Sharpening the Edge With Aruba

Read as Tom Hollingsworth describes new innovations from Aruba in this post. In it, he touches on their ability to improve experience at the edge through smart networking capabilities. Check out the post for all of his takeaways.

Ventev Powers the World’s Complex Networks

Simply put, massive scale networks need power, as showcased by Ventev during their Mobility Field Day appearance. This piece displays their network power solutions and their specifications. Learn more by reading the piece, and please, watch their presentations for even more information.

Juniper and Mist Put AI at the Helm of Wireless Networking

At the recent Mobility Field Day event, Juniper displayed even more networking capabilities of their Mist AI solution. Specifically, this post covers how Mist AI and Juniper can be used to manage wireless networks at scale. Read the piece and learn more.

NetAlly Puts Network Testing in Your Hands

At their recent Mobility Field Day appearance, NetAlly displayed their product portfolio containing a wide array of network testing tools. In particular, this piece covers their handheld testing tools, and how they can help expedite the process of network implementation immensely. Read on for more info.

The Spatial Streams Podcast: Episode 0023: MFD6 Hangover Edition

Landon Foster, who just recently attended his first Mobility Field Day as a delegate, breaks down his experience in this podcast episode. This recording of The Spatial Streams comes after a short hiatus. Listen to the whole episode for details.

Celona’s Private LTE & 5G Solution

At June’s Mobility Field Day, Celona showcased their solutions for deploying 5G and LTE across the enterprise. This piece details the solution and its accompanying presentation. Read and watch both this piece and the presentation for a fuller understanding of their offering.

PathSolutions RemoteView: Automated Troubleshooting for Wireless and More

At PathSolutions’ Mobility Field Day appearance, they showcased their RemoteView solution. This piece breaks down their presentation and what RemoteView means for enterprise IT professionals. Read the whole coverage for full context.

CTS 270: MFD6 – Juniper / Mist

This podcast episode from Rowell Dionicio and Verges Francois of ClearToSend covers the Mobility Field Day appearance by Juniper Networks, who presented facets of their Mist AI solution. Both men attended the event as delegates, and this episode details their time and experiences during Juniper’s presentations. Listen to the show for full information.

Celona Makes CBRS Clear and Understandable

Dr. Avril Salter takes apart the various aspects of Celona’s Mobility Field Day appearance, which she attended as a delegate. This LinkedIn post details how you can use Celona to achieve CBRS deployments without the need for 5G or LTE. Read on for the full picture of the presentation.

Securing People, Devices, and Data Everywhere With Fortinet

The Fortinet Security Fabric, showcased at July’s Mobility Field Day event, solves the problem of decentralized network security through broad integration and automation. This post describes the Security Fabric product, how it works, and how it fits into the enterprise IT environment. Learn more by reading on, or by watching Fortinet’s video presentation.

An Overview of the Arista Cognitive Campus

Presented at July’s Mobility Field Day event, the Arista Networks Cognitive Campus provides a platform for IT organizations to intelligently manage their decentralized network, driven by stream-state databases and artificial intelligence. This piece provides a high-level overview of what the Arista product entails. Read on for the full picture, and be sure to watch their performance, too!

Fortinet Leads With Security at Forti-Field Day

Lee Badman, known for his strong opinions on the presenting companies at Tech Field Day events, comes in with another one following his time as a delegate during Fortinet’s Mobility Field Day appearance. In this piece, Badman claims that Fortinet were the stars of the “Forti-Field Day” show, lauding their security capabilities across their wireless product portfolio. Read on for all of Badman’s unique opinions, and be sure to watch Fortinet’s recordings from the event for context.

Ventev’s New VenVolt 2 Site Survey Battery Pack

This post from Mike Wade discusses the Mobility Field Day presentations by Ventev, which he attended as a delegate. In it, Wade describes the various power supplies on showcase by Ventev, which he uses regularly as a WiFi expert. Read the whole post for all the information, and watch Ventev’s great performance while you’re at it.

I Friggin LOVE You, NetAlly LANBERT

Lee Badman loves NetAlly’s LANBERT tool, which he experienced during their Mobility Field Day appearance as a delegate. This post is his love letter to the app for NetAlly’s handheld network monitoring tools. Read on for the entire breakdown, and be sure to watch NetAlly’s presentations, which Badman claims were one of the most impactful from the event.

VenVolt 2- Power to the (Survey) People

This piece, written by Lee Badman, is from the perspective of Ventev’s VenVolt 2 power supply for wireless surveyors. Badman witnessed the product firsthand while a delegate at Ventev’s Mobility Field Day appearance. Read on to hear all about VenVolt 2 from its point of view.

Mobility Field Day – NetAlly’s LANBERT

This post features the first Tech Field Day appearance of delegate Dan Jones, who attended July’s Mobility Field Day event. In it, he specifically details the presentations by NetApp, who showcased their LANBERT product. Read on for Jones’ full take, and be sure to watch the recorded NetApp presentation for even more technical information.

Mist Systems Has an Advantage- But Also Gets a Yellow Card

While no Tech Field Day event is a competition, Lee Badman walked away from his time as a delegate during June’s Mobility Field Day event believing that Mist Networks had the edge over the other companies presenting. In this piece, Badman explains his reasoning behind the opinion, also calling out a comment made by Mist representatives during their presentation. Learn the full context behind the post by watching Mist’s presentations.

Aruba Said the Right Words Regarding Dashboards

Lee Badman dives into the presentations by Aruba Networks at Mobility Field Day in June, which he attended as a delegate. The piece focuses on two of the most growing “buzzwords” in the enterprise IT industry, AI and dashboards. Read on to learn how Badman feels towards these words and Aruba’s take on them.

Mobility Field Day 6

Tim Titus of PathSolutions presented at Mobility Field Day in July! This post previews Tim’s presentation, which consisted of discussing wireless and client networking and device management, as well as a look at RemoteView, a way of troubleshooting remote and work-from home users. Check out all of PathSolutions’ videos from the event at!

Mobility Field Day 6: Meet the Delegates

Aruba joined us for Mobility Field Day in July! In this article, Aruba’s Kirstin Tanaka speaks with delegates Peter Mackenzie and Dan Jones to get their thoughts on AI for IT operations, Wi-Fi 6E, and location services. Check out this piece and then head to to see all of Aruba’s videos from the event!