Off the Cuff – NFD17 Wrap Up

In the most recent “Off the Cuff” episode of Network Collective, the crew discussed what they saw at Networking Field Day last week. What happens when six delegates sit on a podcast together? Magic!

Cisco, Mellanox, Ixia and Cumulus: Last Day of NFD17!

It may be his ninth Networking Field Day event, but John Herbert found a lot to be excited about at his most recent event. If you missed any of the presentations, be sure to check out our full video from each company. There’s lots of interesting presentations on automation, network fabrics, and hybrid cloud services.

Network Field Day 17: Mark Your Calendars!

Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro from Packet Pushers will be at Networking Field Day next week. They’ll get to drink from the firehouse of presenting companies over the three day event. Remember to follow along on our live stream and tweet out questions with #NFD17.

Keeping An Eye On Containers with Ixia CloudLens

Containers have a number of benefits in modern IT, but monitoring them can quickly become problematic. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at Ixia’s CloudLens solution, a container monitoring solution built into a container! This allows it to be highly portable and easily configured with other containers for monitoring.

Ixia CloudLens to dive in the public cloud traffic

Ixia presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year, giving a deep dive into their CloudLens visibility platform. Raff Poltronieri wrote up his thoughts on the solution, finding it an interesting option for cloud agnostic monitoring and visibility.

Ixia Tech Field Day 15 Session Recap

The latest Tech Field Day saw a return of Ixia, who originally presented at Networking Field Day last November. Keith Townsend reviews what he saw in their presentation, essentially an authorized man-in-the-middle to capture traffic for analysis. Keith reviews how their SSL approach fits into the broader visibility landscape.

Commentary: High Level Data Filtration

Dr. Rachel Traylor looks at Ixia’s approach to real-time network visibility. This uses high level data filtration from a database of known bad actors to quickly eliminate large chunks of data from their analysis engine. This allows them to not have to process the entire firehose of network data and gives each successive analysis layer additional efficiency.

Tech Field Day 15 Preview: Ixia

Keith Townsend gives a preview of what to expect from Ixia at Tech Field Day this week. The company has a wide portfolio, including Network Hardware Testing, Security and Network Visualization. Keith focuses on the last two in the preview, which are of vital importance to any modern enterprise. He isn’t overly familiar with Ixia’s offering, so he expects a deep dive during the presentation.

Ixia: Good Defense Leads to a Good Offense

Pete Welcher wrote up his thoughts on what he saw from Ixia at Networking Field Day last year. The company has a diverse and sprawling product line, so Pete focuses the post specifically on their Network Packet Broker solution. Pete sets up the conversation by considering the benefits and costs of setting up network taps. This nicely sets up what he saw from Ixia’s Visibility tool, which seems to be a nice solution rather than tapping everything. This concentrated approach let’s a network engineer prioritize what they are looking for, rather than capture everything and trying to make sense of the mass of data.

Ixia Vision ONE – Tap the Planet

Tony Mattke wrote up his review for Ixia’s Vision ONE solution, which he saw at Networking Field Day in November. Ixia may have a long history in the load testing market, but for Tony, they represent a new entry into the network packet broker market. Vision ONE is Ixia’s solution to the problem of not knowing if you monitoring tools are accurately capturing network traffic. Tony really liked that this all can be configured within a simple UI, calling it “an easy to use toolset with some seriously capability”. Sounds impressive!

See in the Fog with Ixia CloudLens

David Varnum draws a great analogy. In a lot of ways, flying through cloud and managing cloud infrastructure and applications are similar. Both don’t seem to bad to navigate from the outside, but once inside, you lose perspective. This requires both a pilot and systems engineer to have precise instrumentation to properly navigate where they want to go. With Ixia’s CloudLens, David sees someone finally providing that instrumentation.

Ixia Works Out Its Network Trust Issues

Rich Stroffolino looks at what Ixia presented at Networking Field Day last month. Their product portfolio is pretty packed, but focused around network visibility. The presentation have Rich a new appreciation for the problem. Ixia has a comprehensive system of network probes and packet brokers to ensure zero-packet loss for monitoring solutions. Overall it’s an impressive offering.

Capture, Filter, See – Ixia Vision ONE

Ixia is a company some may not associate with network packet brokers, but that changed when they acquired Anue Systems in 2012. Ethan Banks wrote up his impressions on this based on what he saw at Networking Field Day in November. He seemed particularly impressed by their Ixia Vision ONE visibility tool. Sure it has all the features you could want, but for Ethan the most important part was that it was easy to get working right away. With the increasing complexity of networks, raw capability simply isn’t enough. Ixia differentiates itself with it’s ease of use here.

Trust But Verify: Lossless End-To-End Visibility from Ixia

Phil Gervasi looked at Ixia’s “Trust But Verify” approach to network monitoring. It’s an interesting approach, most other solutions simply assume that network traffic is being received by monitoring tools. Ixia goes beyond this. Instead of relying on SPAN ports, which drop traffic when a switch is overloaded, they use a series of packet brokers and network taps to make sure lossless data is being received by your monitoring solution. That’s right, Ixia proposes to not lose a single packet in doing this. That’s a tall order, check out Phil’s piece to see how Ixia is pulling it off.

Networking Field Day 13 – Sneak Preview

Tony Mattke wrote a nice preview of Networking Field Day, held just last week in Silicon Valley. He runs through all of the presenting companies, and tells us what he was looking forward to seeing. Give it a read to whet your appetite, then check out all of the video coverage here!

Looking forward to Networking Field Day

Scott McDermott is coming back for Networking Field Day and gives an overview of all the companies presenting at this event. Most exciting is a recent update to his post, Forward Networks just came out of Stealth Mode on November 14th, and they’ll be giving a highly anticipated presentation on the November 17th! Check out Scott’s post for what he’s looking for out of each of the presenting companies, and make sure you check back on the 17th and 18th for all the live stream action!

Networking Field Day 13: Previewing the Sponsors

Networking Field Day 13: Previewing the Sponsors