Voices in Data Storage- Episode 32: A Conversation With Veeam

In this episode of Voices in Data Storage, Enrico Signoretti speaks to two Senior Global Technologist from Veeam, Anthony Spiteri and Michael Cade about data protection across physical and virtual data storage in the age of ransomware. They also dig into some of their presentation from Tech Field Day last year, which dealt with data integration APIs. This was designed to be agnostic for their customers, without dictating what particular piece of software or hardware their customers must use. For Veeam, it’s always about flexibility of choice. Be sure to listen to the entire conversation in their podcast feed and check out Veeam’s Tech Field Day presentation video.

Veeam at #TFD20

Veeam presented at Tech Field Day, and Michael Cade returned as one of their presenters. In this post, Michael talks about how he found the Tech Field Day event videos invaluable before joining Veeam, and what it was like to present with his boss, El Rickatron, who was a delegate at the first Tech Field Day event.

Veeam Enhanced NAS Backup – TFD20

Veeam’s Michael Cade was one of the company’s presenters at our tenth anniversary Tech Field Day event. In this video, he takes the time to answer some questions that there wasn’t enough time to fully address during the event.

Veeam @ Cloud Field Day – April 2019

Michael Cade attended his first Cloud Field Day last week. Most of the time when we share posts about that, it comes from a delegate. But Michael shares his experience on the presenting company side. He presented with Veeam, showing how they offer simplicity, reliability, and flexibility to workload protection. Be sure to check out their full presentation for a lot of great content.

NetApp – OnCommand Insight

Michael Cade talks NetApp’s OnCommand Insight in his recent coverage of Storage Field Day 16. Although OCI’s ability to have no agents but still provide massive scale regardless of where the endpoint is placed as well as provide visibility into your whole environment excite Michael he is still not convinced OCI is a product for the masses due to its price.

NetApp – Cloud Insights

Michael Cade reviews NetApp’s Cloud Insights as presented at Storage Field Day 16. With three main goals in mind, reducing MTTR, reducing cloud infrastructure costs, and preventing further issues, Cloud Insights as a SaaS offering greatly interests Michael and he looks forward to seeing where the product goes in the future.