VenVolt 2- Power to the (Survey) People

This piece, written by Lee Badman, is from the perspective of Ventev’s VenVolt 2 power supply for wireless surveyors. Badman witnessed the product firsthand while a delegate at Ventev’s Mobility Field Day appearance. Read on to hear all about VenVolt 2 from its point of view.

Mobility Field Day – NetAlly’s LANBERT

This post features the first Tech Field Day appearance of delegate Dan Jones, who attended July’s Mobility Field Day event. In it, he specifically details the presentations by NetApp, who showcased their LANBERT product. Read on for Jones’ full take, and be sure to watch the recorded NetApp presentation for even more technical information.

Mist Systems Has an Advantage- But Also Gets a Yellow Card

While no Tech Field Day event is a competition, Lee Badman walked away from his time as a delegate during June’s Mobility Field Day event believing that Mist Networks had the edge over the other companies presenting. In this piece, Badman explains his reasoning behind the opinion, also calling out a comment made by Mist representatives during their presentation. Learn the full context behind the post by watching Mist’s presentations.

Aruba Said the Right Words Regarding Dashboards

Lee Badman dives into the presentations by Aruba Networks at Mobility Field Day in June, which he attended as a delegate. The piece focuses on two of the most growing “buzzwords” in the enterprise IT industry, AI and dashboards. Read on to learn how Badman feels towards these words and Aruba’s take on them.

Mobility Field Day 6

Tim Titus of PathSolutions presented at Mobility Field Day in July! This post previews Tim’s presentation, which consisted of discussing wireless and client networking and device management, as well as a look at RemoteView, a way of troubleshooting remote and work-from home users. Check out all of PathSolutions’ videos from the event at!

Mobility Field Day 6: Meet the Delegates

Aruba joined us for Mobility Field Day in July! In this article, Aruba’s Kirstin Tanaka speaks with delegates Peter Mackenzie and Dan Jones to get their thoughts on AI for IT operations, Wi-Fi 6E, and location services. Check out this piece and then head to to see all of Aruba’s videos from the event!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Rocky Gregory

We are excited to welcome Rocky Gregory as a delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! Rocky heads up Wireless for Nike and loves enterprise wireless deployments and the wireless security of implanted medical devices (including his own!). Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Rocky!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Landon Foster

We are excited to welcome Landon Foster as a first-time delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! He’s a former Marine, and when he’s not working on WiFi and RF, you’ll find Foster raising money with his two boys at the Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open, a Brazilian Ju-Jitsu charity tournament. Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Foster!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Firas Shaari

We are excited to welcome Firas Shaari as a delegate at the upcoming Mobility Field Day event in July! Firas is a senior WiFi engineer for Comcast who loves spending time with his family when he can and listening to live metal music. Without any further ado, let’s learn a little more about Firas!

Mobility Field Day 6: 1st Enterprise Wi-Fi 6E Access Point Deep Dive

Aruba is joining us for Mobility Field Day this week! In their presentation, they will be covering the latest Wi-Fi 6E technologies, including the Aruba 630 series—the industry’s first enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E solution. Be sure to tune in Wednesday, July 14th, at 8:00 AM US/Pacific time to watch their presentation live!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Mike Wade

We’re excited to welcome Mike Wade as a first-time delegate at this week’s Mobility Field Day event! Mike owns the wireless consultancy company Kahuna-Fi, which he started after 20+ years working as a WiFi consultant after leaving the U.S. Navy. Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter at @WirelessKahuna for all his thoughts from the event!

Experience at the Edge With Mobility Field Day!

It’s time to learn more during the 2021 edition of Mobility Field Day! We’re looking forward to getting updates from our lineup of great presenters and hearing the perspectives of our amazing delegates. July 14-16 is going to be packed with all the great information you need to plan your next wireless installation. Tune in this week to watch the event live!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Peter Mackenzie

We’ve got an excellent lineup of delegates for the upcoming Mobility Field Day thanks in large part to a slate of new delegates including Peter Mackenzie! Peter took a few minutes to tell us a bit about himself on Head over to the Meet the Delegate post to learn more about him!