The Fork in the Network to Code Road With Nautobot

On, Tom Hollingsworth writes about Network to Code’s Networking Field Day appearance, their Nautobot project, and the great path that they seem to be on. Tom also delves into the nature of open source projects, forks, and the role that developers play in the community. If you haven’t yet seen Network to Code’s Nautobot presentation from Networking Field Day, you can watch it on the Tech Field Day website!

Presenters React to the Networking Field Day Experience

Networking Field Day was last month and the presenters are raving about the experience. The interactions with our delegates are what make Field Day events so special. To learn why companies participate in Tech Field Day events and what makes Networking Field Day stand out, check out this video and post on!

The Truth Will Set You Free With NetBox

Truth is subjective – or at least it is when it comes to Networking, says Tom Hollingsworth. Writing for, Tom writes about NetBox and how Networking Field Day sponsor Network to Code is utilizing it. NetBox is a unique solution that helps take the subjectivity out of your network and help establish a single source of truth. Check out Tom’s article and the Network to Code presentations on NetBox on the GestaltIT website!

Network to Code – Changing the Networking Landscape

It’s always great to have Ed Horley at a Networking Field Day. In this post, he looks at what Network to Code presented at a recent event. The company was founded by former Field Day delegate Jason Edelman, and Ed thinks they are a company to keep an eye on in the future.

Bringing a Butter Knife to a Screwdriver Party: Three Network Automation Tools From NFD21…Just for Fun.

At our recently Networking Field Day, Micheline Murphy got to hear from three different companies with different approaches to network automation. In this post, she breaks down what she heard from Forward Networks, Aruba Networks, and NetworkToCode.

NFD21 | NetworkToCode

Jeremy Schulman has a long history with network automation, so he was excited to hear from NetworkToCode at Networking Field Day. He was really intrigued by their distinction of network automation strategy, from those building a platform to those investing in power tools. This is an important decision for any organization and one that the company astutely identified.

My Thoughts on Networking Field Day 21

A.J. Murray got to experience the super sized event that was Networking Field Day. This saw an incredible array of companies presenting to our delegates over the course of four days. In this post, he shares his thoughts about each of the presentations. Remember, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a delegate, we have a sign-up form right on the website. Join us at our next event!

Who Is Network to Code @ Networking Field Day 21

There’s probably no hotter topic in networking right now than automation. At Networking Field Day, we got to hear the debut presentation by Network to Code and see what solutions they offer in the area. This post helps to introduce the company’s overall mission, be sure to check it out before diving into the video coverage.

NFD21 – NetBox Automation Integrations

Network to Code presented at their first Networking Field Day event this fall, and they packed a lot of interesting content into their time. In this post, they dig into their Netbox solution and its role as a robust source of truth within a network automation framework. If you didn’t catch their presentation live, be sure to watch the entire video from the event!

NFD21 Delegate!

Remington Loose was a first time delegate at Networking Field Day. While it can be a little intimidating to drink from the IT fire hose at such an event, Remington definitely did his homework. He profiles the presenting companies in this piece and what he expected to see from each. Now that the event is over, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the presentations.