Translating Your Network With Cisco Crosswork Network Controller

Cisco presented its Cisco Crosswork Network Controller at Networking Field Day last fall. Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at this networking solution and states: “In short, the Crosswork Network Controller helps make your multivendor network environment homogeneous.” For more information and Tom’s thoughts, check out his post on!

Troubleshooting in an Isolated World With PathSolutions

Tom Hollingsworth went through the troubleshooting gauntlet when he worked at an inbound tech help desk. Troubleshooting can be tough enough in person, and the work from home environment has been even more challenging for many employees. Writing for, Tom explores the PathSolutions RemoteView Client Testing product that can quickly give you a look into anyone’s network who might be having issues. They presented the functionality and usefulness of this offering at Networking Field Day 23 last year. Be sure to head over to to check out Tom’s thoughts and for more information on the PathSolutions RemoteView Client Testing product.

Keeping SLAs Honest With Broadcom

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are agreements between network providers and you about network reliability and performance and can help to keep those providers in check to ensure that you are getting what you were promised. There’s just one problem, how can you prove if you’re not getting the service that you agreed to? Broadcom has come to the rescue here with Broadview+, which is a solution that helps you monitor your SLAs and keep your provider accountable. Writing for, Tom Hollingsworth says that Broadview+ “gives you the capabilities of monitoring connections to meet SLAs and service level objectives (SLOs) and gives you the ability to see things that haven’t been visible before.” Broadcom presented all about their BroadView+ solution at Networking Field Day 23. Be sure to check out Tom’s thoughts on the Broadcom offering or head over to our website to check out their presentations!

Taking a Network Mulligan With Apstra

Tom Hollingsworth knows how handy rolling back changes can be when troubleshooting. At Networking Field Day in October, Apstra’s presentation caught his attention. During its presentation, the company highlighted its Apstra Time Voyager, which allows network-wide rollbacks. This concept is exciting, as Tom says, “I was quite literally hopping up and down in my chair when I saw this section.” See what else Tom had to say about Apstra Time Voyager on!

Top-Notch Troubleshooting With Arista and Cloudvision-As-A-Service

Arista Networks highlighted its CloudVision-as-a-Service during Networking Field Day in September. CloudVision-as-a-Service is the latest Arista feature that can further assist with troubleshooting issues. When contacting Arista support with an issue, they can quickly collect the information needed about your network from the database that CloudVision builds. Find out more in Arista Networks’ presentation on its CloudVision-as-a-Service on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 23: Juniper, Mist, Marvis, and Automation

This LinkedIn article offers a digest of the key points from the Juniper presentation at Networking Field Day. The tech firm is shifting towards leveraging AI technology through its Mist acquisition across its platforms, demonstrating their belief in AI and machine learning’s potential impact. The blogger highlights various aspects of the presentation, such as wireless and wired integration, end-to-end automation with ServiceNow, AI-driven WAN, and contact tracing with vBLE and analytics.

Wide Area AI Networking With Juniper

WAN networking has traditionally been difficult to troubleshoot. At Networking Field Day in September, Juniper Networks discussed its latest advances in traditional networking technologies, which includes the integration of Mist AI and Mist’s Marvis AI system. Check out Juniper Networks’ presentation on its Marvis AI application on the Tech Field Day website and see how Marvis can change the way we look at WAN networking!

Network Field Day 23: Arista’s Latest Technology Innovations

Arista had a lot to bring to Networking Field Day earlier this year, and delegate Pete Welcher was impressed with the scope of updates they had. Specifically, Pete digs into the Arista updates on CloudVision as a service, DANZ Monitoring Fabric, and the Cognitive WiFi intelligence being extended to the Campus. To read all about what Pete is calling “impressive innovations” from the Arista team, check out their presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 23: Cisco NSO Is a Major Power Tool

This blog post delves into Cisco’s presentations at Network Field Day 23, with a primary focus on the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). The author relays his impressive experience with NSO, outlining how it configures network devices via CLI and API, with strong praise for its broad operating system support and ability to expose all features via API. The post also briefly touches upon Cisco’s Crosswork Qualification Environment and Network Controller, recommending them to those building IP-based transport networks.

Network Field Day 23: Apstra Manages Your Datacenter Fabric

Networking Field Day delegate Pete Welcher has been following Apstra for years, thanks in part to their presence at Tech Field Day since 2016! In a recent post, Pete goes on a deep dive of the Apstra offerings and Networking Field Day presentations. He praises Apstra for their simplicity and highlights some of the advantages of using them such as improving network reliability and decreasing outages. Check out all of Pete’s thoughts as well as the Apstra presentation on our website!

The Value of Synthetic Testing With Catchpoint

Catchpoint was one of our presenters at Networking Field Day 23 earlier this year, where Tom Hollingsworth got to see them present on their platform which included a demo that showed some synthetic testing. Writing for, Tom explains the potential benefits of synthetic testing and how Catchpoint uses it to help their customers implement more effective networks.

Network Field Day 23: Broadcom’s Cloud-Scale Telemetry

The LinkedIn post summarizes Broadcom’s presentation at Network Field Day 23, focusing on its new telemetry functions built into its latest chips. The author comprehensively explains the function and advantages of chip-based telemetry and discusses using Broadcom’s Inband Flow Analyzer (IFA) for latency issues. Particularly impressive is Broadcom’s innovative approach to tracking aggregate statistics on the switch: flows and flow aggregates, with potential applications including inline DDOS detection.

Network Field Day 23: Intel’s Performance-Enhancing Ethernet Chip Technologies

At Networking Field Day, delegate Pete Welcher was impressed with Intel’s presentation highlighting the new features in the powerful Intel 800 series Ethernet chips and NIC’s. Pete writes about Intel’s four main presentation topics including ADQ, NVMEoF, DDP, and Barefoot Networks. For the full analysis of Intel’s presentations check out Pete’s post and for the videos of their presentations head over to the Tech Field Day website!

NFD23 – Juniper

Delegate Gian Paolo Boarina joined us at Networking Field Day in September. In his blog, he took a look at Juniper Networks (including the acquisition of Mist) and their cloud management and automation. Gian Paolo summarizes his thoughts on their Networking Field Day presentation by saying, “Juniper has a clear view of the roadmap and, very important, execution follows the vision.” For more from Gian Paolo, check out his blog on!

Networking Field Day 23: Catchpoint Monitors Digital Experience

Catch Peter Welcher’s analysis of Catchpoint’s monitoring system, which was presented at Networking Field Day 23

Telemetry Troubles Solved With Intel Ingenuity

Hyperscalers have no way to track telemetry. Or should I say had? Tom Hollingsworth of Gestalt IT investigates Barefoot Networks’ answer to the problem

Nothing but the Truths With IP Fabric

Tom Holligsworth event lead for the Tech Field Day events series looks at how IP Fabric bridges the two truths of a network

Airvine WaveTunnel 60Ghz Indoor Backhaul

Airvine came to life at Networking Field Day earlier this year – so says delegate Josh Warcop. On his blog, Josh writes that Networking Field Day was a bit out a coming out party for Airvine who is quickly rumbling towards the public stage with their WaveTunnel product. Josh is excited to see WaveTunnel come to fruition and writes all about it on his blog. For more information about everything Airvine is up to, check out their videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Juniper Acquires 128 Technology to Add User-Centric Data

Frequent Tech Field Day presenter Juniper Networks announced in October that they would be acquiring 128 Technology. Writing for eWeek, Zeus Kerravala says that “the acquisition of 128 Technology will bring application data into Mist that will add another layer of intelligence.” We’re excited to see Juniper’s growth and look forward to seeing them at more Tech Field Day events soon!

Network Field Day 23

Delegate Tony Efantis talks about his experience at the last Networking Field day event earlier this year. He notes that although the in-person socializing can be missing with virtual events, they still provide excellent information and engagement from industry leaders. Also, Tony mentions some of his favorite presenters from Networking Field Day including mini awards for Air Vine, PathSolutions, and Broadcom. We miss the in-person camaraderie too, Tony! We’re grateful to Tony for taking the time to attend this event and we’re looking forward to seeing him and our presenters in-person in the future!