CTS 184: Cisco @ Mobility Field Day 4

François Vergès joined us a Mobility Field Day this year, and seemed to really find a lot of interesting content. In this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, he reviews what Cisco presented at the event. They showed off their new Catalyst wireless routers and APs, which run IOS-XE. They also gave details on their latest IoT and OpenRoaming offerings. Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

It was great to have Aruba presenting at Mobility Field Day this summer. They brought their usual wireless A game to the event with fascinating presentations and thoughtful demos. Be sure to check out the full video from their presentation to get caught up!

Mist Systems Unveils an Environmental Sensor That Is Also a Wi-Fi 6 AP

At Mobility Field Day this summer Mist Systems, now part of Juniper Networks, showed off their latest AP43 access points, which now support Wi-Fi 6. This AP offers dual 5GHz capability, a 802.3bz NBASE-T port with 802.3bt power capabilities that pairs nicely with Mist’s own BLE sensor. They also contain sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and angle/orientation, adding environmental monitoring to their already extensive capabilities. Jonathan Davis breaks down the full capabilities in this post.

MFD Series: Cisco’s Modular Approach for WLCs

Manon Lessard heard extensively from Cisco at Mobility Field Day. She focused on their IoT and wireless offerings in this post. At the event, they detailed their Catalyst 9800 series of controllers, all running on IOS XE. Because this code base is modular, different system components can be updated, allowing admins more control and stability, which hopefully means they update more often.

Metageek Plus/Pro and Rampart

Jake Snyder is a familiar face at Mobility Field Day and we were thrilled to have him return for our event over the summer. He’s been familiar with MetaGeek for a while, and had kind of wrote off their solutions set. But after seeing their presentation at Mobility Field Day, but was really impressed by the value of their Rampart tool as part of their Metageek Plus and Pro subscriptions. Be sure to check out the post for the details that changed Jake’s mind on the company.

NetAlly’s AirCheck G2 Gets a Facelift With Version 4.0 Firmware

Tim Dennehy got a look at the latest firmware for the esteemed AirCheck G2 at Mobility Field Day. This came during NetAlly’s presentation, the company to come out of Netscout spinning off their tooling business. He walks through the installation process and some of the new features, including 802.11ax visibility, a utilization graph for 802.11 and non-802.11 traffic, and uploading of iPerf test results.

The Contention Window: S1E13 : MFD4 Hodgepodge & Wrapup

Scott Lester and Jake Synder were both at Mobility Field Day over the summer. The event provided a wealth of information on the latest in wireless and mobility. Be sure to check out both of them on this episode of The Contention Window, where discuss what they saw at the event.

I Spy a Wi-Spy

For Haydn Andrews, MetaGeek’s presentation at Mobility Field Day offered some interesting new solutions. He’s been a long time user of Channelyzer and inSSIDer, but had longed for something that didn’t always require him to tote around a laptop. Now with their new Wi-Spy Air, any Android or iOS device will do.

So the MFD4 Secret Company Is NetAlly

Haydn Andrews experienced a sense of anticipation approaching Mobility Field Day familiar to many a delegate, who is the mysterious Secret Company? At that event, it was revealed to be NetAlly. While a new company by name, NetAlly was spun out of the tooling division of NetScout, with a set of respected solutions for the Field Day community.

Why Mist Isn’t a WiFi Company

When Mist Systems CTO Bob Friday told the Mobility Field Day delegates that Mist isn’t about the Wi-Fi, it’s about the data, it put everything into perspective for Jennifer Minella. This frames their decision to create their own APs, why they’re so aggressive with AI, and the creation of their virtual network assistant, Marvis.

CTS 183: Mist @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on Francois Verges’ experience seeing Mist Systems present at Mobility Field Day. At the event, they showed off their AP supporting Wi-Fi 6, demonstrated the latest updates to the Mist AI, how they’re pushing microservices to the edge, and more.

Wi-Fi Is Dead? Continued

Scott Lester was clearly inspired by Aruba’s presentation at Mobility Field Day. In his second post questioning the narrative of the death of Wi-Fi, he digs into Aruba’s experience with Passpoint, an easy way to onboard devices to wireless networks.

The Network Is Code: Cisco at MFD4

Cisco’s presentation at Mobility Field Day was as dense with information as Lee Badman has come to expect. But what really struct him was Cisco’s focus on “the network is code.” For Lee, this needs to imply reliable code for it to be meaningful. He appreciates that the IOS-XE code base is a long way away from Cisco’s previous wireless efforts, and he’s anxious to see continued improvements from the company.

Mobility Field Day 2019

At Mobility Field Day, Mist System showed how their are bringing the latest cutting edge technology to the world of wireless. This includes building an AI-driven customer experience, their virtual network assistant Marvis, their approach to Wi-Fi 6, and how they handle indoor location services. There was a lot of technology on display, so be sure to check out all the videos from the presentation.

Mobility Field Day 4

Mobility Field Day is all about getting the latest and greatest in wireless, and that’s exactly what Aruba brought at our latest event. Their presentation covered a lot of ground looking at the state of Wi-Fi 6, the latest 6GHz updates, along with the latest in security and IOT. Luckily they were still able to give the technical deep dive the event is known for. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation for all the details.

Decoupling the WLAN

Cisco is no stranger to Field Day events, and we were thrilled to have them present recently at Mobility Field Day. At event, they looked at how their Cisco 9800 IOS XE code can help solve the constant problem of organizations not updating. In this post, Scott Lester breaks down how they do this by offering multiple upgrade options to minimize disruptions to the network.

Rampart, Client Traffic Analytics, and Air Viewer – New Awesomeness Brewin’ @ MetaGeek for #MFD4

MetaGeek made their triumphant return as a presenter to Mobility Field Day earlier this month, having last presented at Wireless Field Day all the way back in 2013. In this post from MetaGeek, they reviewed what they talked about during the presentation, including a deep dive on Wi-Spy Air and Air Viewer.

Wi-Fi Is Dead?

Wi-Fi is dead, and 5G will eat everything… or will it? Scott Lester takes on this industry narrative by looking at what Aruba presented at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. They showed where indoor cellular solutions fall short, and how they are innovating with Wi-Fi to keep it relevant in the enterprise long term.

NetAlly- A Familiar Line of Networks Tools Reborn

NetAlly was a new presenter at Mobility Field Day, but gave updates on some familiar tools to the delegates. The company was spun-off of NetScout’s tool portfolio. In this post, Lee Badman gives an overview of their latest updates.