Assuring Your Service Level With Ixia IxProbe

Are you getting what you’re paying for? If it’s a car wash or a movie it’s easy to figure out. But what if it’s your ISP connection? Do you even know where to find that answer? Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at the new IxProbe from Ixia that they showed off at Networking Field Day. This post examines how it can help you figure out if you’re getting your money’s worth out of your SLA.

BIB 084 Keysight Ixia Visibility and Testing

Ixia took a different approach to their recent Tech Field Day presentation. They talked about the current state of networking threats and the events that you are protecting against. In this episode of Briefings in Brief, Greg Ferro gives a little more background to get you up to speed on their offerings.

Ransomware and Response Done Right

In this post, Ixia’s Jason Lackey looks at recent Ransomware attacks and the security challenges they present to organizations. At Tech Field Day, Ixia provided insight into the latest from the world of malware, ransomware and mining. Be sure to check out their presentation to get up to date insights on this persistent threat.

Ixia Brings Consistency to Visibility

In the every changing world of enterprise IT, there is something to be said for consistency. For customers who are seeking a reliable partner that will enable them to enjoy the same level of visibility of their network and applications regardless of the operating model, it is nice to know that IXIA has them covered. Ken Nalbone breaks down what the company presented at a recent Tech Field Day event in this post.

Probing the Last Mile

Ixia is helping Tech Field Day celebrate our 10th anniversary! For their presentation, Ixia has Phil Trainor giving his unique field perspective on security and how better visibility into what’s happening on the network can help you avoid some potentially nasty outcomes including ransomware pwnage.

Taking Control of the Last-Mile Delivery

It was great to have Ixia return to Networking Field Day at our most recent event. In this post, Amy Arnold, one of the delegates at the event, digs into their newly announced IxProbe. This provides traffic stats, link status, and when used in conjunction with Ixia’s Hawkeye, a battery of QoS and link quality tests, going a long way to solving the last mile visibility gap.

My Thoughts on Networking Field Day 21

A.J. Murray got to experience the super sized event that was Networking Field Day. This saw an incredible array of companies presenting to our delegates over the course of four days. In this post, he shares his thoughts about each of the presentations. Remember, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a delegate, we have a sign-up form right on the website. Join us at our next event!

NFD21 Delegate!

Remington Loose was a first time delegate at Networking Field Day. While it can be a little intimidating to drink from the IT fire hose at such an event, Remington definitely did his homework. He profiles the presenting companies in this piece and what he expected to see from each. Now that the event is over, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the presentations.

The GUI and the Ugly Baby

Ixia’s Jason Lackey wrote up a blog post about the company’s recent presentation at Tech Field Day last month. He points out that while the Ixia UI might not be the slickest, it was built for something else. Jason touts the speed, ease of use, and accuracy as the primary design decisions behind the UI, something that is more useful than a new coat of paint. Be sure to check out their entire presentation video to get the full deep dive.

Cloudy With a Chance of APIs – Reflections From Tech Field Day 19

Tech Field Day is all about bringing together the different disciplines of the data center into a single event, bringing a diversity of views from both the presenting companies and invited delegates. Adam Fisher definitely go that experience at Tech Field Day last month. The event featured presentations from diverse topics as Robotic Process Automation to cloud visibility solutions. The unifying aspect of every company was the presence of some kind of public cloud integration into their solutions, and the availability of well documented APIs. It’s no surprise that these are dominant trends in IT, but surprising to see them on display from such a wide array of presenters.

My Take: Ixia’s Visibility Portfolio

Ixia made a return to Field Day with their presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. We were lucky to have Wes Milliron around the delegate table for the event. In this piece, he looks at their overall visibility platform, and came away impressed at the scope and capabilities. While he admits their UI is due for a refresh, the underlying functionality provides the visibility you need to best take advantage of your security tools.

Ixia Helps You See All the Stuff You Need to See

Dan Frith heard from Ixia at Tech Field Day last month. While the company was acquired by KeySight a few years ago, they still bring a long legacy of network insight and visibility to the market. At the event, they talked a lot about Vision X, their modular network packet broker. This is designed to offer a flexible feature set today, that can be built out by developers over time. It aims to offer high performance, high density visibility. For Dan, getting that visibility across the stack is incredibly valuable for modern IT.

Ixia at Tech Field Day 19

Ixia is no stranger to Tech Field Day, and they made their return to the event last month. In this post, Ixia’s Jason Lackey reviews what was shown at the event. They overviewed the company’s history with the event, discussed network visibility fundamentals, introduced their Vision X packet broker, and showed how Ixia Cloud Lens offers visibility into cloud environments. It was a busy presentation, so be sure to check out the full video on our YouTube channel.

Tech Field Day (#TFD19): A Heads-Up

Before heading to Tech Field Day this week, Ather Beg wrote up a little homework in this blog post. He gives an outline of what to expect from each presenter. For those watching along on the live stream or catching up on the video later, it’s a good one stop shop for background information. He’s got links to relevant material, as well as his own thoughts on the presenters.

Tech Field Day 19 – I’m on My Way!

Liselotte Foverskov is returning to Tech Field Day with our event next week. This time around, she’s looking to join in the conversation around the table a little bit more, we can’t wait! In this post, she gives a little preview of what she’s expecting from each of the presenters. We can’t wait to hear her thoughts after the event.

Mellanox, Ixia and Cumulus: Part 3

At Networking Field Day, Mellanox presented with their partners Ixia and Cumulus Networks. John Herbert has been giving each company a look in a series of posts, with this final iteration looking at Cumulus. Based on Debian Linux, the company’s Cumulus Linux distribution offers some enticing features for a network operating system. It includes a broad range of hardware support from multiple vendors, and allows both network and linux admins to use the CLI they are most comfortable with for configuration. In the end, John concludes that it’s a “pretty sweet product.”

Mellanox, Ixia and Cumulus: Part 2

John Herbert continues his look at Mellanox’s presentation from Networking Field Day. In this post, he focuses on what he saw from the company’s partner, Ixia. He looks at their IxNetwork, which provides end-to-end network validation. John outlines the novel way IxNetwork does this, and why it could be particularly valuable to service providers.

Mellanox, Ixia and Cumulus: Part 1

John Herbert enjoyed hearing from Mellanox at Networking Field Day earlier this year. They were one of the “behind the scenes” companies that are pervasive, but often unnoticed. They made a case for their Spectrum / Spectrum 2 ASICs for white box vendors, noting considerable performance benefits over competitors.

Looking Through the (Cloud)Lense with Ixia

Paul Woodward got a look at Ixia at Tech Field Day last September. They presented on their CloudLense visibility solution, which solves some of the limitations of monitoring data in hybrid or public cloud workloads. CloudLense does this by using containers or agents to collect, categorize, and surface the most relevant packet and infrastructure information. Paul really likes that it can also be used to gain visibility into containers as well.

BiB 30: Mellanox, Ixia & Cumulus At NFD17 – VXLAN & Whitebox

In this episode of Briefings in Brief, Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro discuss what they saw from Mellanox, Ixia and, Cumulus Networks at Networking Field Day last month. Mellanox reviewed their switch portfolio, which can run a third-party OS like Cumulus Networks’ Cumulus Linux network OS. Ixia showed off IxNetwork, their flagship testing suite.