Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Hammerspace and

Ned Bellavance is out at Cloud Field Day this week, but before he left for the event, he completed a comprehensive look at the presenting companies. Never let it be said that Ned doesn’t do his homework. In this space, he takes a look at what he expects to see from hammerspace and

Solving Data Problems – David Flynn – Ep 100

Paul Stringfellow got to hear from Hammerspace when they came out of stealth last year at Tech Field Day. In this episode of his Tech Interviews podcast, Paul spoke with Hammerspace CEO David Flynn. They discuss how the company takes a data-centric, rather than infrastructure-centric, approach to the classic problem of sharing data across multiple locations.

Solving Data Problems With Hammerspace

Moving data in an organization can be a real issue, often without an easy answer. Paul Stringfellow takes a look at one potential solution from the newly launched Hammerspace. Using an innovative approach to metadata, they are able to offer up data across distance quickly in a single namespace. For Paul, while the tech is interesting, what’s more impressive is that it seems to solve a legitimate business problem.

BiB 060: Focus On Your Data & Not Where It’s Stored With HammerSpace

This episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast looks at what Hammerspace presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year. Ethan Banks was there as a delegate, and saw the company come out of stealth. They provide a solution that creates a single namespace of data regardless of where it is stored, making it a true data-as-a-service offering.

Hammerspace at Tech Field Day 17

It’s always exciting when a company comes out of stealth at a Tech Field Day event. That’s what Erik Ableson got to see at Tech Field Day last month, when Hammerspace went live to the world. The presented their data-as-a-service solution in an interesting way, defining the most important part of a file system as the metadata expression of the files that exist in a particular context. Hammerspace separates the shared file metadata from the file access path, allowing them to provide a single namespace regardless of where the data actually is. Erik sees them as having the potential to move unstructured data managed out of the world of scripting and into advanced policy management.

Hammerspace – Unstructured Data Anywhere

Adam Fisher was one of the delegates at Tech Field Day last month, and got to hear from Hammerspace as they came out of stealth. They are a new player in the emerging Data as a Service market, and offer a solution that decouples data from the underlying storage. This removes this as a concern for the consumer, who interacts with data via a global namespace. Adam gets into the detail and breaks down the components in this piece.

My First Tech Field Day

It’s always great to hear the perspective of first time Tech Field Day delegates. Yusuf Emre Özensoy came to his first event last month, and shared a little bit about his experience. For him, what stood out not just being an attendee of the event, but being invited into a wider family as a part of it. He also enjoyed all the technical deep dives from DriveScale, Cisco, Oracle, Dell EMC, and Hammerspace.

From Storage to Data Virtualization

Enrico Signoretti got to see the launch of Hammerspace at Storage Field Day last month. It had a familiar ring to it, with former CTO of Primary Data, David Flynn, buying code from the now defunct company to start Hammerspace. The brilliance of the company comes down to one thing for Enrico, they obscure the issue of data gravity, allowing for virtualized views of virtualized data sets across clouds.

Hammering Next Gen Hybrid Clouds

Chin-Fah Heoh looks at Hammerspace, a company that came out of stealth at Tech Field Day this week. Chin-Fah sees them offering Metadata-as-a-Service, delivering just the right data needed for applications, using metadata to determine those requirements, and delivering it in the cloud of on-premises. The company has an impressive data-as-a-service portfolio at launch, but Chin-Fah was impressed by this capability in itself.

My first Tech Field Day

It’s not uncommon to see Chin-Fah Heoh as a delegate at Storage Field Day. However for the first time, he’ll be around the table for Tech Field Day this week. He’s particularly looking forward to seeing more from Hammerspace, and getting a deeper dive with DriveScale. You can watch the presentations along with Chin-Fah on our live stream.