Nile’s NaaS! What Is It?  Does It Work for Every Enterprise?

During his participation in Networking Field Day, Faisal Khan discovered Nile, a young startup offering Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions. Nile’s unique approach to technology and product offering impressed him, as they simplify network operations by managing the hardware, software, and network maintenance for enterprises. While NaaS may not be suitable for every organization, Faisal suggests that Nile could expand its market by offering modular and customizable NaaS solutions to cater to different customer segments and eliminate vendor lock-in, similar to the success of cloud services with their varied IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS options.

Is Your Network Failing or Your Application Failing? A Perspective About Kentik!

In this blog post about Kentik’s presentation at Networking Field Day, Faisal Khan discusses the concept of network observability and how Kentik’s platform tackles the challenges of network troubleshooting and visibility. With the increasing complexity of networks and the cloudification of applications, enterprises need comprehensive visibility across diverse sources. Kentik’s approach involves collecting and analyzing data from various network and application sources to provide meaningful insights and pinpoint issues quickly, ensuring reliable networks and a great digital experience.

From “Disaggregated Networking” to “Network Cloud”

“Disaggregated Networking” is good, but “Network Cloud” is better. This is Faisal Khan’s analysis of DriveNet’s presentation from December’s Networking Field Day: Service Provider. Check out Faisal’s thoughts on network cloud!

Is Juniper on the Right Track With Its Mist AI? My Perspective!

Juniper Networks has brought a fresh approach to the way Ops should work today. Faisal Khan, a Field Day delegate, writes on the different innovations that Juniper Networks presented last month at Networking Field Day. Read here for more from Faisal about how Juniper Networks is tackling the issues faced by managed service providers.

Autonomous SD-WAN by CloudGenix- My Analysis

Faisal Khan attended his first Networking Field Day event in four years, and got up to date with CloudGenix’s autonomous SD-WAN solution. There’s no dearth of companies competing in the SD-WAN market, so Faisal was curious how they would differentiate. What caught his eye was their application-centric paradigm using a single edge appliance. This offers real-time analytics without the need for cloud-based controllers or a cloud analytics engine. Overall Faisal sees CloudGenix appealing to service providers or customers needing an efficient solution on the edge.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan isn’t a new delegate to the Field Day community, but it’s been a hot minute since he last attended. He’s joining us for his first Networking Field Day since 2016, so we’re excited to hear from him around the table again. Since it’s been a while, Gestalt IT caught up with him for an interview. They dig into his background with tech, where he sees the industry going in the future, what was his first computer, and more. Be sure to check out the full interview!

Learning “better SD-WAN” from a Non SD-WAN vendor!

After attending Networking Field Day in August, Faisal Khan came away impressed by ThousandEyes. He thought their network monitoring solution was more impressive when considered with SD-WAN, even though the company isn’t exactly pitching the solution that way. ThousandEyes can monitor a router to router span, as opposed to most SD-WAN vendors which only do end to end. Faisal runs down some of the use cases where this proves to be a superior solution. A really interesting take on what ThousandEyes is offering!

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