Itential – The Network Glue You Need

How can you ensure your automation project doesn’t fall apart when you need to interface with APIs? Have you considered using the right glue to tie it all together? Tom Hollingsworth looks back at Itential’s presentation from Networking Field Day and how they are the glue you need to make automation happen. The company was founded to manage all the automation issues facing organizations today, by creating a standard interface to deal with the surfeit of API languages out there. Their Itential Automation Platform works with third-parties to build connectors that interface with the applications and devices on your network.

The Steady Progression of Network Automation

Ed Horley considers the problem of networking tool proliferation. Too often a company will offer a compelling solution, but requiring an organization to abandon tried and true tools, or add to the sprawl of options. That’s why Ed was so intrigued by what Itential at Networking Field Day.

One API to Rule Them All, and in the Ether(net) Bind Them

Amy Arnold heard from Itential at Networking Field Day, where they showed off an interesting solution. They created an API accessible platform that takes modern API and abstraction focused principles, and leverages them toward solving this problem of API overload. Can an orchestrator of orchestrators, or an API for APIs, help solve the problem? Amy digs into the details in this post.

Itential Debuts at Networking Field Day 21

The team at Itential made their first presentation at Networking Field Day. They choose to make a splash at one of our biggest events of the year. In this post, they break down what they discussed in each part of their presentation. Be sure to check out what this company is doing with networking automation.