Dell EMC Data Protection for vCloud Director – A Seamless Approach

John Marrone attended Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US as a first time delegate this year. He heard quite a bit from Dell EMC’s data protection team, and came away impressed. In this post, he digs into what the company presented around vCloud Director and why it’s an intriguing solution for Service Providers.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2018 – My First TFD Event

This year John Marrone attended his seventh VMworld. What could have been a routine event was given a breath of fresh air, when John attended some Tech Field Day Extra presentations. It was his first experience as a delegate, and after getting used so some of the particular logistics of being a delegate, had a “awesome time”. Not only were the presentations engaging, John enjoyed talking and networking with his fellow delegates.

John Marrone

Director of Product Development – DC and Cloud