Meet Field Day Delegate – Kim Pedersen

Kim Pedersen is joining us for his first full Networking Field Day experience. He previously got a taste of the experience at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe last year, but this time he’ll be hearing from ten different networking companies over the course of three days. We can’t wait to hear what he thinks of drinking from the networking fire hose. If you haven’t check out the event coverage yet, be sure to check out this interview Kim did with Gestalt IT. They dig into how he got involved with tech, where he sees the industry going in the near future, and what are some of his biggest professional challenges.

Attending Networking Field Day #22

New delegates are the life blood of Field Day events. They provide unique experiences, voices, and perspectives, that keep the conversations around the table fresh and help bring the best out of presenting companies. Kim Pedersen is heading out to Networking Field Day, his first full foray into the full Field Day experience. He got a taste of it last year at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2019, so we can’t wait to hear his impressions from a full week of presentations.

Time to say goodbye to Barcelona

Kim Pedersen had to write up a post as she was finishing up her first Tech Field Day Extra experience at Cisco Live Europe 2019. After the days of informative company presentations and delegate networking, it was tough to say goodbye to Barcelona. We’re looking forward to reading Kim’s deep dives into the presentations going forward!

Tech Field Day @ CiscoLive Europe 2019

Cisco Live Europe kicks off this month, and we’ll be in Barcelona with Tech Field Day Extra presentations. Joining us around the table will be Kim Pedersen. It’ll be interesting to get a first time delegate’s experience at the event.

Kim Pedersen

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