All-In on AI With Mist and Juniper

How will AI impact the future of administration of networks? Following his presentation at Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Bob Friday of Mist, A Juniper Company, to discuss how software is going to change the tasks we do in our daily work.

WLAN Toolmakers Are Going All in on the Cloud

In this post, Lee Badman looks at how the WLAN industry is embracing the cloud. He saw no better example of that than what he saw from MetaGeek and NetAlly at Mobility Field Day. Both companies are proving that adding in cloud capabilities can add real value to customers. To get the full analysis, be sure to check out Lee’s piece.

NetAlly EtherScope nXG Pics

Lee Badman previously introduced NetAlly’s EtherScope nXG. He’s been testing out this exciting new wireless analysis tool, and in this post, shares some screen shots of its functionality and layout. If you’re curious to see it in action, give this post a look.

NetAlly Unleashes the Right Tester, at the Right Time: EtherScope nXG

At Mobility Field Day, Lee Badman got a sneak peak at the Etherscope nXG. In this piece, he digs into why this tool is arriving at just the right time. Lee was a little skeptical of the claim that it was a “Portable Network Expert”, but the Etherscope nXG lives up to the hype.

Hands On: Aruba Instant On

Scott Lester got to hear about Aruba’s Instant On portfolio at Mobility Field Day. These are a set of wireless products specifically targeted at the needs of SMBs. Scott was definitely impressed by it, offering low cost APs, no mandatory subscriptions, and a well built smartphone integration.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

If you missed any of the presentations from Aruba Networks or the other presenting companies at Mobility Field Day, all the videos from the event are available to watch on demand! In this post, Aruba shared all of their videos from the event in one place. But be sure to subscribe to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel to get them all in your feed!

Celona – LTE for Enterprise at MFD4

Jonathan Davis heard from Celona at Mobility Field Day. They showed their solutions around CBRS, an exciting and more stringently standardized protocol than many other mobility solutions. While Jonathan doesn’t think this can kill Wi-Fi, he does see it as an ideal fit for a wide variety of enterprise deployments.

OnGo Is Here- And Startup Celona Helps CBRS Takes a Big Step Forward

In this post, Lee Badman breaks down what he saw from Celona, a startup making their debut presentation at Mobility Field Day. They showed off their solutions around Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS). They showed how it fits into the overall wireless landscape, where currently 5G and Wi-Fi 6 get a lot more coverage. Be sure to check out their videos for a full architectural deep dive.

Enterprise CBRS Roundtable

Celona was one of the presenters at Mobility Field Day, and it was great to have them join the Field Day presenter family. In this post, they share all the presentation video from the event, and introduce how they are innovating with enterprise cellular and CBRS.

The Contention Window: S1E14: Celona and Enterprise 5G

Celona presented at Mobility Field Day, marking their debut at the event. In this episode of the Contention Window, Scott Lester spoke with the company’s co-founders, Rajeev Shah and Mehmet Yavuz.

A Better Way to Do Guest Wireless

Haydn Andrews considers what he saw from Aruba and Cisco at Mobility Field Day. Each showed how they will use existing wireless networks to fill in the cellular gap, which requires making sign on seamless. The two companies have different approaches, and Haydn breaks it down in this post.

MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

Metageek returned the Field Day experience with Mobility Field Day this summer. Dave Benham has a long history using their tools, and appreciated seeing their latest at the event. They showed off Air Viewer, which brings WiSpy Air data to iOS and Android.

MFD4 – Metageek Tools Update

MetaGeek made their triumphant return to Field Day with their presentation at Mobility Field Day over the summer. With a few years in between presentations, there was a lot to get the delegates caught up on. Their desktop based tools are well known in the industry, but Dave Benham looks at their new solutions for iOS and Android that should keep the company relevant in the modern mobility space.

Forti-Much to Appreciate at Mobility Field Day 4

It’s always great to haver Lee Badman join us for Mobility Field Day. This summer, he got to hear from Fortinet at the event. As the title of his post indicates, there was lots of interest to hear during their presentation. They showed off new Wi-Fi 6 ready access point, new security features, as well as new tools for wireless professionals. There was a lot to take in so be sure to check out all of their presentation video from the event.

Bleeding the Dragon With WPA3 and Aruba – Gestalt IT

Get an update on the latest vulnerabilities in WPA3 and how one of the creators of the protocol is addressing them in this review by Tom Hollingsworth. He got to hear about Aruba’s latest at Mobility Field Day over the summer.

CTS 184: Cisco @ Mobility Field Day 4

François Vergès joined us a Mobility Field Day this year, and seemed to really find a lot of interesting content. In this episode of the Clear to Send podcast, he reviews what Cisco presented at the event. They showed off their new Catalyst wireless routers and APs, which run IOS-XE. They also gave details on their latest IoT and OpenRoaming offerings. Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

It was great to have Aruba presenting at Mobility Field Day this summer. They brought their usual wireless A game to the event with fascinating presentations and thoughtful demos. Be sure to check out the full video from their presentation to get caught up!

Mist Systems Unveils an Environmental Sensor That Is Also a Wi-Fi 6 AP

At Mobility Field Day this summer Mist Systems, now part of Juniper Networks, showed off their latest AP43 access points, which now support Wi-Fi 6. This AP offers dual 5GHz capability, a 802.3bz NBASE-T port with 802.3bt power capabilities that pairs nicely with Mist’s own BLE sensor. They also contain sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and angle/orientation, adding environmental monitoring to their already extensive capabilities. Jonathan Davis breaks down the full capabilities in this post.

MFD Series: Cisco’s Modular Approach for WLCs

Manon Lessard heard extensively from Cisco at Mobility Field Day. She focused on their IoT and wireless offerings in this post. At the event, they detailed their Catalyst 9800 series of controllers, all running on IOS XE. Because this code base is modular, different system components can be updated, allowing admins more control and stability, which hopefully means they update more often.