Exploring Intel’s New Storage Solution From Tech Field Day 25

Charles Uneze joined us as a delegate for this past Tech Field Day! In this post, he talks about the latest innovative technology from Intel. Take a look here!

Storage Will Never Die! Long Live Intel Optane and CXL!

Gina Rosenthal is here to tell you that storage will never die! She attended this past Tech Field day where Intel presented on their Optane Memory and CXL strategies. Take a look at Gina’s thoughts here!

Securing 2022 With Security Field Day 7!

Check out Tom Hollingsworth give us an update on what to look forward to at March’s Security Field Day!

Minimizing Infrastructure Cost With Disaggregated Storage With Intel

Sulagna Saha, writing for Gestalt It, was startled by Intel’s presentation at this past Storage Field Day! Intel presented a Proof of Concept from a test ran by integrating Splunk with VAST data Universal Storage. This helps us understand how rising storage needs can be met effectively so that Splunk can be used seamlessly with converged infrastructures. Take a look here!

Storage Field Day 23 – Tag 3: Intel Und PureStorage

Wolfgang Stief, a Field Day delegate, has given us a great recap of the presentations from Intel and Pure Storage at this past Storage Field Day! Take a look at Wolfgang’s thoughts on what’s new with these companies!

Intel Teases Third-Gen Optane Memory, New Tech

In a recent Tom’s Hardware post, Anton Shilov discussed how Intel is teasing us with third-gen Optane. Intel presented on their latest Optane products at this past Storage Field Day and will continue to debut their ongoing 3rd generation memory at future events. Check out what’s new with Intel here!

Intel: Third-Gen Optane to Be Announced in the Coming Weeks

Intel has announced their upcoming third generation Optane products at this past Storage Field Day! Chris Mellor took a special interest in Intel’s announcement and is looking forward to seeing what else they are working on. Check out his thoughts here!

D://xprs0016: IT-SA, XFD6 Und Ein T.I.D.

Kerstin Stief attended Security Field Day in October as a Field Day delegate! She discusses SASE, ZTA and complex IoT devices that Cisco, Intel, Juniper Networks and Versa Networks presented. Check out Kerstin’s thoughts and other events she has attending this past year!

FIDO Device Onboard (FDO)

On October 21, 2021, Intel delivered three presentations to the delegates at Security Field Day 6. This post focuses on the presentation given by Richard Kerslake and Geoff Cooper, “FIDO Device Onboard (FDO),” where they talked about securely and cost-effectively deploying Internet of Things (IoT) devices in industrial and enterprise environments.

Focusing on a Secure Future at Security Field Day 6

Did you miss the live Security Field Day event this October? Writing for Gestalt IT, Tom Hollingsworth lays out what to expect from the presenting companies. Each day was jam packed with topics like DNS security, NetSecOps, 5G space, SASE and so much more. It’s something you sure don’t want to miss out on! Read here for more!

Cloud or Die!

What was Kerstin Stief’s takeaways from her time as a delegate during Intel’s Networking Field Day presentations? This piece from the German data://disrupted outlet details her opinions gathered during the event. Read the piece for the full picture.

Intel – It’s About Getting the Right Kind of Fast at the Edge

After watching Intel present during August’s Storage Field Day event, Dan Frith shares the opinions he developed as a delegate in this piece. In particular, he covers the problem of content delivery networks (CDNs), and how Intel is positioned to solve it. Read the whole post to learn more!

Converged Architecture Built for AI

Matt Lieb attended January’s Storage Field Day as a delegate, his experiences from which serving as the basis for this piece. He details how AI and ML are entering the field of storage and how converged architecture serves the needs of today’s IT practitioners. Read on for all of his experiences.

Data://express 10: Datenmamagement, Backup Und Die Cloud

This episode of the German data://express podcast comes from the dynamic duo of Kerstin and Wolfgang Stief of data://disrupted. The latter attended August’s Storage Field Day presentationsn as a delegate, which serve as the topic of the episode. Listen to the show for all of their takeaways.

Dell, VMware, Intel, NVIDIA: Weniger Latenz Bei Workloads

The German editor-in-chief of data://disrupted, Kerstin Stief, shares her experiences from Dell’s recent exclusive Tech Field Day event in this piece. Specifically, she covers the issue of latency in enterprise IT, and how Dell, Intel, and VMware are poised to help address it. Read on for her full opinions.

Where Does Latency Come From in Enterprise-Storage-Systems and What Can Enterprises Do to Minimise It

German tech enthusiast and perennial Field Day delegate, Kerstin Stief, uses this piece to express her thoughts after experiencing the recent Dell exclusive Tech Field Day event as a delegate. In it, she talks through the storage solution presented there, PowerStore, and how it fits into enterprise IT as a whole. Read on to hear all of what she has to say, and watch Dell’s presentations for more information.

Cloud Field Day 11 – Day 2-3 Highlights

Lino Telera details his takeaways from his time as a delegate at June’s Cloud Field Day event in this post. Specifically, he covers the presentations by NGINX, Zerto, Pliops, Kasten by Veeam, and Intel. Check out the full post for Telera’s entire breakdown.

Intel Optane Speeds Up Cloud Deployments Through Disaggregation

At their recent Cloud Field Day exposure, Intel detailed how their cloud product line, like Optane, helps customers make the most of their architecture at minimal costs. Specifically, IT organizations can use Intel to disaggregate their environments so they can focus less on hardware and more on software and abstraction. Watch their presentations for more info.

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies HCI & Storage: Cutting Edge Infrastructure to Drive Your Business

Join Dell for their exclusive Tech Field Day event! Showcasing their VxRail HCI and storage technologies, the event took place in early August. You can watch all of the presentations here.

Intel’s New Aggression

The ever-witty Justin Warren provides his opinions on Intel’s recent Cloud Field Day appearance, which he attended as a delegate. In this post, Warren details how he believes Intel’s aggressive approach to competitive positioning stands compared to their previous approaches. Read on for all of the breakdown, and watch Intel’s presentations for even more information.