Top-Notch Troubleshooting With Arista and Cloudvision-As-A-Service

Arista Networks highlighted its CloudVision-as-a-Service during Networking Field Day in September. CloudVision-as-a-Service is the latest Arista feature that can further assist with troubleshooting issues. When contacting Arista support with an issue, they can quickly collect the information needed about your network from the database that CloudVision builds. Find out more in Arista Networks’ presentation on its CloudVision-as-a-Service on the Tech Field Day website!

Wide Area AI Networking With Juniper

WAN networking has traditionally been difficult to troubleshoot. At Networking Field Day in September, Juniper Networks discussed its latest advances in traditional networking technologies, which includes the integration of Mist AI and Mist’s Marvis AI system. Check out Juniper Networks’ presentation on its Marvis AI application on the Tech Field Day website and see how Marvis can change the way we look at WAN networking!

Network Field Day 23: Arista’s Latest Technology Innovations

Arista had a lot to bring to Networking Field Day earlier this year, and delegate Pete Welcher was impressed with the scope of updates they had. Specifically, Pete digs into the Arista updates on CloudVision as a service, DANZ Monitoring Fabric, and the Cognitive WiFi intelligence being extended to the Campus. To read all about what Pete is calling “impressive innovations” from the Arista team, check out their presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Network Field Day 23: Apstra Manages Your Datacenter Fabric

Networking Field Day delegate Pete Welcher has been following Apstra for years, thanks in part to their presence at Tech Field Day since 2016! In a recent post, Pete goes on a deep dive of the Apstra offerings and Networking Field Day presentations. He praises Apstra for their simplicity and highlights some of the advantages of using them such as improving network reliability and decreasing outages. Check out all of Pete’s thoughts as well as the Apstra presentation on our website!

The Value of Synthetic Testing With Catchpoint

Catchpoint was one of our presenters at Networking Field Day 23 earlier this year, where Tom Hollingsworth got to see them present on their platform which included a demo that showed some synthetic testing. Writing for, Tom explains the potential benefits of synthetic testing and how Catchpoint uses it to help their customers implement more effective networks.

Network Field Day 23: Intel’s Performance-Enhancing Ethernet Chip Technologies

At Networking Field Day, delegate Pete Welcher was impressed with Intel’s presentation highlighting the new features in the powerful Intel 800 series Ethernet chips and NIC’s. Pete writes about Intel’s four main presentation topics including ADQ, NVMEoF, DDP, and Barefoot Networks. For the full analysis of Intel’s presentations check out Pete’s post and for the videos of their presentations head over to the Tech Field Day website!

NFD23 – Juniper

Delegate Gian Paolo Boarina joined us at Networking Field Day in September. In his blog, he took a look at Juniper Networks (including the acquisition of Mist) and their cloud management and automation. Gian Paolo summarizes his thoughts on their Networking Field Day presentation by saying, “Juniper has a clear view of the roadmap and, very important, execution follows the vision.” For more from Gian Paolo, check out his blog on!

Networking Field Day 23: Catchpoint Monitors Digital Experience

Catch Peter Welcher’s analysis of Catchpoint’s monitoring system, which was presented at Networking Field Day 23

Telemetry Troubles Solved With Intel Ingenuity

Hyperscalers have no way to track telemetry. Or should I say had? Tom Hollingsworth of Gestalt IT investigates Barefoot Networks’ answer to the problem

Nothing but the Truths With IP Fabric

Tom Holligsworth event lead for the Tech Field Day events series looks at how IP Fabric bridges the two truths of a network

Airvine WaveTunnel 60Ghz Indoor Backhaul

Airvine came to life at Networking Field Day earlier this year – so says delegate Josh Warcop. On his blog, Josh writes that Networking Field Day was a bit out a coming out party for Airvine who is quickly rumbling towards the public stage with their WaveTunnel product. Josh is excited to see WaveTunnel come to fruition and writes all about it on his blog. For more information about everything Airvine is up to, check out their videos from Networking Field Day on our website!

Juniper Acquires 128 Technology to Add User-Centric Data

Frequent Tech Field Day presenter Juniper Networks announced in October that they would be acquiring 128 Technology. Writing for eWeek, Zeus Kerravala says that “the acquisition of 128 Technology will bring application data into Mist that will add another layer of intelligence.” We’re excited to see Juniper’s growth and look forward to seeing them at more Tech Field Day events soon!

Network Field Day 23

Delegate Tony Efantis talks about his experience at the last Networking Field day event earlier this year. He notes that although the in-person socializing can be missing with virtual events, they still provide excellent information and engagement from industry leaders. Also, Tony mentions some of his favorite presenters from Networking Field Day including mini awards for Air Vine, PathSolutions, and Broadcom. We miss the in-person camaraderie too, Tony! We’re grateful to Tony for taking the time to attend this event and we’re looking forward to seeing him and our presenters in-person in the future!

NFD23: PathSolutions TotalView Provides Multi-Faceted Network Management

As a delegate at Networking Field Day, Pete Welcher was able to see PathSolutions present on their offerings including TotalView. In a recent post, Pete recaps the PathSolutions presentations and writes that TotalView touches several different technical areas, even some past the expected network management like security or telephony. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the PathSolutions presentations on our website and read Pete’s post breaking them down.

Ring Around the Datacenter With Airvine

When installing cabling in a modern building, it is usually as easy as making a hole in some drywall, but what if you are in a historical building where walls cannot be damaged or are made of stone or concrete? Enter Airvine! Airvine presented its wireless non-cabled connectivity solution at Network Field Day 23, and Gestalt IT networking expert Tom Hollingsworth took a look at what it was all about.

Network Field Day 23 Overview, or Throw Out Your Net Management Tools, They’re Obsolete!

There is a network management revolution going on, and legacy systems are no longer going to cut it. Airvine, Apstra, Arista, Boradcom, Catchpoint, Cisco, Intel, IP Fabric, Juniper Networks and Path Solutions came together at Network Field Day 23 to showcase how each of their products is making waves in the network management space. Peter Welcher, Network Field Day 23 delegate and tech expert came to the conclusion that it is time to modernize company’s network management tools, or die, based on what he saw at the event.

Network Field Day 23: IP Fabric

IP Fabric’s Automated Network Assurance Platform, presented at Network Field Day 23, is designed to analyze data and spit out discrepancies in a vendor and domain-agnostic way. The system is designed to retrieve and store data and allow it to be accessible across enterprise teams and silos, providing better visibility into the network and better data accessibility, according to Peter Welcher, a Network Field Day 23 delegate and 20-year CCIE who loves network design. His blog takes a look at IP Fabric and what it could do for a company.

IP Fabric

IP Fabric was one of the presenters at Networking Field Day last month, and they very quickly caught the attention of delegate Ben Story. After hearing from the team at IP Fabric, Ben decided it was time to put rubber to the road and test it out on his network. Ben writes that the setup process was fast, insights came quickly, and he was able to accomplish his goal of network diagraming successfully. Although network visualization products aren’t new, Ben was impressed with IP Fabric is uniqueness and ease of use. Check out Ben’s experience with IP Fabric on his blog!

NFD23 – PathSolutions

As a delegate at Networking Field Day, Gian Paolo Boarina had the opportunity to see PathSolutions present on their network monitoring solution TotalView. He writes that the scalability and broad view of the network make TotalView an intriguing option that he’d love to test out on his own network. Check out Gian Paolo’s article on his blog and the PathSolutions presentations from Networking Field Day on our website!

Broadcom Mirror on Drop (MoD)

Peter Phaal was very impressed by Broadcom’s Mirror-on-Drop (MOD) capability. As he says, MOD-capable hardware can generate a notification whenever a packet is dropped by the ASIC, reporting the packet header and the reason that the packet was dropped. His post goes into more detail on what to watch for in their Networking Field Day presentation. Be sure to check out his post on sFlow and the videos from Broadcom’s presentation on the Tech Field Day website.