Intel Optane – Challenges and Triumphs

At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Intel focused on their intel Optane memory solution and some of the successes and challenges they’ve had in implementing it. This isn’t the first time that delegate Dan Frith has seen Intel present on Optane, and he was refreshed with how direct they were about both the ups and downs of the product. Writing on his blog, Dan says that he enjoyed the presentation tremendously and the customer examples were powerful examples at what intel can do. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day to get an idea of where Intel’s Optane has been and where it is going.

Latency? What Latency: Intel Optane Lightning-Fast Storage and Memory

Last August at Storage Field Day, Intel presented its latest Optane developments. Optane is persistent and a super low latency media. Intel introduced two new device types: Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Intel Optane SSDs. To learn more about Intel Optane Technology, watch Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

Storageless Data, Cloud Native Und Kubernetes: Storage Field Day 21

Following Storage Field Day in January, Wolfgang Stief recaps the presentations from different companies. In this blog post, Wolfgang noticed some recurring themes, including cloud-native and storageless data. Wolfgang separates his thoughts by each day of the event and includes some tweets that he also shared each day. Visit the Tech Field Day website to see the presentations from this Storage Field Day event. For more of Wolfgang’s thoughts, visit!

Voices in Innovation – a Roundtable Discussion on Persistent Memory

Enrico Signoretti, Jason Collier, and Matt Leib join the Voices in Innovation podcast on Gigaom to talk about Tech Field Day Extra at Intel Memory and Storage 2020. On the podcast, they dig into Intel’s presentations and discuss Intel Persistent Memory. Head over to the Gigaom website to check out the podcast, and head to our website to look at Intel’s presentations from the event!

Intel Bridges the Gap Between Memory and Storage

Over the past several years, flash storage has been rapidly taking over the storage world. After seeing Intel present at Storage Field Day last year, the team at writes that they “presented a unified vision of the future of flash storage and how they set world record performance with the DAOS software ecosystem combined with the Optane line of storage devices.” Be sure to check out all of Intel’s presentations from Storage Field Day and other events on the Tech Field Day website!

Storage Field Day 21 – Intel

Intel presented at Storage Field Day in January, where Barry Coombs joined us as a delegate. Barry created a doodle covering Intel’s presentation, including notes on Intel Optane Technology and how Intel plans to continue investing, developing, and scaling the Intel Optane business. To see what else Barry included in his doodle covering Intel’s presentation, visit Tech Doodles!

Intel Memory Summit 2020 – Intel Optane and Storage Archictectures

We had a blast working with Intel on Tech Field Day Extra at Intel Memory and Storage 2020! One of the delegates from the event, Max Mortillaro, posted a YouTube video with his thoughts after seeing the keynotes and interactive sessions. Max talks through his thoughts on the event and the Intel Optane and Storage Architectures. We even get a guest appearance from his cat! Be sure to check out Max’s video analysis of the event on the TECHunplugged YouTube channel!

Intel Memory Summit 2020 – Intel Optane Persistent Memory Future

Delegate Max Mortillaro attended Intel’s Memory and Storage Moment 2020 event in December. In this video for TECHunplugged, Max analyzes Intel Optane persistent memory and raises the question, “Is PMem the future of storage?” Check out TECHunplugged’s YouTube channel and blog for Max’s thoughts on Intel and more!