Spinning Disk Use Cases Are Getting Smaller

Jim Jones shares his perspective on the evolving landscape of data storage, noting the diminishing number of use cases for spinning disk technology in his latest blog post. As the performance gap between spinning disks and SSDs continues to widen, he explores the implications for enterprises and their storage strategies. Dive into his analysis to understand the current state of storage solutions and the direction in which the industry is headed.

Thinking About… Storage in 2023

Jim Jones discusses the ways storage has developed in 2023 and beyond. He predicts dramatic improvements in capacity and access speed due to developments in technologies like NVMe and CXL and also foresees advancements in how storage is managed and consumed, highlighting the emergence of hybrid-approaches involving on-premises, edge, and cloud deployments.

Cloud Field Day 15 – Day Three

While back on-site for our hybrid Cloud Field Day, some delegates got together and discussed what they saw from RackN on Day Three. Nathan Bennett, Jim Jones, Lino Telera, Ray Lucchesi, Eric Wright, and Calvin Hendryx-Parker all sat down to give their in-depth thoughts from the day along with a brief recap from other presentations throughout the week. Take a look here or visit Nathan’s YouTube channel for more!

CFDx NetApp – Thoughts

The very first Cloud Field Day Exclusive with NetApp was this past September where Chris Williams, Jim Jones, Nathan Bennett, and many other delegates joined together at NetApp headquarters along Santana Row. In this latest YouTube video, Chris, Jim, and Nathan, sit down with Stephen Foskett to discuss their thoughts on the NetApp presentation and their cloud solutions. You don’t want to miss this technical discussion!

Episode 5 – The One Where Jim Gets Touchy Feely at Conferences

Looking for more information on the hybrid Field Day setup versus being all remote? Jim Jones, and Brian Knudtson, Field Day delegates, discuss their experience from this past Cloud Field Day and Field day as a whole with special guests Joe Houghes and Matt Crape. Take a look at their podcast discussion here! . Take a look at their podcast discussion here!

Configuring Veeam Backup for Microsoft365 With Encrypted Object Storage

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v6, which was recently showcased at Cloud Field Day 12, has been leveraging object as a way to make it’s storage consumption more manageable since version 4. Jim Jones, a Field Day delegate, discusses how this object also provides a couple more advantages in relation to VBM. Check out Jim’s thought here on Veeam’s presentation!

MemVerge Launches Big Memory Cloud

MemVerge has some very big ideas around taking the “software defined” concept to memory, allowing advanced optimizations and flexibility of instance memory usage. Jim Jones attended November’s Cloud Field Day as a delegate and took special interest into what MemVerge had to offer with their Big Memory Cloud announcement. Check out why Jim is looking forward to see what this can bring to providers in the future!

Cloud Field Day 12 Coming Next Week!

Jim Jones will be in attendance as a delegate at the first hybrid Field Day event, giving us a great overview of what the companies presenting will be providing through his social outlets and blog. Tune in with Jim and the other delegates live at Cloud Field Day in San Jose, California.

The Cloud Is Finally Ready for the Enterprise

The question of cloud readiness has plagued the enterprise for a decade, but we have finally gotten to the point that enterprise IT is coming to the public cloud. Check out the latest On-Premise IT Roundtable where two Field Day delegates, Jim Jones and Nico Stein, and founder of Gestalt IT, Stephen Foskett, discuss the cloud enterprise and the upcoming Cloud Field Day in November.

Meet the #CFD8 Delegates: Jim Jones

Jim Jones was one of the new faces around the delegate table at Cloud Field Day. So Aruba decided to profile and interview Jim on their blog. If you’d like to get to know him a little better after seeing him on our presentation videos, be sure to check it out. They talked about how he sees edge computing changing IT, the roll of AI in networking, how hybrid cloud deployments have changed networking. It’s a great piece with a lot of interesting thoughts.

This Week! Cloud Field Day 8

Doing a virtual Cloud Field Day provided a number of opportunities, like providing two groups of delegates to see presentations from separate companies. We were thrilled to have so many companies wanting to participate in the event, as well as delegates like Jim Jones in attendance.He’s been a big fan of Field Day events for a while, and a change in organization finally opened him up to being a delegate at one. He got to hear from a number of cloud and disaster recovery focused companies during the event, with Aruba, Diamanti, Infrascale, Morpheus Data, Veeam, and Zerto. We’re glad to have Jim aboard as a delegate and can’t wait to see him at future events!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jim Jones

We always love to see new delegates join us for events, it helps bring fresh perspectives and energy for the presentations, and allows companies to hear from up and coming minds in IT. Jim Jones will join us for Cloud Field Day, and sat down for an interview with Gestalt IT to learn more about him. They dig into how he first got into technology, what new skills he’s developing, his career challenges, and what he’d do if he wasn’t working in IT. Check it out before you see Jim during the events to get a little background.

Jim Jones

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