Towers Edge: HPE Discover/Aruba Atmosphere – Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Towers Edge, recorded during HPE Discover/Aruba Atmosphere, Mark Houtz and Mohammad Ali discuss the latest networking trends and insights from HPE and Aruba. The conversation covers advancements in edge-to-cloud strategies, exploring how these developments are transforming enterprise technology landscapes. Viewers are provided with a digest of thought leadership and innovative practices that can influence their approach to navigating the complexities of modern networking.

208a Sesión De Tesos en Wi-Fi: WLPC CDMX, WiFi Sensor, CVE-2024-30078, Cisco 9800, Aruba Atmosphere

This Spanish-language episode of “Tesos en Wi-Fi” covers a range of Wi-Fi topics, including the HPE Discover and Aruba Atmosphere event, which included Tech Field Day presentations. The group reacts to the mix of HPE and Aruba presentations, with a focus on recent advancements in Wi-Fi technology.

Update on the HPE Acquisition of Juniper Networks

Troy Martin gives his opinion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s acquisition of networking giant Juniper Networks. His article provides analysis on how this strategic move could enhance HPE’s portfolio, particularly in the areas of networking, security, and edge computing. It also speculates on the potential market implications and how the acquisition aligns with HPE’s broader business objectives.

Aruba Atmosphere 2024 Live Blog From HPE Discover

The Gestalt IT team shares real-time insights and updates in their live blog from Aruba Atmosphere 2024, held in conjunction with HPE Discover. This compendium offers a detailed chronicle of the most significant announcements and expert sessions, focusing on the latest in networking, security, and edge computing. The live blog captures the essence of Aruba’s vision and innovations, providing a valuable resource for those interested in the future of enterprise networking technologies.

Discovering New Things at Networking Field Day Exclusive

Tom Hollingsworth gives an overview of what to expect at Networking Field Day Exclusive at HPE Discover and Aruba Atmosphere this week. The Tech Field Day delegates are attending the HPE Aruba Networking presentations and will be attending exclusive Tech Field Day presentations and demos, which stream live on Tuesday afternoon. Watch for coverage, content, and fun all week long!