The staff at watched Hammerspace’s presentation and writes that “with Hammerspace, organizations can couple together disparate storage systems across multiple sites into a unified platform” and indicate implications for the management of that data. Check out the GestaltIT Staff take on Hammerspace’s unique offering and watch their Storage Field Day videos to learn more about it!

Storageless Data, Really? – Doug Fallstrom

During Storage Field Day in January, Paul Stringfellow had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see Hammerspace’s presentation. In this episode of the Tech Interviews podcast, Paul is joined by Doug Fallstrom from Hammerspace to discuss storageless data and taking a data-centric approach to building IT platforms. To hear the complete conversation, be sure to check out this episode of Tech Interviews!

Storageless Data!?

At Storage Field Day in January, Ray Lucchesi had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see Hammerspace’s presentation. At the event, Hammerspace showcased its vision for storageless data. In this blog, Ray explains, “Essentially, Hammerspace creates a global file system for your data, across any locations you wish to use it, with great caching, optimized data transfer and with real storage behind it.” For more of Ray’s thoughts on Hammerspace and storageless data, check out his blog!

Hammerspace, Storageless Data, and One Tough Problem

Storageless data? Is that even possible? Heading into their Storage Field Day presentation, delegate Dan Frith had some questions. After seeing their presentation, Dan was intrigued enough to have a followup session with the team from Hammerspace to get the full rundown on their offering. On his blog, Dan writes that “at a high level, Hammerspace is a great choice for getting data into multiple locations, regardless of the underlying platform.” Check out Hammerspace’s unique solution to Storage through Dan’s recap or their Storage Field Day videos!

Storage Options for the Distributed Enterprise

Writing for GigaOm, delegate Enrico Signoretti discusses different approaches to defying data gravity. Enrico references solutions from Nasuni and Hammerspace, both of which presented last month at Storage Field Day. You can find all the presentations from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to the Storage Field Day 21 Experience

Storage Field Day was our first event of 2021, and we think it went swimmingly! After the presentations, we spoke to each of the presenting teams to get their thoughts on their Storage Field Day appearances and we compiled some of their answers into a video.
A big thank you to Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni for making the event such a success! Check out their thoughts on Storage Field Day on the YouTube video or take a look at the many great presentations on our website.

Delegates Win the Day at Storage Field Day 21

Earlier this year, Storage Field Day welcomed a panel of our independent influencers and presenting companies. This Field Day event featured thought-provoking storage solutions from Hammerspace, Intel, NetApp, Pliops, MinIO, Tintri, and Nasuni. To see what some of the presenters at this Storage Field Day had to say about Field Day events, check out this post on!

Storageless Data, Cloud Native Und Kubernetes: Storage Field Day 21

Following Storage Field Day in January, Wolfgang Stief recaps the presentations from different companies. In this blog post, Wolfgang noticed some recurring themes, including cloud-native and storageless data. Wolfgang separates his thoughts by each day of the event and includes some tweets that he also shared each day. Visit the Tech Field Day website to see the presentations from this Storage Field Day event. For more of Wolfgang’s thoughts, visit!

Storage Field Day 21 – Hammerspace

Barry Coombs was a delegate at Storage Field Day in January and followed the event with a doodle covering Hammerspace’s presentation. In this edition of Tech Doodles, Barry highlights Hammerspace’s presentation through handwritten notes and images from the event. Barry takes note of Hammerspace’s presentation on Storageless Data, which has to be software and cannot be bound to specific hardware so it can run anywhere. To learn more about Hammerspace’s solution, check out its presentation on the Tech Field Day website!

Managing Data Migration Challenges

Data migration is a thankless task that needs to be performed periodically during hardware refreshes, and of course, regularly to keep expensive storage systems tidy. Fortunately, for traditional block-based workloads, the introduction of technologies like server virtualization have taken most of the pain out of the process. However, migrating unstructured data still seems to represent a challenge. As a result, we see solutions from companies like Hammerspace and Komprise looking to both ease the process and take advantage of hybrid multi-cloud configurations. In this piece Chris Evans looks at what both companies presented at Storage Field Day to held meet this challenge.

Hammerspace Wants to Be Your Cross-Cloud Data Platform

The challenge of data management is something organizations have struggled with for decades. Within the storage market, the race has been on to provide customers with a solution that helps ease the burden associated with data management within the data center and across clouds. At Cloud Field Day 6, Hammerspace presents the answer customers are looking for.

Talent Is Heavier Than Data

In this piece, Keith Townsend considers the impact of human talent on data gravity. The holy grail is to have data available instantly when you need it. There are literal physical limits to how possible this is, and he recently completed a video at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO talking about some of the use cases and the capabilities of their Activate product in regards to metadata. At Cloud Field Day, he heard from Hammerspace, which looks at how to mitigate data gravity issues with a very unique solution.

Silicon Valley Goes Multi-Cloud

Kati Lehmuskoski joined us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day and saw two general focuses from the presenting companies: multi-cloud operations and data security. In this post, she breaks down what impressed her from each presentation, from solving data challenges with Hammerspace and LucidLink, to the DevOps automation solutions from Morpheus Data, and’s impressive CEO.

Data-As-A-Service by Hammerspace

Hammerspace returned to Cloud Field Day to show more details about their Data-as-a-Service offering to the delegates. Rita Younger was definitely impressed by their solution, which offers a true software-defined data management approach that lets organizations abstract data from the infrastructure that serves it up. It has some interesting implications which Rita details in her piece.

Cloud Field Day – First Impressions on Hammerspace

Ned Bellavance got to hear from Hammerspace at Cloud Field Day last month and shares his initial impressions in this post. They did a technical deep dive on their platform that sits in front of multiple NFS systems and decouples the metadata layer and the data layer from each other. In this piece, Ned considers if they showed the value in adding this abstraction layer into an organizations stack.

Cloud Field Day (#CFD6): A Heads-Up – Ather Beg’s Useful Thoughts

If you’re about to dive into the presentations and live stream for Cloud Field Day cold, you might want to stop and check out this post from Ather Beg. He gives a quick, concise, but comprehensive look at each of the presenting companies. He’s looking at what they do, what should be interesting about their presentation, and what they’ve shown off at Field Day in the past.

Hammerspace CFD6 – Hot Take

In this video, Keith Townsend gives his first impressions of the Hammerspace presentation at Cloud Field Day 6 in Santa Clara.