It’s an Edge-Y NUC World

Mark Houtz had the opportunity to attend the first Edge Field Day where he heard from Scale Computing, Avassa Systems, Mako Networks, Opengear, and more. One topic that stood out was the use of Intel NUCs in edge deployments. While Intel has decided to exit the PC business, other vendors like Simply NUC are stepping in to continue the NUC legacy. Read more about Mark’s experiences at Edge Field Day and thoughts about the demise of the NUC.

2023 SASE, SDWAN, Enterprise Edge and Cloud Networks

The 2023 SASE-SDWAN Enterprise Edge and Cloud Networking report provides valuable insights into the world of enterprise connectivity, unraveling the complexity of SD-WAN, SASE, SSE, ZTNA, MCN, and NaaS. The report includes discussion related to the HashiCorp presentation at Security Field Day and the Mako Networks presentation at Edge Field Day along with a wealth of information about the evolving landscape of enterprise edge and cloud networking, helping professionals navigate the alphabet soup of networking solutions.

Segmentation Is a Key Edge Building Block with Mako Networks

In this Gestalt IT Tech Note, Brian Chambers discusses the importance of segmentation in operating edge environments at scale. He emphasizes that while edge environments resemble cloud architectures, they also face unique challenges, such as lack of on-site staff and poor physical security. Chambers highlights how effective network segmentation can improve performance, enhance security, and enable better network traffic management. He explores the role of segmentation in various industries, particularly retail, and emphasizes the need for a capable partner like Mako Networks to provide effective segmentation services in edge computing solutions. Read this article, sponsored by Mako Networks, to learn more about edge connectivity.

Mako Networks – a World-Class PCI-Certified Network-As-A-Service Ecosystem

Mako Networks presented its own hardware and software as a service for retail edge at the recent Edge Field Day event, and this sponsored article by Ben Young dives deep into this concept. The company has made strides in the distributed retail enterprise business in North America and Europe, thanks to its all-in-one ecosystem. Mako technology is PCI-certified, making it a no-brainer choice for organizations that require ready compliance at the network layer, centralized management, and bulk configuration functionality.

Edge Computing Architecture Fundamentals

At Edge Field Day 1, companies such as Scale Computing, Mako Networks, Avassa, Zededa, and Opengear presented their solutions for deploying applications to the edge. There has been no universal agreement on what the term “edge” means, but delegates concluded that organizations should consider deploying applications in a location where they can achieve peak optimization. The presenters focused on networking, out-of-band access, compute/storage, provisioning, observability, and orchestration, aspects, but stressed that there is no uniform approach given that the edge varies by context. Read on for Gina Rosenthal’s thoughts on EFD1 and edge computing!

Mako Networks – Security-First Networking at the Edge

At Edge Field Day, Mako Networks demonstrated their comprehensive set of network appliances and services that include security gateways, managed switches, and access points, to solve networking problems in the retail sector. Their Mako system, consisting of wireless and wired technology components, was designed from the ground up to comply with the widely-accepted PCI DSS Level 1 security standard, addressing the unique challenges of the retail, healthcare, and MNSP industry verticals and emphasizing the importance of organizations protecting customer data. Mako’s focus on security and serving the specific needs of these industries differentiates their product, making it a must-have solution for organizations with critical governance and compliance needs. This sponsored Tech Note by Carl Fugate explores the Mako offerings.

Time to Recalibrate Your Views on Edge Computing

After attending Edge Field Day 1, Ben Young shares his reflections on edge computing and how his views may have changed after speaking with a range of vendors at the event. While his views going into the event were largely confirmed, he also gained new insights, including the concept that edges can be smaller than previously thought, with companies such as Scale Computing providing hyperconverged infrastructure on an Intel NUC. Furthermore, centralised orchestration is critical for scaling, efficiency, and agility, as is enhanced security and compliance in a challenging, often unstable edge environment.

Deploying Applications Across Edge Locations With Mako Networks and Avassa

In this Roundtable discussion with Mako Networks and Avassa, we hear from co-founders from both companies about deploying applications at scale at the edge. Watch how the conversation unfolded between Stephen Foskett, Simon Gamble, Carl Moberg, Ben Young, and Alastair Cooke on Gestalt IT’s Youtube channel.

Mako Networks – Secure Networking for Retailers at the Edge

In this article, Sulagna Saha explains how retailer companies can draw the benefits of edge computing by using The Mako System at edge locations. To read her article, head over to Gestalt IT, or check out Mako Networks’ deep-dive presentations from the recent Edge Field Day event on the site.

Mako Networks, I Haven’t Heard That Name in Years

In this article, Alastair Cooke gives his pre-presentation thoughts on Mako Networks. Read his current knowledge on past and present Mako Networks products on his website, and catch the full presentation on the Tech Field Day website this week!

Learn More About Edge Computing at the First Edge Field Day Event

Curious about what’s happening at the first Edge Field Day? Stephen Foskett gives us the rundown of who will be presenting at the inaugural event. We have a great lineup with Avassa, Scale Computing, Mako Networks, ZEDEDA, and Opengear. Check out the video on Gestalt IT’s website.

Is Kubernetes a Good Fit for Edge Computing?

Our own Stephen Foskett considers whether Kubernetes makes sense at the edge. This is a key topic for our upcoming Edge Field Day event, with many of the presenting companies likely to talk containers and orchestration. What are the pros and cons of Kubernetes at the edge? Read on to learn more!