Broadcom Mirror on Drop (MoD)

Peter Phaal was very impressed by Broadcom’s Mirror-on-Drop (MOD) capability. As he says, MOD-capable hardware can generate a notification whenever a packet is dropped by the ASIC, reporting the packet header and the reason that the packet was dropped. His post goes into more detail on what to watch for in their Networking Field Day presentation. Be sure to check out his post on sFlow and the videos from Broadcom’s presentation on the Tech Field Day website.

Can You Handle the Truth?

IP Fabric presented at their first ever Networking Field Day earlier this month, presenting both an introduction and overview of their company and a demo of their platform. Daren Fulwell, who helped present for IP Fabric, writes that they are pushing past the normal terms like Source of Truth or Single Source of Truth. We were grateful to IP Fabric for joining us for their first Tech Field Day event and look forward to having them back soon. Check out their presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Thoughts From Networking Field Day 23

Networking Field Day this Fall was full of quality content and sponsors. Event lead Tom Hollingsworth shares some quick thoughts about this event on his latest blog post. Tom writes about his thoughts on the transformation of network monitoring, developments for SD-WAN, and how companies are going to have to better support their employee’s connectivity with the shift to remote work. He also talks about Networking Field Day presenter Juniper and their evolving place in the market. For more great Networking Field Day content including Juniper Network’s presentations, check out our website!

Home Office Setup for Remote Events on a Budget

If there is one thing that we’ve all had to work through this year, it’s finding a way to improve our our work from home setups without breaking the bank. For our Tech Field Day delegates, that means also having equipment that will help them look and sound their best for the moments that they’ll be on camera for a wide audience. Delegate Gian Paolo Boarina shared how he made his setup work heading into Networking Field Day this year. We thought his setup provided good sound and video quality, but you can be the judge yourself by checking out the Networking Field Day videos on our website!

NFD23 – IPFabric

Delegate Gian Paolo Boarina was impressed with IP Fabric’s presentations at the most recent Networking Field Day. He writes that one of IP Fabric’s strongest advantage is the time it saves its users by automating tasks like collecting network information, updating network diagrams, or troubleshooting configuration consistency. Gian Paolo thinks that all network engineers should try out IP Fabric on their network — and thank him later. To read Gian Paolo’s full analyses of the IP Fabric presentations at Networking Field day, check out his blog!

NFD23 – Arista

This isn’t the first time that Gian Palo Boarina has gotten to see Arista Networks up close and personal. While a delegate at Networking Field Day, he saw them present on a wide variety of topics including CloudVision which he says allows us to “enjoy all the benefits of a unified platform for management, automation and visibility without the burden to manage all the necessary systems.” He writes about his thoughts and observations on Arista on his blog. Be sure to check out Arista Network’s full slate of presentations on our website!

NFD23 – CatchPoint

As a delegate Gian Paolo Boarina had the chance to see Catchpoint present earlier this month at Networking Field Day and was impressed with their Digital Experience Monitoring platform. He writes that Catchpoint is a tool every Ops team might want to have because it provides visibility and analytics in a simple way to help diagnose connectivity problems. Through a dynamic presentation and demo, Catchpoint was able to showcase their monitoring product. Be sure to check out Catchpoint’s presentation and demo as well as Gian Paolo’s thoughts on his blog.

Converging Conference Communities in the Cloud

In the latest episode of the Gestalt IT Rundown, Stephen Foskett brings on delegate Max Mortillaro to talk about the most recent news from the tech world. They run through a wide variety of topics from Arista Networks acquiring Awake Security, VMware’s partnerships with companies like Pensando in Project Monterey, and recent Tech Field Day events like Networking Field Day and Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020. Check out their analyses of all the recent tech news and much more in the latest Gestalt IT Rundown on

IP Fabric Solving Network Documentation Simply

As a delegate at our last Networking Field Day, Rita Younger had the chance to see IP Fabric present on how they’re simplifying network documentation. She writes that by automating the network documentation process and providing simple and organized information, IP Fabric is meeting a need that has long been around. Our thanks to Rita for being a part of a very full Networking Field Day! To learn more about IP Fabric’s network documentation initiatives, check out their videos from Networking Field Day on our website.

Being Last to Network Field Day 23 Is Actually a Good Thing

Evan Mintzer was the twelfth and final delegate to sign on for the very quickly approaching Networking Field Day. While some people might rue being “picked last,” Evan has a different approach to it: Now he has less time to anxiously anticipate the event! Evan writes that he is impressed with the slate of presenters and writes his thoughts on who he is most excited to see. While Evan might have been the last delegate signed on, he’s certainly not last in our book! Tune in to Networking Field Day to watch Evan in action from September 29th – October 2nd!

Meet Field Day Delegate – Ben Story

We’re deeply excited about our upcoming Networking Field Day and equally excited to announce we will be having a first-time delegate there! Ben Story is a network engineer, 3D printing enthusiast, and music lover. Most importantly, he is excited about the chance to see our presenters at Networking Field Day, and we are too! Be sure to give Ben a follow on Twitter and learn a little more about him on the Gestalt IT website!

Getting Lost at Networking Field Day

On his newly titled blog “Foggy Bytes,” Josh Warcop writes about the challenges around the consistent context switching in tech and our lives today. He also notes the impressive, 11-sponsor lineup at the upcoming Networking Field Day where he will be serving as a delegate. This will be Josh’s second Tech Field Day delegate experience, and we’re excited to have him back! Check out Josh’s post for his thoughts and all the information about the upcoming Networking Field Day.

Networking Field Day 23 Is Coming!

Pete Welcher posts some of his thoughts on the most recent announcements for the upcoming Networking Field Day! Pete writes that he is very much looking forward to being a delegate at our jam-packed four day event. In this post, he writes specifically about our two most recently announced presenters: AirVine and IP Fabric! Pete is excited to see them up close and personal in the coming weeks, and so are we!